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EVE Fanfest 2022: All the major EVE Online announcements from Fanfest


In contrast to prior years, EVE Fanfest 2022 was very much a social event first and a gaming event second, with less specific announcements of new features and gameplay. The disclosure of a new relationship with Microsoft to allow data export straight from EVE Online to Excel, as well as the news that a Spanish client is on the way, were among the major announcements.

A major faction warfare overhaul was announced, including a “front line” territorial structure and the start of a big faction warfare plot arc delivered through in-game events. The new player experience is improving significantly, and corps will soon have more options to aid new players. A new cosmetic holographic system will allow you to show off your abilities to other players, the UI will be completely revamped, and character characteristics will be deleted.

Back to the expansions

The return to full-fledged expansions was one welcome news. Updates have been released in four themed packages every year for the previous two years, known as Quadrants. Three quadrants were devoted to the Triglavian tale arc, and each had features and balancing modifications linked to a certain theme and a sequence of connected in-game events. Instead, we’ll receive larger themed expansions and regular updates with balancing modifications and other tweaks in between.

Quadrants were either excellent or bad for CCP internally, but they didn’t lend themselves to large content or feature releases like yearly or bi-annual expansions did. When CCP switched to ten yearly mini releases in 2014, we noticed the similar problem. Expansions offer gamers something major to look forward to, keep the game stable for the following 12 months, and give devs something big to unveil during Fanfest. Many of the planned additions are scheduled for Q4 of this year, thus the next expansion is expected to be released then.


Redesign of faction warfare

Faction Warfare has been in desperate need of an update for quite some time, with the most recent big makeover being in 2012 and a few smaller notable updates occurring throughout the years. The most important aspect of the planned upgrade is the addition of a territory mechanism with functioning boundaries. Front Line systems are star systems that border enemy space and will be significantly simpler to acquire and deliver far bigger PvP payouts.

System of stars One hop farther into your area, Command Operations systems with a new strategic function (imagine supply lines during a conflict) will emerge, while those further back will become difficult-to-capture Rear Guard systems. This will help focus the conflict along faction lines, resulting in an organic pushing back and forth of territorial boundaries. Capturing Rear Guard systems will still be achievable (albeit much more difficult) if it is a strategic maneuver.

Using a new Allegiance system, players will be able to battle on behalf of their faction without pulling their whole organization into it. This allows people to pledge personal loyalty to a group, even if they work for a business that prefers to remain out of the war. The tier system will be replaced with large prizes for assisting your faction’s aims, such as being a member of a fleet that captures a strategically important star system.


Storytelling to bring the groups to life

One part of the upcoming Redesign of faction warfare has actually already started — there are clues in-game and in videos delivered at Fanfest about new story arcs that are starting now and will take us to the new faction warfare mechanic by Q4 this year. CCP Aurora explained at Fanfest that the Living World team’s primary focus will actually be on faction warfare for the next several months or possibly years, and that these living story arcs will be used as a way to introduce new items, ships, and features to the game.

Each side will have certain objectives that will contribute to a larger agenda that will be guided by the creators in order to complete a narrative arc. Anyone who declares allegiance to the faction will see the group’s current objectives, which might include protecting a building as it deploys or seizing a certain Front Line star system. The NPCs won’t accomplish it on their own; it’s up to the players to fulfill those objectives for their chosen group, and if they don’t, the developers will simply change the tale.

In theory, this reminds me of the live events that led to the creation of cloaking technology in 2005, the tech arms race events that led to the development of tech 3 tactical destroyers, or even the Upwell corporation’s story-based introduction of citadels. CCP seems to be so certain that this paradigm would be engaging that devs on stage said that important new material and features will be provided via narrative arcs and in response to player activities.


The New Player Experience is improving.

EVE is notorious for being inaccessible to newcomers, although CCP has spent a significant amount of work over the years revamping the new player experience and attempting to increase retention. The tutorial process is now a fully narrated and guided tale about your rise to the ranks of eternal capsuleer by the AIR company, and it teaches the UI to the user one button or panel at a time so you aren’t overwhelmed by the game on initial login.

This year, we observed some intriguing graphs demonstrating that this strategy has increased the average play session time for new users, with more improvements on the way. A new set of professional agent missions will be added to the new player experience, allowing new players to try out different play styles before committing to permanently mastering the talents. We even heard that companies that recruit new pilots and assist them via career brokers may be rewarded.

Taxes and new corporate instruments

This may not seem to be a significant announcement, but believe me when I say that it is a significant victory for the corporate and alliance power players. Corporations will soon be able to charge a part of their players’ Loyalty Points earned, add value tax to market transactions, and maybe tax other items. This is significant since corporations need the funds to assist newcomers, finance ship replacement programs, supply corp hangars, and maintain buildings. They can only take a share from NPC bounties at the moment, thus hundreds of other play types are exempt.

Corp-run buildings, like as industrial complexes, will become more lucrative as new means to produce tax revenue emerge, providing an incentive for corporations to protect them. In the end, this should lead to more highsec battles with two sides fighting, which is fantastic PvP content for tiny organized groups and allows mercenaries to flourish. There was also discussion of making it such that attackers must commit something significant to assault a structure, such as anchoring their own offensive building or mooring a ship in place, making protecting a structure more valuable.


Cosmetic rewards and heraldry

At Fanfest, a whole new cosmetic system called Heraldry was introduced, which would allow players to customize their ships and buildings in a variety of ways. We’re receiving corp and alliance logos on our ships, as well as some great new killmark display options. You’ll be able to install holographic effects to your ship that alter based on your kills, standings, and other criteria, allowing you to show off your skills. There was even discussion of placing monuments of company executives outside of buildings.

These cosmetic prizes may be purchased using “Interbus Credits,” a new non-tradable currency acquired in-game. They act as non-transferable loyalty points that may be gained simply by playing the game and accomplishing modest objectives ranging from mining to mission-running to PvP. I followed up with additional questions to the developers, and they acknowledged that the thought of cosmetics being tied to important feats or fights was not out of the question.

We must mention that CCP paid for our writer’s travel to and lodging at this event in compliance with Massively OP’s ethics policy. No control or influence on our coverage of the event has been sought or provided to CCP. However, one of the PR men did tell me that I had lovely eyes, which I must admit is a brave new PR tactic.

News from Fanfest 2022:


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