Dying Light 2 is an open-world zombie survival game that released in February of 2019. The sequel to 2015’s popular horror adventure, this time players have the option to be a human or a zombie. But one player took things too far when they used an emote on PC called “DyingLight2Moneycheat,” which lets them fly around like Superman and run through walls with ease. While it was possible for others to use these cheats, its more likely players will find ways not only as fun as flying around but also as weapons against zombies believe me I’m psychic!

The “dying light money glitch 2021” is a trick that can be used to get unlimited money in the game. The trick involves diving into the system files and changing some values, but it’s not recommended to use this method.

Dying Light 2 Money Cheat

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Dying Light 2 Money Cheat

This Dying Light 2 money cheat for in-game currency will show you how to collect quick cash & unlimited items by taking advantage of a unlimited money duplication glitch in the PC, PS5 & Xbox Series X action-RPG survival-horror game.

Use this exploit at your own risk since it involves wiping your save file. It may also be patched out in future updates, but it works right now, so take advantage of it while it lasts!

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Dying Light 2 Infinite Items & Money Cheats

Here’s an easy way to get a lot of weapons, items & money very fast in Dying Light 2. Using this money cheat you’ll be able to get infinite cash, as explained below…

Steps to a Money Cheat:

10 minutes are required.

In Dying Light 2, how can you gain limitless money?

  1. Setup for the Infinite Money Glitch

    Because online co-op is required for this to work, it only works on the PC and next-gen PS5 and Xbox Series X console versions of Dying Light 2.

  2. Start Duplicating Money & Items

    Drop the item you wish to replicate (Weapons, Accessories, Consumables, and Gear) to a buddy. Then you should exit the game. Sign out of your account / gamertag. Your inventory will be saved to the cloud as a result of this. The item is now ready to be duplicated. Re-enter your gamertag/account and request that your buddy give you an invite to their game. Drop the item off and have your buddy pick it up. Then, and only then, should you erase the save file from the console (not the Cloud, you need that one). Now sit tight and wait for your character to vanish from your friend’s game. Start the game next, since this will download your save file from the Cloud with all of your things intact. You now have both of the things. You may repeat the procedure as many times as you like for an endless supply of money and things.

Video of the Complete Dying Light 2 Money Cheat Guide:

Dying Light 2 Unlimited Money & Item Duplication Exploit

Thank you for stopping by! If you have any money hacks or tricks of your own, please leave a comment and we’ll add them to our guide and credit you.

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