Destiny 2 Bounties Guide: How to Get and Track Them Destiny 2 Bounties Guide: How to Get and Track Them Ever since Destiny 2 was announced, a few players have been gunning for the high-level bounties that can be found in the game. These bounties provide a quick way to level up, get gear, and even discover neat new weapons and other items. But how do you get them? Well, let’s start by explaining how and where the bounties are located, then we’ll move on to some tips and tricks for tracking and completing them.

Destiny 2 Bounties Guide: How to Get and Track Them. There’s a lot to love about the latest game in the Destiny series, and because of this it’s no surprise that it’s also filled to the brim with exciting new content for Guardians. One of the biggest new features is the Bounties system. These are special quests that will test your skill and determination in unique and challenging ways.

Destiny 2 Bounties Guide: How to Get and Track Them Destiny 2 is finally here, and what better way to celebrate than tracking all the bounties you’ve unlocked in this amazing expansion?

Bounties are short tasks and goals that you may complete while patrolling and playing playlist content in Destiny 2. They provide fantastic chances to stack tasks in order to get more experience and level up your Season Pass. Some bounties will just provide you experience points, while others will give you Weapons, Armor, and even Bright Dust.

Isn’t it fantastic? But how do Bounties operate precisely, and how do you keep track of them? In our Guide to Bounties in Destiny 2, we’ll offer you the entire breakdown.

Destiny 2 Bounties Guide 

Bounties in Destiny 2 are a very basic mechanism. Obtaining them and successfully completing tasks may be a fast way to level up your Guardian. Everything you need to know about Bounties is right here.

Bounties may be obtained from a variety of sources.

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Bounties may be obtained from the majority of the game’s vendors. To get a Bounty, just go to the Vendor (or look for them in the Destiny Companion App) and pay 250 Glimmer for it. Most will have five Bounties to choose from, two of which will be a weekly variant with a higher goal. Additional random bounties may be purchased for 1,000 Glimmer apiece. 

You may now buy Bounties from the following vendors:

  • Crucible Bounties are provided by Shaxx, who is located in the Tower.
  • Vanguard Bounties are provided by Zavala, who is located in the Tower.
  • Gambit Bounties are provided by The Drifter, who is located in the Tower.
  • Weapon Calibration Bounties are provided by the Gunsmith, who is located in the Tower.
  • Clan Bounties are provided by Hawthorne, who is located in the Tower.
  • Saint 14 – Located in the Tower, Saint 14 offers Weekend Trials Bounties.
  • Ada-1 – Provides Armor Synthesis Bounties and is located in the Tower.
  • Planetary Bounties are provided by Eris Morn, who is located on the Moon.
  • Variks on Europa — Provides Planetary Bounties, monthly Empire hunt missions, and Sabotage missions from its base on Europa.
  • Spider – On the Tangled Shore, Spider offers Planetary and Wanted Bounties.
  • Seasonal Bounties are provided by the Splicer Servitor, who is located in the H.E.L.M.
  • Devrim Kay – Provides Planetary Bounties and is located in the EDZ.
  • Planetary Bounties are provided by Failsafe, which is located on Nessus.
  • Shaw Han – Provides Planetary Bounties and is located at the Cosmodrome. 

Weekly Bounties will expire seven days after purchase, whereas Daily Bounties will expire after twenty-four hours. Some Bounties, such as Armor Synthesis pursuits or Variks Missions, have no time restriction attached to them.

What Are the Different Types of Bounties?

Bounties are divided into two categories: killing opponents and accomplishing goals. Non-planetary Vendors will generally need you to kill a particular amount of opponents, utilize a certain weapon, or complete specific tasks related to their function in the game. For example, when playing through the Strike Playlist, Zavala will have you accomplish tasks.

Planetary Vendors, on the other hand, will want you to fulfill goals on the planet from where you purchased them. The Gunsmith, Ada-1, and the current Seasonal Vendor are the only Bounties that aren’t tied to a specific location or game mode (Splicer Servitor). So the greatest thing you can do is buy their Bounties together with the others in order to possibly stack goals and accomplish several at once.

How Do Bounties Get Tracked?

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Your Bounties will be found on the right-hand side of your Pursuits tab. You can easily check how many you have active and how far away you are from finishing them. Previously, you could monitor three goals at a time that appeared when you summoned your Ghost.

You may now call your Ghost and scroll down using the thumb pad to browse through all of your Bounties for a fast glance. The Bounties that you’ve made the greatest progress on or earned lately will show at the top, making it simple to keep track of the goals you’re working on.

What’s the Best Way to Return Bounties?

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Previously, you had to return to each Vendor to repay Bounties. Thankfully, you may claim a completed Bounty by simply clicking on it in your Pursuits Tab. It’s worth noting that particular completion bonuses may be available at times, making waiting to claim Bounties a viable tactic.

What Are the Benefits of Bounties?

Depending on the complexity, each Bounty will provide a range of prizes. When hovering over a Bounty in your Pursuits Tab, you can see how much you’ll earn before you buy it. Most Bounties will reward you with experience, Glimmer, and Legendary Shards. Planetary Resources, upgrade materials, Legendary gear, and even Bright Dust are all available from some.


In Destiny 2, daily and weekly bounties are the most efficient ways to level up and earn resources. Please share this post with other New Lights on your favorite social media channels if you find it useful. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date with Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 Bounties Guide: How to Get and Track Them? Those who play the game, know that earning Bounties is one of the most fun things in the game. Though they are not required to complete the game and earn the highest level, they are a great source of completing the game if you are doing so manually.. Read more about destiny 2 bounties stuck on screen and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you get bounties without going to Tower?

Bounties can only be obtained by visiting the Tower.

How do I track quests in Destiny 2?

You can track your quests by pressing the Y button on the controller.

How much XP do you get from bounties Destiny 2?

The amount of XP you get from bounties in Destiny 2 is dependent on the difficulty of the bounty.

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