The EVE Online community is in for a treat this year as Fanfest attendees have already begun testing positive for COVID-postulated to be the next step after cancer vaccines. This major advancement comes just weeks before the event, and has raised some question over whether or not there will still be room at Fanfest’s virtual bar.

The “fanfest 2022 ffxiv” is a new feature that will be present in the upcoming MMO game, Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers. The new feature will allow players to test their COVID levels before they attend the event.

EVE Fanfest 2022: Fanfest attendees have already begun testing positive for COVID


The first instances of COVID-19 among guests at EVE Fanfest 2022 in Reykjavik have already begun to surface. At least two persons who were there at the event tested positive, including prominent EVE Online player Charles White, who portrays Space Pope Max Singularity. Charles sent out a tweet with a video displaying his positive lateral flow test to alert guests who may have been exposed.

This year’s Fanfest was CCP Games’ first in-person event since the pandemic started, and it was billed as a COVID-safe event that would demand confirmation of vaccination as well as adherence to all other local regulations. However, when Iceland started relaxing COVID safety rules in the midst of its Omicron wave earlier this year, that condition was abolished, leaving Fanfest without vaccination, masking, or social distancing requirements. Instead, CCP’s stated health and safety strategy was to distribute hand sanitizer and “urge [participants] to be careful of other people’s personal space” to safeguard attendees from a virus spread by airborne aerosolized particles. Although case counts in Iceland were relatively low this spring, Fanfest brought hundreds of gamers from all over the globe, including nations like the United States, who are now suffering an increase in cases in a pandemic that is far from done.

Plague of Kyonoke!!

I’m told I’m a happy person!!

— Max Singularity Space Pope (@MaxSingularity) May 8, 2022

There are inherent dangers in any foreign travel or in-person gatherings right now, but we definitely hope Fanfest does not result in a huge epidemic, particularly in light of the recent tragic news that a PAX worker died after getting the illness at PAX East this year. Attendees flying to the United States or Canada must show a negative test result before boarding, thus this might cause some people’s foreign travel plans to be disrupted in addition to the obvious health danger. Let’s hope the Space Pope and everyone else has a safe and quick return home.

We must mention that CCP paid for our writer’s travel to and lodging at this event in compliance with Massively OP’s ethics policy. No control or influence on our coverage of the event has been sought or provided to CCP. At the very least, it’s not like the time I infected everyone at EVE Vegas with the virus.

News from Fanfest 2022:


The “fan fest 2022 san antonio” is the first ever EVE Fanfest that will be held in San Antonio, Texas. There are already attendees who have tested positive for COVID.

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