Elden Ring is a dark fantasy game on Steam which has been getting rave reviews for its unique gameplay and beautiful graphics. This guide will show you how to get Elden Ring, including where to find the cheapest copy.

Elden Ring Speckled Hardtear | How to Get – Guide Fall

Every player in Elden Ring needs a boost or resistance to aid them in combat, and the Crystal Tears may provide such gifts if you know where to look. The Speckled Hardtear increases your resistance while also curing any status ailments you may have. But before you can get your hands on this Crystal Tear, you’ll have to defeat a specific monster at the foot of a Minor Erdtree.

Elden Ring: How to Get the Speckled Hardtear

Elden-Ring-Speckled-Hardtear-640x360Elden Ring How to Get the Speckled Hardtear

You must battle Wormface in the Minor Erdtree in the Altus Plateau location to get the Speckled Hardtear. He’ll be near the Woodfolk Ruins and won’t be difficult to see. As soon as you get close to him, he’ll rise from the ground and start following you. If you want to get your hands on the Crystal Tear, you’ll have to deal with this behemoth.

How to Get Rid of Wormface

The Wormface is a slim, ugly creature with a swarm of worms sprouting from its white hood. Despite his terrifying look, he isn’t a very tough boss to overcome. In fact, his movements are notably sluggish, which may be readily overcome with a gallop from Torrent or a few backsteps.

Elden-Ring-Wormface-640x360Elden Ring Wormface for Speckled Hardtear

If you come too near, you’ll receive a head smash to the ground; if you get too close to his legs, you’ll get a stomp; and worm production that rains down on you like rain. He’ll also attempt to scoop you up every now and then, when he’ll essentially start eating you for a few seconds. He may also inflict death blight on you if you come into touch with his forest gas, since he’s a strange beast of the woods. If your death blight meter reaches zero, you will die instantaneously.

If you maintain your distance from Wormface, he’ll fire worms at you, as is customary with long-range assaults. However, if you’re utilizing the settings to your advantage, his bullets are basically ineffective due to the woods and neighboring ruins.

However, if you’re not cautious, he may impale you on a spike with his final charge strike. You’ll notice this assault when he seems to be looking at the ground when, in fact, he’s preparing a hazardous mound of worms to attack you. Wormface’s one move may send you to your demise, therefore it’s better to just stay away from him.

You’ll also have to watch out for tree opponents that emerge from the earth to join the battle. Fortunately, you may conjure Spirits to assist you in this section. They’ll serve as effective diversions for Wormface and his tree soldiers, allowing you to attack from behind and do massive damage.

You’ll be awarded with both the Speckled Hardtear and the Crimsonspill Crystal Tears after the battle is over. You’ll also get 10,000 Runes as a bonus. The Crimsonspill Crystal Tear increases your maximum HP for a short time.

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