EA has been in hot water with gamers for some time now. From not including microtransactions to their games, from the Battlefront 2 loot box fiasco, to the lack of communication on why DICE took down Battlefield 4’s servers and required players to play BF4 through Origin instead. Many disgruntled EA customers have taken action by signing a petition asking EA for refunds because they believe that this decision was unjustified.

Disgruntled Battlefield 2042 players draft a petition to get refunds from EA


Will a Change.org petition be enough to force Electronic Arts to fork up money? Most certainly not, but it hasn’t stopped gamers dissatisfied with Battlefield 2042’s present state from giving it a go.

The petition, which has almost 200K signatures, is requesting reimbursements owing to charges of misleading advertising and promises not kept at the time of introduction. “Every client who bought Battlefield 2042 was mocked by EA’s release of this video game. […] Battlefield 2042 was so bad that even Steam, a well-known distributor of PC games, permits buyers to request a complete refund,” according to the petition.

To say the shooter had a rocky start is an understatement; according to EA’s third quarter earnings call, the game’s debut “did not meet expectations.” Dice promised in a dev blog at the beginning of February that features like a scoreboard, voice chat, and “a new feedback loop” would be coming soon, but the game’s first season, which was originally scheduled for early 2022, will now be released this summer, and the game’s last update was in January with none of the most requested features. Aside from that, the shooter has been considering a free-to-play transition as a temporary solution against a dwindling playerbase.


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