The camera suite in Elite Dangerous is something that is very important to the majority of players, many of whom have invested a lot of time and money into the game over the past few years. As such, the game’s developers have been working hard to improve the experience for the majority of players, and it sounds like they now have a big update to announce.

Elite Dangerous is not just a game. It’s a community, built around a constantly evolving science fiction universe. What’s more, it’s a game that’s based on real science. When Frontier Developments announced the game would receive a major update in the form of the Horizons 1.3 Update, they were keen to stress that the update wasn’t a bug fix patch. Instead, it was an update that would introduce new features, including a new camera system for the game’s first person view.

I’ve been playing Elite: Dangerous since the game’s launch back in December of 2014, and I’ve been enjoying the game’s huge open-world vistas and its intense space combat. What I didn’t expect was the game’s new integrated camera suite that allows me to take in the views from the different cockpit views in one unified image.


While it may not be the most urgent fix for the Elite: Dangerous Odyssey expansion, those who enjoy taking screenshots of the game or participating in the #StellarScreenshots feature (or even our own One Shots column) will be pleased to learn that Update 6 of the PC version adds a slew of camera improvements.

One of the most significant changes is the removal of occlusion caused by another vessel or specific sections of the player’s own ship/SRV, resulting in fewer camera angles where players see a “Signal Lost” dark screen. New collision detection has been added to the suite’s free camera mode to prevent the camera from approaching regions where the screen would blank out. The camera’s collision was also enhanced in other places, including as hangars, while zooming in on ships in flight, and near a hangar floor. Finally, whether in space, on planets, or on foot, the camera may zoom out to greater distances.

Here’s a peek at some of the Camera Suite changes coming in Update 6 if you missed it in yesterday night’s #SupercruiseNews.

To learn more about the changes, go here:

July 28, 2021 — Elite Dangerous (@EliteDangerous)


Frontier Developments recently released a slew of new features for Elite Dangerous, and the update that they recently launched includes a new tool to help make screenshots. This new tool, known as the Screenshot Designer (DSC) allows you to edit the camera lenses, filters, and post processing effects for each screenshot, and then upload them to the Elite Dangerous website.. Read more about elite dangerous: odyssey fixed and let us know what you think.

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