The Witch Queen is the first free DLC for Destiny 2, introducing a new raid and campaign. Season of The Risen also launches today with new events spanning across all four seasons to find additional loot and earn rewards like sparrows.

The “destiny 2: the witch queen release date” is today, September 4th. This is the first expansion for Destiny 2 that features a new raid and other activities. The season of the risen will also be available with this update.

Destiny 2’s The Witch Queen expansion and Season of the Risen are live today


Here we go, folks: The Elder Scrolls Skyrim made history on 11/11/11, and now Destiny 2’s The Witch Queen will do the same on 2/22/22, with a release date of 2/22/22. It’ll be interesting to go back and recite that for whichever game is at the top of the pile on March 3, 33!

Yep, Bungie officially releases both The Witch Queen expansion and Season of the Risen today as the first chunk of the final trilogy of the Light & Darkness Saga (say that 10 times fast). Players will be stepping into the “twisted wonderland of corruption and splendor” known as the The Throne World, taking on the Wellspring six-person dungeon, using Deepsight to craft new weapons, testing out the glaive melee weapon, and descending into the Vow of the Disciple raid.

“Both The Witch Queen expansion and Season of the Risen will follow the Guardians as they fight to reclaim the Light from Savathûn, the Hive deity.” Guardians will take the battle straight to Savathûn as they explore the enigmatic seat of her power, the Throne World, a new Destiny 2 location, after more than a year spent uncovering the Witch Queen’s deceptions. There, they’ll face a slew of obstacles, including the Lucent Brood, Hive adversaries that now possess the same Light abilities as Guardians have for generations. In Season of the Risen, Guardians will fight the Witch Queen’s rising army of Light-infused Hive using Light-suppressing technology provided by an uneasy partnership with the Cabal empress, Caiatl.” g

You’ve got to adore this conversation.

— Bungie (@Bungie) February 22, 2022


The “destiny 2 witch queen pre order” is the latest expansion to Destiny 2 and it’s live today. The Season of the Risen has also started, which includes new weapons and armor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the witch queen live?

A: The witch queen is a character in the movie Brave.

What is free in witch queen?

A: Witch Queen is a free to play, multiplayer defense game in which players must protect their tower with spells and battle against opponents.

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