The sequel to our all-time most popular title, Evil Genius 2: World Domination is a steampunk-themed resource management and strategy game. This sequel features a new story, new missions, new map, new mini-games, and new ways to play. With more than 15 diverse missions to complete, players begin the game as the newly-appointed Evil Genius, and must concoct an evil scheme to conquer the world. As in the original game, however, building an evil empire requires more than making a plan for world domination; the Evil Genius must also master the art of diabolical resource management in order to construct secret bases, lure unwitting victims into death traps, and create top-secret weapons of destruction.

In the real world, evil masterminds sit in dimly-lit rooms, cackling over plans to take over the world. In the video game world, evil masterminds sit in dimly-lit rooms, cackling over plans to take over the world. In the new Evil Genius 2, evil masterminds sit in dimly-lit rooms, cackling over plans to take over the world. And that’s pretty much where the similarities end.

As seen on (popular TV show), the third installment of the Evil Genius game series is finally here! The game features new graphics, great music, and a variety of new tools and mini-games for players to enjoy. The game continues the story of the original Evil Genius and its expansion pack, Bionic Dues, and players will be happy to know that the original voice actors and actresses are all returning to their roles.

It’s a sunny day on a tropical island somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean. A flutter of wings accompanied the light chatter of tourists, muffled by the plush red carpet of the casino. An inconspicuous brown door looms in the distance. A walker separates from the group and heads towards them. The door opens and we are confronted with about 20 men in orange overalls beating a group of neatly dressed cops with truncheons. They are standing on a pile of body bags, a fire is raging behind them. A clerk appears through a side door and escorts the bewildered tourist to the bar. This is not a rarity in Evil Genius 2. You build your base around one or two entrances, so all your encounters will be in these tight spaces. The result is always the same: Fire and body bags. Piles of body bags. Body bags as far as the eye can see.

Evil Genius 2 : World Domination Review – Boggles the Mastermind

word-image-10120 What’s the problem with body bags, other than the mess? Body bags lower the morale of your subordinates. Fortunately, your Jacks can take them to the generator room and throw them into the incinerators. But they don’t. Your subordinates in the Evil Genius 2 game are incredibly dense, and they follow basic rules and behaviors. Scientists and farmers are mainly used for labs and casinos respectively on your island. Security personnel sit in the armory, checking for cameras and responding to break-ins. They are all disposable, and with the exception of money, they are your greatest resource. For those not familiar with Evil Genius, the original game of the evil wizard, this is exactly what you would expect. You play as an evil genius and build your secret lair. To do this, the interior of the mountain must be emptied and a labyrinthine base created filled with laboratories, canteens, dormitories, training rooms and other disgusting facilities. Your usual henchmen in yellow suits are useless, so you have to specialize your pool by kidnapping new guys, interrogating them and making a trainer so you can upgrade your powers. All this comes at a cost, so you must supplement your slow but steady income by sending minions across the world map to secure bridgeheads on different continents, each guarded by its own secret agency and accompanying super agent. You’ll be conducting operations from here. The more money they make, the more time they take, or the more subordinates they need, the more heat they generate. This draws special agents to your base to try and uncover your secrets. The more information they can bring back, the more heat you build up, the more powerful the attack power. word-image-10121 This process is the main cycle of the game. In this cycle, your goals are usually variations on the theme of the basic mechanical pillars. You send agents to solve certain problems on the world map or recruit agents to defeat them. Unfortunately, there is not much variety here. The and objectives are great fun and thematic: getting fuel for your super weapons, luring targets to your base for interrogation, robbing banks, etc., but all the differences come down to tasteful text. The real action is always the same. Progress is slow. Goals are a long list of requirements, and since projects take anywhere from three minutes to an hour, you have a long list of tasks to complete. Fortunately, hanging out at the Evil Genius base is a good way to pass the time. All the visual elements are stunning, from the chic and hip 1960s HUD design to the lovingly restored island interior. The game leans heavily on the particular vintage atmosphere often associated with the credits of Pink Panther, Hanna-Barbera and Saul Bass. word-image-10122 The minions roam your base on their own schedule (if they haven’t turned into body bags), they train, eat, sleep, do chores, etc. It’s all charmingly animated, with a comedic tone reminiscent of the dark comedy Dungeon Keeper and Theme Hospital. One of the favorites is the awkward run-up, hands and knees up, that rangers make before raising their hands and escorting troublesome officers off base. Good thing they’re friendly, otherwise I’d be more inclined to use the Master to kill them to cheer myself up. You can’t control your subordinates directly, so as mentioned above, they make many mistakes and ignore major invasions of your base. Your Mastermind and Minions can be controlled, and they usually have two abilities with multiple stats; they can do useful things like. B. Draw instant followers into an aura or deflect suspicions from bumbling agents. Planning for traps and choke points is very handy, especially when sneaking into later levels like Shark Tank (seeing cops fall into them is something that is never less than laughable). word-image-10123 Too bad the other half of the tech tree behind the long-running Evil Genius 2is closed, which means you’ll have to wait a very, very long time for this fun toy. The new types of servants are also very present in the story tree. There are ways around this; I spent most of my time in Maximillian’s campaign, which is recommended in the game, but you can start your own campaign with any of the other three masters, each with their own abilities and background. There’s also a creative mode that turns off the story entirely, perfect if you want to build super-complicated bases without all that pressure. With all the variations of the doomsday scenario each genius gets, the different requirements for each of the four island bases, the order in which you recruit your minions, the super agents you can lure and destroy, there are plenty of opportunities to make Evil Genius 2. If you have the patience to get through the more difficult sections, you’ll have a burst of joy when you unlock the next storyline.

Evil Genius 2 : World Domination Review – TheBackline



  • Being a villain is a fun twist on the usual video game fantasy power.
  • Strong aesthetics with high quality visual and audio design
  • The humor is light and very visible; it is never embarrassing.
  • Lots of visual variation between traps, henchmen, coins and upgradeable items.


  • Each task takes a lot of time, and there are few shortcuts.
  • Subordinates can be frustratingly stupid and cause catastrophic domino effects.
  • Rehearsals may take place long before the end of the campaign

The overall impression of the game is that it’s a game with a nice base, but it’s not really designed around that. The differences between the two are essentially cosmetic. The cosmetics are good, and the design work is impeccable and builds on the strengths of the first game. But none of this lets you forget that you’ll be interacting with the same icons on the map over and over again, performing the same tasks and repeating everything as you progress. This does not make Evil Genius 2 a bad game, far from it. And Rebellion has stayed true to the original formula and eliminated some boring moments. Of course, there are optimization strategies to speed up your work. Still, this game feels like it wants to be approached at a certain pace, and some people may find that slowness frustrating, especially when the most attractive features are out of reach. [Note: Rebellion provided a copy of Evil Genius 2 used for this review].If you’re a long-time reader of Wicked Gringames, you know we love a good villain. And what’s more fun than being the bad guy? In celebration of the recent release of Evil Genius 2: World Domination, we’re going to take a couple of weeks to review some of our favorite bad guys! (And, of course, top henchmen).. Read more about evil genius 2 metacritic and let us know what you think.

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