Elden Ring is a sprawling online game where players must explore, fight, and gather resources to survive the harsh environment. Players must build up their strength by killing foes in battle or obtaining rare materials from scattered ruins as they journey through an ever-changing world of floating islands.

The “elden ring quest guide” is a step-by-step walkthrough for the Elden Ring Seluvis Questline. The walkthrough will help players complete all of the quests in the game, including the Fall storyline and all of its sidequests.

Elden Ring Seluvis Questline | Full Walkthrough – Guide Fall

Elden Ring’s Three Sisters is one of the most visited sites. It not only houses the Ranni questline, but also the lives of several individuals! Since a result, it’s important to understand what you may achieve up here, as there are several incentives. Preceptor Seluvis and his strange questline are one of those who is exceedingly suspicious. He does, however, have some of the most unusual summons and sorceries… So, if you want to finish the game or get some cool prizes, you should give him a chance. Let’s assist Seluvis in completing his mission!

How to Finish Elden Ring’s Seluvis Questline

ergenericranni-640x360Elden Ring Seluvis Questline

The Seluvis questline starts with a conversation with the elderly wizard in Ranni’s tower’s base. After you’ve cleared the Caria Manor, you may go to Ranni’s tower. After speaking with his shadow, he will go south to Seluvis’s Rise, which is situated at the lowest point. Talk to him to get his first mission, which is to feed Nepheli Loux Seluvis’ Potion.

You must finish a large portion of the Nepheli Loux questline. To find out when and where you may use his potion, click the link above.

You may either give the potion to Nepheli, have Gideon Ofnir take it for you, or feed it to Dung Eater at the conclusion of his questline.

In any case, you’ve persuaded the Preceptor that you’re on his side. To go to the next stage of his mission, speak with him.

Basement of Seluvis

erselvbasementmap-640x360Elden Ring Seluvis Questline Basement

Near Ranni’s Rise, enter Seluvis’ secret rooms. It’s located under an unseen level northeast of the Witch’s tower. Interact with the shimmering golden message in the dungeon’s rear right corner. After that, return to Seluvis and confront him about it.

You may now buy his sorceries and puppets with Starlight Shards. These shards may be found all across the world, most often around altars or half-bowl sculptures.

Drop a Starlight Shard or look for a different store if the one you have isn’t functioning.

One of his puppets may be a character to whom you’ve administered the potion. If you feed the potion to either Nepheli Loux or Dung Eater, their Puppet’s Summon Ashes will be unlocked, but you will be unable to get the other. If you want to obtain both of them, you’ll have to complete New Game+.

Until he enables you to speak with him again, buy them. He intends to transform a demigod into a puppet, but he’ll need Shard of Amber Starlight to do it.

Shard of Amber Starlight

eramber-640x360Elden Ring Amber Starlight

This shard may be found at the bridge entering the Capital on the west side of the Atlus Highway Junction Sight of Grace. Ride as near to the bridge as possible, then turn north. A tiny cave should be found in the wooded region. A statue will be encircled by land octopi. Whether you kill them or not, get the Amber and return to Seluvis.

You’ll earn the Magic Scorpion Charm as a reward for obtaining him the Amber Starlight, a talisman that’s perfect for magic-focused builds.

The Seluvis Questline has been completed.

erselviusend-640x360Elden Ring Seluvis Questline End

To verify that he has created the Amber Draught, refresh the region — we recommend saving, exiting, and reloading. Gather the Draught and make your way up to Ranni.

Ranni will awaken when you give her the medicine. Seluvis assumed he’d be able to fool her, and she’s not happy about it. Sadly, she’s never heard of the phrase “don’t shoot the messenger.”

If you look at your runes, you’ll see that she’s gone, as is Iji. If you want to continue Ranni’s journey, you’ll have to deliver Celestial Dew to the Church of Vows to get your sins erased. Unlike Nepheli Loux or Dung Eater, you’ll be able to continue Ranni’s mission even after you’ve betrayed him.

Seluvis will be discovered in his tower, dead. You may buy stuff from his corpse by interacting with it.

Pidia, Servant of the Carian

One last point. You may descend down the cliff on the south-eastern side of the Lower Chapel Site of Grace. Pidia, an Albaunaric, may be found here. He’ll sell you a few things, including a map that will help you find the Amber Starlight. He sells Larval Tears, Celestial Dew, Ritual Pots, and a variety of other crafting supplies.

You may return to Pidia to complete Seluvis’ questline after he is dead. Pidia’s questline will be completed for you by some puppets.

Depending on whether Nepheli swallowed the potion, you may either acquire the Nepheli Loux Puppet or the Dolores the Sleeping Arrow Puppet by killing Pidia.

The “elden ring dung eater questline” is a questline in the game Elden Ring. It can be found on the Fall region of the map. The player must complete it to unlock the Dung Eaters faction and gain access to new areas in the game.

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