EVE, the incredibly complex and fun MMORPG that has been running since 2003, is hosting its own fanfest in 2022. There will be a “massive space station” where attendees can literally go on vacation while playing EVE Online. The new game mode looks to focus less on combat and more on socializing with friends online.

“The eve market spreadsheet” is a tool that allows users to build and manage their own spreadsheets. It will let you create your own EVE Online Market Spreadsheet and then share it with others.

EVE Fanfest 2022: EVE Online puts spreadsheets in your spreadsheets


While the epithet “spreadsheets in space” was given to EVE Online as a joke, the game’s creators are fully embracing it. At events, CEO Hilmar Petursson says this is a badge of honor for the game since “spreadsheets govern the universe,” and EVE Online’s true power players like spreadsheets. We use them for everything from manufacturing calculations to virtual business profit tracking.

At EVE Fanfest 2022, CCP Games revealed a new cooperation that is both humorous and useful: New Microsoft Excel connections are coming to EVE Online. The new technology will allow individuals to check up data from the EVE Online database straight from Excel, making it simpler to create and maintain spreadsheets. EVE gamers have previously depended on community-developed programs to get data from the EVE API, but now this functionality will be included into the game client itself.

The first in-person event since CCP postponed Fanfest in 2020 due to COVID, MassivelyOP is on the ground for EVE Fanfest 2022. Put any questions you have about EVE Online or CCP Games in the comments, and we’ll try our best to answer them throughout the event.

We must mention that CCP paid for our writer’s travel to and lodging at this event in compliance with Massively OP’s ethics policy. No control or influence on our coverage of the event has been sought or provided to CCP. I’ve been trying for years to persuade folks that it’s not all spreadsheets!


EVE Online puts spreadsheets in your spreadsheets. EVE Fanfest 2022 is being held in Reykjavik, Iceland on April 25-27. Reference: spreadsheet simulator eve.

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