Destiny 2 has been a victim of the Russian Kaspersky ban, with it being pulled from over 400 retail locations. The game’s developer Bungie is now halting sales to Russia as well and will be donating $1 million dollars to those affected by the recent events in Ukraine.

Destiny 2’s Bungie halts sales to Russia, Gamigo begins Ukraine charity initiative in multiple MMOs


While Russia’s terrible invasion of Ukraine continues, the game industry continues to speak out against the damage done to the Ukrainian people.

Studio for Destiny 2 Bungie said yesterday night that its gamers had contributed $120,000 via its assistance organization, which the company matched and continues to match. The money will be split between two charities: Direct Relief, which helps those in need of medical care, and the International Rescue Committee, which helps refugees. The firm also said that it is “working with [its] partners to stop all Destiny 2 sales and commerce in Russia and Belarus” and that an in-game symbol would be introduced to enable players to demonstrate their personal support.

Players will give by buying products and packs, such as clothes and sunflower minis, in Trove, Fiesta Online, Last Chaos, and Wizard101, according to Gamigo. “All earnings from these one-of-a-kind goods will go to a charity that will help individuals impacted by the crisis,” Gamigo explains.

#WeStandWithUkraine 💙💛

Our hearts go out to everyone affected. To help them Stay Safe, we created charity packs within our different #games. 100% profits are going to provide support and protection for Ukrainian children and families in need.

— gamigo group | Play Now! (@gamigo) March 10, 2022

Etlok Studios, which is working on MMO Into the Echo, announced that it’s moving its pre-alpha once again “[d]ue to some unforeseen circumstances surrounding the war in Ukraine.” “The safety of our staff comes first, so we appreciate your understanding,” the team wrote on Twitter.

This week, GIbiz published an article documenting several of the firms who are now restricting sales of their games in Russia and Belarus, as well as the financial costs they are incurring as a result. Companies like CD Projekt Red, located in Poland, would lose a lot of money, while EA has removed all Russia-related in-game products from sale, assuring that it will lose money even from non-Russian gamers. “Cutting off a $3.4 billion market will have an effect on your bottom line, regardless of your position in it,” GIbiz claims. “So, although the sales halt may be disregarded as a symbolic gesture, it’s more important than that in the larger scheme of things for these publishers.”

More information about the video game industry’s reaction to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine can be found here.


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