Rya is a survivor of the Elder Wars, who must journey to find Tanith and retrieve the keystone from him. The player’s actions in Elden Ring will collectively form
the story that unfolds between them and other characters.

“elden ring rya questline” is the name of a questline that will be available in Elden Ring. The questline revolves around Rya and Tanith, two characters from Elden Ring. This is the first time these two have appeared together in a game.

In the realm of Elden Ring, there are a lot of moving pieces. There are a few small NPC questlines that you can miss if you blink. There are, however, vast sagas, so making sure you know where they are all is crucial. The Rya questline, which will take you straight to Volcano Manor, is maybe the finest skip in the game. In terms of game advancement, prizes, and destroying the Demigod of the Volcano Manor, the Rya and Tanith Questline is a questline created by Tanith.s will both be useful stepping stones from here. So, let’s see what measures you may do to finish both questlines!

What is the best way to finish the Rya and Tanith Questline is a questline created by Tanith.?

erryaqueststart-640x360Rya Tanith Questline is a questline created by Tanith.

The Rya and Tanith Questline is a questline created by Tanith.s can’t start until you discover Rya in the Liurnia of the Lakes. Take things slowly since this is a multi-step questline. Rya’s mission is inextricably related to Volcano Manor’s mid-game dungeon. Tanith’s mission may be finished as long as you accomplish her objectives.

Rya’s Adventure Begins


Rya’s Adventure Begins in Liurnia of the Lakes. At the Scenic Isle Site of Grace, the character Patches will inform you of a young woman who is in need of aid. Head there and talk with her. She will tell you that she needs to find a necklace.

To go to the Boilprawn Shack Site of Grace, head northwest. Speak with Blackguard Big Boggart, a key figure in the Dung Eater questline. You may either kill him or buy the necklace for 1,000 runes. Bring the jewelry back in any case, and Rya will extend an invitation to the Volcano Manor to you. She’ll also give you directions to the Altus Plateau.


She will either be close to the Grand Lift of Dectus (if you used the lift) or in the bottom portion of the Lux Ruins, depending on how you mount the Altus Plateau (if you climbed the Ruin-Strewn Precipice). If you talk to her, she’ll transport you to the Volcano Manor.

The Secrets of the Volcano Manor


To get the Drawing-Room Key, speak with Tanith at the Volcano Manor. Rya may be found in the chamber to the left, which is only accessible with the key. She is now unable to accomplish anything.

Assassinate the Tanith Questline is a questline created by Tanith.’s first target (detailed below). Rya will not be present. Continue down the corridor and enter the door to see a snake dressed in Rya’s clothing. She will tell you about herself in this section.

Complete Tanith’s second assassination target from here. Rya will be in the same room, griping about the loudness. To access a hidden path, hit the invisible wall directly next to the body in the first door to the right. Get to the Grace in the Prison Town Church by passing via the corridor and down into the basement. Open the door, visit the Grace Site, and then return to Rya.

You may speak with Tanith about Rya here, but it’s not required.

The Dungeon of Volcano Manor

Complete the Volcano Manor quest line until you reach the Godskin Noble combat in the Temple of Eiglay. This is a rather simple dungeon, but be sure to explore the Guest House’s side rooms for an excellent Site of Grace! Otherwise, it’ll be a lengthy boss run. Alternatively, place the Bridge close to the Temple so you may rush from the Church to the Godskin Noble boss battle.


Serpent Amnion may be seen on a pedestal. Please show it to Rya. She’ll grow agitated and then vanish.

Talk to Tanith from here. She will give you a Forgetfulness Tonic. You may use this on Rya if you like.

Rya’s Journey The Last Stop


Rya has gone into hiding from the Volcano Manor. Take the elevator to the Temple of Eiglay Site of Grace and exit from the balcony. Take out an Iron Virgin when you pass the rock bridge and around the bend. A little river of lava can be seen flowing over the lava and around the rear of the structure. Cross the bridge to find a door. Rya will be waiting for you inside the door.

Once you open the elevator on the exterior of the Temple of Eiglay, you’ll have easier access to this location.

Rya is in a bad mood. There are three alternatives available to you.

  • Kill Rya to get the Daedicar’s Woe, a talisman that attracts opponents from afar.
  • Return after Rykard to convince her that you are not going to murder her. By saving, you may reload the region and continue looking for Daedicar’s Woe and her letter.
  • Tanith will have put Rya to sleep if he gives her the Tonic of Forgetfulness. After killing Rykard, return to Rya’s customary place in the Manor. If you talk to her, she’ll leave the Daedicar’s Woe alone.

What happened to Rya?

Rya’s quest might become stuck at a few of points. If you murder Rykard before she finishes her goal, her quest will become difficult to accomplish. Furthermore, you will not be able to get the Tonic of Forgetfulness if you finish all of the manor’s assassinations before completing her questline. This isn’t too horrible, since the Tonic’s usage is optional.

Tanith Questline is a questline created by Tanith.

Tanith’s task is, thankfully, much more straightforward. Simply open the door to the left in the hallway after you’ve obtained the Drawing-Room Key. A letter from Volcano Manor will be on the table. This letter will include an assassination target, which will be marked with a little red sign on your map. Go here to receive your next target after completing an assassination request.

Elden Ring’s Tanith Assassination Targets

Although there are more Assassination Targets at Volcano Manor, these three are necessary for all of Tanith’s questline’s available rewards.

Tanith’s questline does not need these three items to be completed. Tanith, on the other hand, can only offer you these gifts. If you switch on Tanith, you will not be able to obtain these benefits.

When the targets are defeated, they drop a little amount of loot. Tanith will offer you the ultimate prize for each of these categories when the target has been murdered. To obtain the prize, speak with her, then reload the area before looking for your next letter on the table.

  • Stormhill (Old Knight Istvan): Scaled Set
  • Crepus’ Vial (Altus Plateau): Rileigh the Idle
  • Hoslow’s Set, Hoslow’s Petal Whip: Juno Hoslow, Knight of Blood (Mountaintops of the Giants)

When you’ve defeated these bad people, speak with Tanith to be transported to Rykard. He is the Volcano Manor’s Demigod. Defeat him, then return to Tanith, who seems to be in control of the situation. She will depart the Volcano Manor at some point.

Tanith Questline is a questline created by Tanith. Ends

ertanithquestend-640x360Tanith Questline is a questline created by Tanith. Complete Elden Ring

Talk to Tanith after you’ve killed Rykard until she repeats her sentence. Then teleport back to Rykard’s Site of Grace after refreshing the region. You’ll watch her devouring Rykard’s body. Her questline is now over, and you may murder her whenever you choose.

You can offer her the Dancer’s Castinets, but she’ll just brush it off and continue eating. So, go ahead and dunk on her!

Her bodyguard will come to attack you if you murder her. He’ll be a tough battle since he’s a very normal Crucible Knight. As a result, make sure you’re well prepared and buff before attempting to assassinate Tanith.

You’ve completed the primary questline of the Volcano Manor if you’ve killed him and obtained the Aspect of the Crucible: Breath. You did an excellent job!

The “elden ring zoraya” is a questline in the game Elden Ring. The questline follows a player character who has been imbued with power by an ancient ring. The story starts when you encounter a mysterious woman, who gives you the ring and asks you to find her daughter.

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