It’s been a while since we last reviewed the Elite Dangerous update tracker, but it’s been bearing fruit. We have a new issue tracker working to log all of the important data, making it far easier for developers to find bugs and issues, and ensuring they are prioritised for fixes. We’re also making a change to the way that players can multicrew with each other, adding support for multiple players on each ship. This is working at the moment, but still needs a lot of work before we can properly test it. There is a lot more in the pipeline, so keep an eye on the forums .

In this post I’ll be talking about the work that’s happening in the Elite Dangerous issue tracker, and what things will be tackled in Update 6 . This will be a monthly update, so you can expect some new features to be added in July.

Elite Dangerous is the epic space trading and combat game that has millions of players worldwide, and a community of content creators that continues to grow and share the galaxy. The first post about the latest Frontier update was written by developer Frontier Developments, and the developer continues to share regular updates and information about what is happening. The information is shared through the official Elite Dangerous Forums, a dedicated forum for the game, and a number of other places on the web.. Read more about elite dangerous player count 2021 and let us know what you think.


With the second monthly summary of its promised series of articles informing players on what’s being done to fix the PC version of the Odyssey expansion, Elite: Dangerous continues to attempt to do right by its fans.

Frontier Developments begins the July update bulletin by addressing some issue tracker items that will be addressed in the expansion’s sixth update, such as additional lighting fixes, improved terrain textures, improved FPS performance, and some specific fixes for things like retrieval from crash site POIs disappearing or cargo canisters becoming stuck in the Megaship.

On the subject of Update 6 features, the developers demonstrated a variety of new planetary surfaces, including dirty ice worlds; a slew of planetary surface improvements across the board, including better surface texture detail, improved Ice materials, increased volcanism, improved lighting, and the integration of new AMD technology FSR; and camera improvements.

Future updates include four-player multicrew functionality for several ships, new Odyssey Engineers in Colonia, increased stored module capacity and bookmarks, balancing for air defense turrets on conflict zones, the ability for those riding an Apex space taxi to redirect their ride in mid-flight, and an extension of mission features that “aim to increase mission diversity and also balancing for air defense turrets on conflict zones.”


Elite Dangerous has a growing issue tracker, with an issue tracker that is constantly updated by the development team. This is a great way for the community to keep track of the development progress, and to keep track of bugs that have been reported. The issue tracker is being used by the development team to track issues that they need to fix.. Read more about elite dangerous issue tracker and let us know what you think.

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