The Inhibitors are a new item available in Dying Light 2 that allow players to explore areas they may have otherwise been unable to. It’s also used as an objective of the game, requiring you to equip and use a specific inhibitor with every character class in order to complete it.

The “dying light 2 inhibitor locations” is a guide to where you can find the inhibitors in Dying Light 2. This is an important item that you need to get your hands on, as it will help you complete the game.

Dying Light 2 Inhibitors - Where to Get

Dying Light 2 Inhibitors Location Guide

The inhibitors in Dying Light 2 are essential for improving Aiden’s health and stamina, so they’re one of the objects you’ll want to collect as soon as possible.

Having greater gear isn’t enough when you go to higher-rank regions. Enemies strike harder, and the parkour challenges you must solve sap your stamina even more. Finding the inhibitors in Dying Light 2 isn’t tough, but acquiring them isn’t always simple.

In Dying Light 2: Where to Look for Inhibitors

Dying Light 2 Inhibitors Location Guide

Dying Light 2 Inhibitors Location Guide

To put it frankly, the inhibitors in Dying Light 2 are the only method to improve Aiden’s health and stamina. Upgrading the former increases your resistance and allows you to access additional Combat tree abilities.

Upgrading the latter allows you to chain together more attacks and do more parkour routines before Aiden runs out of breath, as well as unlocking other Parkour tree talents.

You’ll get a lot of Dying Light 2 inhibitors after finishing key primary tasks, but if you want to be the best, you’ll need to go above and beyond.

Activities such as GRE anomalies and GRE quarantine structures are the most dependable sources of inhibitors.

Both are accessible at night, with the former being the easier of the two due to a boss battle against a Revenant and a few normal infected. You may grab inhibitors from a neighboring trailer after you’ve defeated the big evil.

The GRE quarantine buildings are densely inhabited with normal infected and span numerous stories. To acquire access to a box of Dying Light 2 inhibitors, you’ll have to sneak inside their chambers or kill the infected within, then unlock a specific door.

The artifacts may also be found in military airdrop crates and, on rare occasions, when traveling throughout the globe. When you’re nearing an inhibitor, your GRE key will alert you and show you how far away it is from your present position.

GRE Radio Towers may be activated later in the game to allow your GRE Detector to detect inhibitors across a larger region.

To raise your health and stamina by one level, you’ll need three of them, and you can keep track of how many you have at the bottom of the Skills screen.

Additionally, improving your health and stamina boosts your immunity, enabling you to spend longer time in dark locations before needing to seek out a source of light or resort to using UV shrooms.

Check out our tips on map size and weapon repair now that we’ve studied Dying Light 2 inhibitors.

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