The Elden Ring Crystal Cave Moss is a rare and endangered moss found only in the high rocky walls of the ancient ring-shaped cave known as Noster’s Hole. It has been on display at The British Museum since 1883, but it wasn’t until 2017 that experts became aware of its location — an unusual discovery when considering this type of plant occurs less than fifty sites worldwide.

The “crystal caves” is a location in Elden Ring. It can be accessed by entering the cave from the south end of the map. The crystal caves are very beautiful and full of different moss types.

Elden Ring Crystal Cave Moss

You may have stumbled upon some Crystal Cave Moss while exploring a cave in Elden Ring. This gleaming green substance is employed in a number of the game’s most advantageous crafting methods. What’s more, this substance isn’t very uncommon, and can be farmed if you know where to look. We’ll teach you how to cultivate Crystal Cave Moss in Elden Ring in the instructions below.

In Elden Ring, where can you farm Crystal Cave Moss?

crystal_cave_moss-640x360In Elden Ring, where can you farm Crystal Cave Moss?

Crystal Cave Moss is found in caves, as its name suggests. Three of these caverns, fortunately, are all located in the same Liurnia of the Lakes area. The Academy Crystal Cave is found immediately west of the Raya Lucaria Academy, near the beach. In the south end of Lirunia of the Lakes, just north of the Slumbering Wolf’s Shack, there’s also the Lakeside Crystal Cave. Finally, immediately beneath Stormveil Castle is Stillwater Cave. Crystal Cave Moss is abundant in all three of these places.

It’s fortunate that they can be cultivated. That is, you may take whatever you want from one of these caverns, recuperate at a nearby Site of Grace, and then return to take more. Granted, any adversaries you kill will respawn as a result of this. The moss is used in the creation of all three species of Boluses, therefore farming them is crucial.

Scarlet Rot is cured by preserving boluses. Rejuvenating Boluses will eradicate Death Blight, while Clarifying Boluses will ease Madness accumulation. If you’re not prepared, all three of these status illnesses may swiftly kill you. Many products in Elden Ring may only be discovered or bought in certain quantities, thus it’s critical to use farmable resources wherever feasible. It’s one of the few concessions the game is ready to make.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where to get Crystal Cave Moss?

A: You can buy Crystal Cave Moss from, Best Buy, and other retailers as well.

How cold is Crystal Cave?

A: The temperature of Crystal Cave is a highly debated topic, as the weather phenomenon has only been observed once.

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