Elden Ring is a captivating, action-packed RPG with an interesting lore. The game’s storyline revolves around the search for the nine ancient rings of power that were created by nine gods and scattered throughout different realms in order to protect humanity from their dark creations. Players take on the role of Varre, who has been tasked with finding these fabled weapons before they fall into evil hands. ‘,

The “elden ring white mask varre invasion” is a quest that was released for Elden Ring. It involves the player going through the White Mask Varre Invasion to defeat them.

Elden Ring White Mask Varre Questline

There are several NPCs strewn around the Lands Between. There are far too many to count, and a significant number of them want your assistance. Like many Souls games, Elden Ring has an NPC that wants to teach you how to murder other players. Varre, the White Mask, is an odd guy with a questline tailored to a maidenless runt like yourself. This prickly character is really a lot more like a rose than you would think! Let’s see what he wants from us and if it’s worth it!

How to Finish Elden Ring’s White Mask Varre Questline

The Mask in White Varre’s adventure starts at the Grace’s First Step Site. He’s standing close to a large rock with a view of the overworld. If you talk to him, he’ll tell you all there is to know about the world. Varré is a skeptic who will provide you information about Castle Stormveil. You may go to the next part of the quest as long as his conversation keeps repeating.

While he is in front of the First Step place of grace, you may speak with him a few times. After fighting Margit and killing Godrick the Grafted, you may speak with him. These are mostly tiny lines of speech that provide no real benefit to the player.

Varré is a Post-Godrick artist.


You’ll be in a different predicament after you’ve visited the Roundtable Hold. Varré should no longer be at the grace spot at First Steps. Instead, he’ll have left a sign directing you to Liurnia’s Rose Church.

If this is the case, go to Liurnia of the Lakes, which is located directly below Stormveil Castle. The Rose Church may be located very early in Liurnia, despite the fact that it is a big region. It’s on a little island in the southwest of the continent. It’s located to the west of the Academy Gate Town.

When you enter the Rose Church, you will be attacked by Sanguine Noble. Keep your guard up!

Varré, who is waiting outside the church’s front door, is the person to speak with. He’ll gift you the Festing Bloody Finger, a new equipment that allows you to assault hostile gamers. The task will continue after you have invaded players three times. To advance the questline, you do not required to beat the player in fight.

He will now invite you to join his Bloody Lord’s order. Accept his offer to get the Lord of Blood’s Favor item. You’ll need to locate a virgin to soak it with, and there are a few possibilities.

  • North-east of Liurnia is the Church of Inhibition. To get to the corpse, you must first go past the Frenzy-Flame Tower.
  • The Chapel of Anticipation is also effective. This is the Four Belfries’ second Belfry. In this place, you may locate sufficient blood on a corpse.
  • Finally, you may assassinate Irina. She’s easiest to find near the Weeping Peninsula’s entrance.

Other Maiden characters, such as Hyetta, have not been tried.

Return to the Rose Church after you’ve obtained the blood-soaked Favor. He’ll hand you a Bloody Finger that you may use to infiltrate as much as you like. The Pureblood Knight’s Medal will be yours if you keep chatting to him. This will transport you to Mohgwyn Palace is located in Mohgwyn, Wales., a dungeon in the finale.

Mohgwyn Palace is located in Mohgwyn, Wales.


This section is very difficult, but Varré’s journey comes to a close here. A red invasion sign may be seen on the ground at the top of the Mausoleum, at the Mausoleum Dynasty Midpoint. This is Varré’s symbol, and you may use it to combat the guy himself.

Varré will drop his weapon, Varré’s Bouquet, after he dies. This is a strange hammer with a moderate amount of blood loss. It can, however, be buffed! As a result, it’s a bleed-heavy Arcane weapon.

Is the Varré Questline a Good Investment?

Varré’s questline mostly serves to get the Bouquet and early entrance to Mohgwyn’s Palace. Mohgwyn’s Palace has some good treasure, including high-level Smithing Stones and certain spells. The foes, on the other hand, are deadly and may be aggravating to deal with.

Varré’s Bouquet also does hilarious damage. While it has a nice bleed, it isn’t a really spectacular weapon.

Varré’s questline is simple and delivers a minimal reward at the end for those that like invading. If you don’t skill it, you’re losing out on almost nothing.

The “elden ring white mask varre killed” is a questline in the game Elden Ring. The questline follows the player as they work to kill Varre, one of the bosses in the game.

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