The recently released full game of Dread Hunger has players running, jumping and dodging their way through a dark futuristic world. The platformer challenges players to overcome obstacles with agility in an attempt to escape the monsters that are chasing them all over the place.

The “dread hunger release date” is a game that was released on May 25, 2016. It has been rated 4 out of 5 stars by the customers who have played it.

Dread Hunger Review: Full Game Release

Fearful of Hunger is often compared to Among Us, yet it delivers much more than is anticipated. Two (by default) players will be picked at random to become Thralls in this survival game of deception and teamwork. To finish each mission and discover the betrayers, the remaining six crewmates must work together to maneuver the explorer’s ship across deadly icebergs.


On either the NAE or HK servers, players from all around the globe may participate in three separate missions. Despite having completed the tutorial, I was immediately lost in my first Fearful of Hunger game. Of course, I was chosen as one of the Thralls, which presented some challenges since I had no idea what I was doing.

After a few rounds, I quickly picked up on other players’ strategies and felt more confident in tricking my colleagues. Similarly, pretending to be an explorer was a lot of fun, especially when you had to work together to gather coal for the ship’s boiler in order to carry it to its goal.

What Is Fearful of Hunger and How Does It Affect You?


Fearful of Hunger is a hybrid of a social experiment and a survival game. Apart from one trip, I’ve been welcomed by the community, getting to know the players and frequently returning to subsequent adventures with the same crew.


Note: In order to play Fearful of Hunger, you’ll almost certainly need a headset. People will immediately accuse you of being a player with something to conceal if you don’t communicate.

An expedition of eight persons is started. Two players are nicknamed Thralls after a fast game of Poker; the identity of the Thralls is kept hidden from everyone save the Thralls themselves.


Everyone goes to the boiler room to put their lump of coal into the furnace in every game I’ve played. “Hunter number one, Engineer number two, Captain number three,” and so on. What I like most about Fearful of Hunger is its potential to create a social group where norms and trends are carried over from one expedition to the next. Players are often embraced and taken under the wing of another teammate to teach them the ropes, even if they are new to the game.

Being a Thrall isn’t easy.


It’s understandably nerve-wracking to be chosen as one of the Thralls. There are two basic paths you may take: low profile or high profile.

Low-profile The goal of Thrall play is to sabotage the ship and its crew in the least obvious manner possible. Keeping up with the group, maintaining communications, and doing the bare minimum, but just enough, to send the ship off course.


You can harvest coal like the other explorers, but instead of putting it into the furnace, you may silently throw it into the sea, where it won’t be detected. As the Hunter, you could even be tempted to collect food and poison it invisibly.

High-profile gaming is risky, but it pays out handsomely. Early on in the game, jumping off the ship to gather bones and wood is a good method to start expanding your Totem collection. The higher the tier of your spells, the more totems you have and the longer they remain in play.


As the ship moves forward, you may order whiteouts and cannibal assaults, or stick near to the ship and use explosive barrels to smash holes in it. In either case, the goal is to sabotage the ship and its crew in order to prevent them from reaching the finish line.

Being an Adventurer


Your goal as an explorer is to hunt, craft, and live long enough to get to the finish. To move the ship, you’ll need to collect coal to power up the furnace. Coal may be discovered in Coal Sleds strewn across the area and securely transported back to your ship or a Coal Barrel.

But harvesting coal isn’t the only thing you can do. The persistent urge to fight hunger and warm oneself from the frigid weather is a daily struggle for explorers. As the days pass, blizzards strike, significantly lowering the temperatures and making it more difficult to remain off the boat long enough to collect supplies.


Players may utilize the workbenches on board, in tents, and in dwellings to create goods that will aid them in their goal. Weapons, nails, a backpack, and other items are needed to keep up with the pace of survival. Crewmates would often resort to the Cook, hoping he isn’t a Thrall, to prepare delectable Meat Stew, cups of tea, and antidotes to prevent poisonings.

Meanwhile, as explorers, it’s your task to steer the ship safely across the frigid sea, avoiding massive icebergs, in order to reach open seas. This must be done while also recognizing the Thralls in order to prevent them from disrupting the operation.



In Fearful of Hunger, the thrill of uncovering the truth is what draws you in. I was openly helpful as a decent man, helping to the crew’s development by collecting coal, procuring food, and mending up any damage on the boat. Meanwhile, keep a watch on prospective suspects and track their every action in order to separate the group’s baddies.

I’ll admit that I often make mistakes. I recently assassinated the Reverend, whom I suspected of being the Thrall since he wasn’t giving enough. He exacted his vengeance by imprisoning me in a cell until I could convince the rest of the crew that I wasn’t a Thrall.


As a bad person, I’d go out in search of bones and wood while keeping up with the group conversation to avoid being discovered. I’d divert attention away from myself by claiming that other gamers were the Thrall because I’d seen them toss coal or use a syringe to poison someone.

The Perfect Balance of Fear and Hunger

In the end, Fearful of Hunger strikes the appropriate balance between numerous game types. Granted, it doesn’t provide endless hours of entertainment, but for now, I’m loving being pulled to the social component of it, anxiously tapping my feet to see whether I’m chosen as the Thrall.

It’s not simple misleading a bunch of people or attempting to play detective and uncover the genuine culprit, whether you want to put your friendships to the test or team up with gamers from all over the globe.


Fearful of Hunger

Game title : Fearful of Hunger

A social experiment unlike any other; mislead your pals or aid your crewmates, the decision is made for you in a war between good and evil.

Unboxed Opinions

The Positive
  • A fantastic social component
  • It makes you think.
  • Playing with pals is a lot of fun.
  • Ingeniously created
  • It keeps you alert.
The Bad (& Ugly)
  • There are currently just three missions available.
  • I’d like to see more variety in mission types.

4.0625 8.1 8.1 8.1 8.1 8.1 8.1 8.1 8.1

Unboxed Opinions Score

Dread Hunger is a game that has been released on Xbox One as well as PC. The game is currently available for $14.99 and the reviews are positive. Reference: is dread hunger on xbox.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is dread hunger?

A: Dredge will last until you have killed every player on the server.

Who made dread hunger?

A: The creator of the game is unknown.

How do you play dread hunger?

A: Dread Hunger is a 2017 horror game developed by Daylight Studios. The object of the game is to navigate through several rooms in search for food and items that could be used as weapons, while avoiding things like traps and enemies.

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