In the early hours of November 27th, Elder Scrolls Online experienced a major server-side crash that took down all login services. The issue was caused by an unknown hardware failure on one of the servers in their data center. This led to many players logging into other regions and playing for days at time without any issues until ESO implemented account-wide achievements in Early December 2018.

The “eso keeps disconnecting 2021” is a problem that has been present for a while. The Elder Scrolls Online’s stability mess was caused not by account-wide achieves but by a hardware failure.

Elder Scrolls Online’s stability mess was caused not by account-wide achieves but by a hardware failure


Since the release of The Ascending Tide DLC and its accompanying patch last week, The Elder Scrolls Online has had issues with console and PC reliability, notably on the North American PC servers. While the majority of the difficulties have already been resolved, ZeniMax Online Studios’ Matt Firor has written a post-mortem on the matter, stating that the performance issues “deserve some explanation.”

Last year, ZOS prioritized efficiency, focusing on database sharding old vs. new characters upon login, according to Firor. The megaserver login procedure had created a bottleneck as the game’s popularity grew. That had been corrected for console, however the PC NA megaserver is significantly bigger than the console megaserver. After update 33, the developers planned to allow sharding for PC NA, however things didn’t proceed as planned.

“All of you who play on the PC NA megaserver know what occurred when we turned on DB Sharding: the whole server slowed down much more during primetime,” Firor acknowledges. “All transfers between processes (i.e. zoning) were significantly slower, as were logouts (where your character’s DB record is updated), and the Activity Finder (which accesses your character records) became so clogged it practically stopped to work at all.”

The crew spent the whole week tracking the issues, believing they were caused by sharding, but it turns out they were digging in the wrong area.

“The problem was caused by a faulty (as in failing) network port that couldn’t handle the amount of bandwidth it was provisioned for,” Firor says. “It wasn’t a software issue at all; it was a hardware breakdown that slowed the whole megaserver down.” […] The short version is that it had nothing to do with Update 33, Account Wide Achievements, or DB Sharding, despite the fact that they all occurred around the same time, and we wasted too much time looking into a red herring as a result.”

Firor apologizes for the blunders and says the studio will compensate players with “five 150 percent Experience Scrolls on April 1st via the Daily Login Rewards schedule,” as well as “tripling the quantity of Weekly Endeavor Seals for players on all ESO platforms” the week of April 4th.


The “eso ps4 server status” is a website that lets users check the status of Elder Scrolls Online’s servers. The site has been updated to reflect the new information on what caused the game’s recent instability.

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