Elden Ring has offered players an expansive and rewarding story with a unique setting, rich lore and engaging gameplay. As the game continues to grow new content is being introduced in order to keep up with player demand while also supporting ongoing development of the game.

The “elden ring nepheli locations” is a questline in the game Elden Ring. The questline can be completed by finding all of the nephili locations.

Elden Ring is teeming with NPCs that can assist you both inside and outside of combat. In the Lands Between, you’ll have the chance to encounter everyone from strategic thinkers to meathead fighters. Nepheli Loux is a barbarian lady who is on a mission to be forgiven. You’ll assist a poor barbarian lady make much more of herself. However, this will take a significant amount of time and money. So, let’s have a look at the task.

How to Finish Elden Ring’s Nepheli Loux Questline

ernephstart-640x360Elden Ring Nepheli Loux Questline Start

You must first locate Nepheli Loux in Stormveil Castle to begin the Nepheli Loux questline. Head right through the walkway where the birds are perched on fences from the Liftside Chamber Site of Grace. Keep an eye out on the right side for an opportunity. A lady stands over a slain soldier, praising him for his bravery. Speak with her if you want to join Nepheli Loux, a warrior.

As a result, Nepheli will be available to battle Godrick the Grafted. You do not required to call her to complete her mission, although she may assist in making the combat more manageable.

What Does the Roundtable Mean?

In Roundtable Hold, Nepheli will be present. Outside the library, near the Twin Maiden Husks, speak with her. If you finish her speech, she’ll gift you the Arsenal Charm, which boosts your Equipment Load. You may inquire about Gideon Ofnir’s connection with Nepheli, but it is not necessary to complete the quest.

After you’ve finished speaking with her, go to the Albinaurics’ Village. This dungeon is located under the Plateau on the southwestern edge of Liurnia of the Lakes. If you don’t use Torrent to ride over the marsh, you’ll be poisoned. Clear the dungeon until you reach the dungeon’s name on a bonfire.

She’ll be on a walkway near the bonfire, below the stone bridge that leads to the settlement. Make her discourse as long as possible. After that, you may cross the bridge and battle the mini-boss, dungeon’s the Omenkiller. He’ll be carrying the game’s worst trinket, which decreases headshot damage. Fantastic. More importantly, the chests all surrounding him contain a large number of runes.

Potion of Seluvis

You may chat to her again after you’ve taken out the Omenkiller, but she won’t have any substantial speech modifications.

Bring yourself back to the Roundtable. She’ll be curled up in a ball downstairs. If you talk to her, she’ll tell you she’s lost and bored.

At this point, if you have have Potion of Seluvis, you may now give it to Nepheli. Beforehand, she would have not allowed you to give her the potion.

Talk to Gideon Ofnir about it if you wish to. He’ll want you to hand it over to him so he may dispose of it. You may continue both the Seluvis and Nepheli Loux questlines if you accomplish this. You may also offer it to Nepheli to help him with his mission. You will be locked out of Nepheli’s questline if you give her the potion, since she will be transformed into a doll.

If you want to complete Nepheli Loux’s mission, don’t give her the potion in the basement while she’s curled up. Even if you attempt to use a Celestial Dew at the Church of Vows, you will be locked out for good.

The King of the Stormhawks

erbelfriesandanticipation-640x360Elden Ring Nepheli Loux Anticipation

Head to the third one, named “Precipice of Anticipation,” near the Four Belfries on the Western Side of Liurnia of the Lakes. To enter, use an Imbued Key to unlock the gateway and enter.

This is a place that you may remember from the beginning of the game. Return to the wooden bridge to do battle with the Grafted Scion once again. You’re going to annihilate it this time. Well, it’s still a tough struggle, so be cautious! By backing up and attacking it when it misses a strike, you may take advantage of its narrow range.

You’ll get his straight sword and shield, which are respectable faith weapons but depend on dexterity more than strength. Return to the church. A door has fallen open next to it, just before you enter the church proper.

Head up the stairs and loot the items here. You’ll receive Stormhawk Deenh from the chest outside and The King of the Stormhawks from the chest inside. You can summon Deenh, but not the King. That summon is for someone else.

The Lord of Limgrave and Kenneth Haight

erkennethhaight-1-640x360Elden Ring Fort Haight

You must first finish Kenneth Haight’s questline before continuing on with this one. Don’t worry, it’s just a few sentences long!

Kenneth may be found north-east of the Mistwood, on the ruins between the Mistwood Outskirts and the Third Church of Marika grace locations. He’ll be pleading for someone to assist him. Thankfully, there are no adversaries in the area who may harm the whimpering guy.

Use up all of his words. Then go to the Mistwood’s south-east corner to reach Fort Haight, which sits on the tip of a peninsula. Clear it out, being care to take out the enemy on the battlements’ tops. They aren’t easy to deal with, so be cautious!

Rest at the Fort Haight campfire after the weather has cleared. Fort Haight will have been invaded by demi-humans when the location is reloaded by either waiting or saving. Whether this isn’t the case, return to Kenneth Haight’s original position and check to see if he’s repeating his talk.

Re-clear the dungeon. Kenneth may be seen on the battlements. After you’ve exhausted his discourse, you’ll discover that he’s seeking for the True Lord of Limgrave.

The Last Steps

Return to Nepheli and present her with the King. She’ll gladly accept it.

The questline will not continue till you reach Crumbling Farum Azula. Then, after exhausting their conversation, speak to Roderika and Hewg about Hewg’s illness. After that, go to the Throne Room of Stormveil Castle. You’ve done it perfectly if you see Nepheli and Kenneth Haight here! As long as Gostoc is still alive, he’ll stay there.

Talk to Nepheli when you’re inside the room. She will have recognized that she is Stormveil’s true monarch. That’s fantastic! She’ll award you with an Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone, which will let you to improve your weapons to +25. Gostoc will now sell another Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone for 20,000 Runes if he is still alive.

And with that, the questline is now complete!

The “gideon elden ring” is a questline in Elden Ring. It can be started by talking to the NPC named Gideon.

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