Microsoft has announced that the Xbox One will soon be getting a free copy of Elite Dangerous, Microsoft’s popular space sim. The move is intended to quell concerns over content drought in the game as well as give PC players something fresh on their platform.

The “elite dangerous: odyssey” is a free PC copy of the game that will be given out to console players as it tries to allay content drought concerns.

Elite Dangerous will grant console players a free PC copy of the game as it tries to allay content drought concerns


If the future of Elite: Dangerous seems bleak in the face of canceled console development, a fragile communications cadence, and a threadbare-looking 2022 timeline, maybe a follow-up educational post from the game’s community manager can persuade supporters differently.

The message begins with the announcement that Frontier is making work on the planned console-to-PC account transfer mechanism, and that everybody who has purchased a console edition of the game would get a free PC version. Details on how this will happen are still being worked out, but it will take place within a certain time frame, and players will be given enough notice of when they may make this claim.

Much of the rest of the article is a duplicate of May’s previous post, although it adds some details about the following three upgrades coming this year: Update 12 is due out this month, with more optimization and performance improvements for Odyssey as well as a new mission variant (more on that in the coming weeks), while Updates 13 and 14 are due out in August and November, respectively, with “exciting new narrative threads for [players] to engage with” in addition to new GalNet news articles. “As the Azimuth Saga continues to expand,” the article suggests, “I would highly encourage that you remain up to speed with current occurrences in the Elite Dangerous world.”

The message also makes a mention to the 2023 intentions, reiterating the arrival of “a critical feature update” that cannot be further explained. “I’m hoping it will assuage any fears that there will be no more Elite Dangerous material.” There’s still a lot more to come, and the new big narrative phase will play a role in the future as well,” the CM assures. The rest of the article discusses subject features that players may expect in the game’s upcoming bi-weekly livestreams, spotlights a player event, and displays some fanart.


Elite Dangerous will grant console players a free PC copy of the game as it tries to allay content drought concerns. The announcement comes after a recent decision by Microsoft to not allow cross-platform play between Xbox One and Windows 10 users. Reference: elite dangerous console dead.

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