Destiny 2’s next seasonal event, dubbed Age of Triumph, is just around the corner, and it’s shaping up to be an incredible affair. Today, Bungie released a massive roadmap detailing every aspect of the game’s shifting meta, and it’s filled with some juicy changes and new twists. Here’s what you need to know about the state of the game ahead of Age of Triumph.

In a recent update of Destiny 2, Bungie made a number of changes to the game. These include the removal of the Warmind DLC, the addition of a new raid, the introduction of a new strike, a new location, and a new game mode. We are currently experiencing Destiny 2 Season 14, the first new season of the game since it launched.

TWABs and their major annual update. In case you missed these announcements, I’ll cover all the known updates and changes for next season.

No more sunsets

Sunset was introduced in Destiny with the game Beyond Light. And to put it mildly, most of the players didn’t like it. The system has given the weapons in the game a one-year expiration date. As a result, players didn’t feel like the loot was worth winning. I have experienced the benefits of this system myself. I thought Bungie would be able to build great weapons since they’re only a year in. But the performance wasn’t up to par, and the re-release didn’t help. That doesn’t mean that all the weapons that were at sunset will be back. On the contrary, any weapon not yet rolled will move in the foreseeable future. I think that’s the best way they could have done it. Many took their cross from the arms of the setting sun. Overall, it’s a great change of pace.

Reduction of grinding capacity

This was done to reduce the number of levels in the game: from 50 + 10(Pinnacle) levels per season to 10 + 10(Pinnacle). This is to make sure the players don’t feel weak at the beginning of each season. So from now on, any player who reaches 10 pinnacle levels will advance directly to the next season’s pinnacle level. This is an interesting change, as pinnacle grind can be frustrating due to the RNG associated with holding. But we’ll see how things go.

Return of glass vaults

In season 14, the glass vault will return. Vault of Glass will also introduce a competitive mode and the first global race in the first 24 hours. As a new type of raid, World First will be a little different. Players who wish to earn the belt must not only complete the raid, but also complete a list of challenging triumphs. New Old Raid word-image-15798 Having never played Destiny 1, I can’t wait to see what the very first raid in Destiny 2 has to offer.

Ada-1 returns with batch

Ada-1 will return as a supplier. In particular, the armoury supplier and the transmog. Ada-1 word-image-15799


Transmog, or armor synthesis, has been added to the game. This gives players the ability to turn any armor in their collection into a versatile piece of jewelry. Each season, Ada will offer players a series of bonuses with a different activity. Players can complete these quests and receive the materials needed to create an Ada Loom, which allows you to turn any item in your collection into a durable and versatile piece of jewelry. Also, we can now select arbitrary shaders, and they are (thankfully) not consumable. Overview of armor synthesis word-image-15800 But there is a caveat: Bungie allows the purchase of synthetic tokens for cash. It will not be easy to set up the system so that it is not too burdensome for those who do not pay directly. Let’s wait and see how far Bungie goes with these questions.

Weapons supplier

Ada-1 will also serve as an armor provider for Banshee-44. She then becomes a merchant providing various items and upgrades for the armor. Each day Ada-1 will sell a random armor mod from the General Armor and Slot groups (Helmet, Gloves, etc.), as well as a random Battle Style Armor mod (from the Charged with Light and Warmind Cell mod groups). This should make it easier for players who didn’t have time to buy these mods to get some of the Year 3 armor mods. Each week, Ada-1 will sell a set of armor chosen at random from the global loot pool, whose values will also change each week. In time, Ada-1 will also sell armor enhancement materials (enhancement modules, enhancement prisms and enhancement shards), replacing Banshee-44.

Change of gunsmith

As mentioned earlier, Ada will use many of the current aspects of Banshee as a provider. So now Banshee is being reviewed as well. Banshee-44 will sell six randomly selected weapons from the world loot pool (two each in the kinetic, energy, and power slots), and the perks for each weapon will be randomly determined at the beginning of the week. As a new Destiny 2 player, I’m not familiar with this system yet, but many people say it’s similar to Destiny 1. Banshee sells weapons in Destiny 1 word-image-5708 This is a good thing, as it is very unlikely to get a good weapon with the necessary perks in the world loot pool.

Improve the most hated privileges

The new bonuses Celerity (from Trails) and Bottomless Grief (from Nightfalls) were rejected by players because they are only active when the rest of the team is dead. This makes its use quite demoralizing. Even though they are very powerful when active. As a result, the following changes have been made: Weapons for night fighting:

  • Bottomless Sadness gives a permanent +30 to the warehouse.
  • Bottomless Sorrow is now a permanent alternate attribute in the left column of the Adept’s weapon offered by Nightfall.

For weapons on the track:

  • Celerity gives assets permanent +20 to reload and manipulation.
  • Speed is now a fixed alternative benefit in the right-hand column for tracking weapons.

I don’t know if it helps, but it’s nice to see them trying to make those privileges viable.

New Iron Ensign

While Iron Banner has some of the best weapons in the game (The Firm Hand, The Timeworn Arrow), the loot was a bit stagnant. New Iron Coat of Arms For example, Iron Banner gets two new weapons (a machine gun and a shotgun) and two weapons that were overvalued on Destiny 2’s freshman random rollers (a hand cannon and a sniper rifle). This should increase the amount of loot. But as mentioned in the annual update, we hope this mode will be improved soon.

Changes to meta

So, in addition to all the buffs for the new perks and weapons, there are also a lot of balance changes planned for the game. They are as follows:

  • Aggressive handguns (120 RPM) now have a 2-4 meter reduction in damage and rollover distance, depending on range value. I still think they will dominate PvP, but we’ll see how it goes.
  • For swords with eddy armor, the round cost for a heavy attack with full energy increases from 4 to 6.
  • Chip damage has been removed from Swords and Bastion.
  • The Quick Draw skill increases exchange speed, but also passively improves control by +100. That’s why it’s deadly for shooters like Felwinters and Astral Horizon. To fight this,
    • The melee bonus is now removed one second after switching to that weapon or aiming.
    • And replace the fast dose with the overdose on all new and existing Felwinters Lie and Astral Horizon drops. This will likely reduce the number of monkeys with this weapon.

Nerve of the current meta word-image-15801

  • For the Rage perk, the damage bonus when active has been lowered from +20% to +15%.
  • The Reservoir Burst perk now increases the size of the charger in addition to its other effects, and reduces the bonus damage at full battery from 33% to 25%. This is interesting because this feature is not available on any active weapon in the game. So I guess it will show up on the new guns.
  • The Lament Sword, which melts every boss in the game, now has about a 16% reduction in damage from its resurrected heavy attack.
  • Now that Bastion has lost his token damage, he gains new benefits such as.
    • Intrinsically, Unstoppable Champions falters.
    • Increase the spread angle by 13%.

Hardcore gold plated effects

Season 14 marks the beginning of the second phase of gilding the title. When players gold a title today, they will also see how many times that title has been gold in the past. For mega coffee grinders. word-image-15802


All of these changes are interesting and exciting because almost all of them are meant to improve and balance the game. I can’t wait to see what else Bungie has in store for us as we approach Season 14. In the meantime, we have the Guardians games and a chance to catch up if you’re behind. And if you’re behind, I highly recommend you catch up, because the story of this season is incredible. Here’s another of our articles about the plot changes inseason 13. The future of Destiny 2 looks bright, and from what we can see, these changes will only make it better. word-image-15803 I’m interested in games, movies and art in general. I like to discuss and debate anything (as long as it doesn’t turn toxic).

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