According to market research firm NDP, the video game industry will have a $120 billion revenue by 2020 and was already worth $116.4 billion in 2017. As consumers continue to spend more on digital media, retailers are being forced to adapt in order for their businesses not only survive but grow and thrive as well. Consoles give gamers access to exclusive games and experiences that other companies cannot match due to licensing agreements with major studios like EA Sports or Activision Blizzard which can cost millions of dollars per year.,

The “when is e3 2022” is a question that has been asked many times. The E3 2022 will be online-only due to COVID.

E3 2022 Will Be Online-Only Due to COVID


The Entertainment Software Association (ESA) stated to GamesBeat that E3 2022 would not be an in-person event. Instead, it will only be available online.

COVID concerns, according to the ESA, are to fault. In the United States, where infection rates have risen dramatically in the previous two months, the Omicron variety has become the prevalent strain.

E3 will not be hosted in person in 2022 due to the persistent health hazards associated with COVID-19 and the possible effect on the safety of exhibitors and guests.

We’re still really optimistic about E3’s future, and we’ll be releasing more news shortly.

The ESA did not elaborate on what E3 2022 would include. Instead, the trade association expressed its enthusiasm for the “potential of an online event.”

This is the second year in a row that E3 will be streamed live online. Due to the commencement of the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2020 event was canceled in its entirety.

E3 2022 is still a few months away; the annual event is usually held in June. However, the ESA is now in discussions with businesses on display space. As a consequence, corporations may have to wait months to remove their booths off the E3 floor.

Prior to the epidemic, E3 gathered roughly 15,000 fans and 50,000 video game industry professionals. However, there hasn’t been a live event since 2019.

As we approach the spring months, we should hear more about E3 2022.


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Someone made a Nintendo Switch dock out of a GameCube.

The “e3 2022 tickets” are sold out and the event will be online-only due to COVID. The e3 convention is an annual video game trade show in Los Angeles, California.

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