This guide for the Elden Ring builds and strategies will talk about the best tips to be an effective berserker. You’ll learn how to use your skills, when it’s better not to charge in, which weapons are good, and more!

The “elden ring vagabond tank build” is a guide for the Berserker build in Elden Ring. The Berserker is a melee fighter that can dish out a lot of damage, but it has low defense and lacks mobility.

Elden Ring: Berserker Build Guide

Elden Ring’s rich RPG elements are one of the game’s strongest features. You may choose from a vast range of traits, weapons, and talismans to construct the build of your dreams. Elden Ring has it all: a sly archer, a strong magician, and an ax-wielding warrior.

Today, we’ll merely concentrate on one of the numerous different structures available in Elden Ring. Of course, I’m talking about the berserker, a swift and powerful fighter who wields two greatswords at the same time. This is a melee-heavy playstyle with a heavy emphasis on jumping strikes for damage.

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Build Guide for Berserkers

And now, without any further delays, let’s get right into the Build Guide for Berserkers in Elden Ring!

Class & Attributes

20220503153149_1-1024x683 Class & Attributes BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment, FromSoftware Inc. through HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

Let’s begin by talking about the class you should take. Because the Berserker is a melee build built on strength, you’ll want something that complements that style of play. The Warrior and Vagabond classes are the greatest choices for this. I chose the Vagabond because it has the extra benefit of being the greatest starting build. This build works with any class.

The next step is to consider increasing your attribute levels. Strength is the major metric you’ll want to focus on. To properly use various weapons in the game, you’ll need a lot of strength. Strength increases your ability to do greater damage with various melee weapons, which is essential since the perfect berserker can kill a typical adversary in just one or two strikes.

Endurance is a wonderful secondary trait to think about. This enables you to attack and tumble around more often. Because this setup does not employ a shield to stop strikes, rolling about is crucial. Vigor is also beneficial since it increases your health, making combat encounters more forgiving if you miss an attack or can’t avoid an opposing blow.

Because this version does not employ magic, you may safely disregard the majority of the game’s other qualities. Let’s talk about the most critical component of this construction now that we’ve covered characteristics. The arsenal!

Weapons & Armor

20220503155659_1-1024x683 Weapons & Armor for Build Guide for Berserkers BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment, FromSoftware Inc. through HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

Berserker play includes wielding two massive swords at the same time. The Bastard Sword and the Claymore are two early game weapons that I suggest. These two weapons are pretty simple to get when you initially start the game, and they don’t need a lot of characteristics to be successful.

The Bastard Sword may be purchased from a Nomadic Merchant on the Weeping Peninsula. His tent lies near the Ramparts of Castle Morne. The sword may be acquired from him for precisely 3000 runes, which will not take long to get.

The Claymore, the following sword, is not far distant from the preceding weapon. It’s also on the Weeping Peninsula, in Castle Morne. You may reach there by driving to the peninsula’s extreme southern tip.

Once inside, proceed into the courtyard and past the massive pile of corpses. A building entrance should be located on the right side of the pile. Enter the inside and look for a chest containing the sword in the room. Just be wary of the hostile opponents in the region.

In terms of armor, you may employ anything you discover that you believe would best protect you. The Knight Set is a good early-game option if you’re seeking for a quality set of armor. The Twin Maiden Husks at Roundtable Hold can sell you the chest piece for 4,500 runes.


20220503153217_1-1024x683 Elden Ring Talismans BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment, FromSoftware Inc. through HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

Now for the most exciting and interesting part of our Elden Ring: Build Guide for Berserkers. The talismans! Talismans are equipable items that can be used to give you certain stat bonuses. If you’ve ever played the Paper Mario series, they are a lot like the badges that you can find and equip for better stats.

Talisman of Claw

The absolute MUST HAVE talisman for this build is the Talisman of Claw (shown above). This simple ability allows you to deal more damage with every jump attack. Jump attacks are a stable of the berserker build, and they are required to do the most damage. After jumping up in the air, you can right-click on PC or press L1 on console to swing both your swords down at once.

Scarseal of Radagon

The next talisman you should pick up is the Scarseal of Radagon. This item increases your attributes, but in return, you will take more damage from attacks. This is great for increasing your strength and endurance. The drawback of taking more damage is not that noticeable. Even if you do find yourself dying much more easily, you can always add a few extra points to vigor.

Favor of Erdtree

Another great talisman is the Favor of Erdtree. This increases a player’s stamina, health, and their equip load. Having higher stamina is good because, as mentioned earlier, you’ll spend a lot of time rolling around to dodge attacks. More health is good for when you need to tank some damage. Carrying around two greatswords can weigh you down, and an increased equip load negates this issue.

Medallion of Crimson Amber

Last but not least, I want to mention the Medallion of Crimson Amber. This is a simple talisman that can increase your maximum health. It is not a requirement for this build, but if you happen to have it on you and have an empty slot, you should definitely consider equipping it.

I’ve included a list of where you may find each of these talismans below. If you’re still having difficulties locating them, you may use this interactive map to identify their specific position. Simply glance to the right of the screen and choose “Talismans” from the list at the bottom.

  • Talisman of Claw: Stormveil Castle, on top of a watchtower.
  • Scarseal of Radagon: Weeping Peninsula. Dropped by the boss Ancient Hero of Zamor.
  • Favor of Erdtree: Weeping Peninsula. Sold by a nomadic merchant.
  • Medallion of Crimson Amber: Fringefolk Hero’s Grave. Needs stonesword keys to enter.

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