The Destiny 2 A Weapon Of Hope Quest Guide is a guide to help players complete the quest and obtain their weapon of hope. This quest can be found in the Dreaming City, which is located on Titan.

Are you searching for a Quest Guide for Destiny 2: A Weapon Of Hope? If so, this guide will assist you in completing your mission.

A Weapon of hope quest destiny 2 Quest for Destiny 2: A Weapon of Hope

What is the A Quest For A Weapon Of Hope in Destiny 2?

In Destiny 2, the Weapon of Hope quest is a series of quests aimed at obtaining the most exotic and unique Lumina hand cannon. The gamer will be able to heal friends and provide utility to the squad with this hand cannon, something a full damage build will not be able to accomplish. 

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Lumia Weapon Perks in Destiny 2 

  • Absorbing a Remnant transforms the gamer’s next hip-fired shot into an ally-seeking Noble Round and partly refills the magazine. 
  • Stable barrel attachment with a chambered compensator. Stability is improved, and recoil is moderated. Reduces handling speed somewhat. 
  • Accurized Rounds: The weapon’s range and firing distance are increased. 
  • Blessing of the sky: Using a noble round on an ally heals them and provides a weapon damage boost to both the player and the ally for a brief period. 
  • Polymer Grip: The weapon is constructed of a lightweight material that allows for faster handling. 

lumina destiny 2 2 Luminous Destiny

How to Finish a Weapon Hope Mission 

In Destiny 2, obtaining the Lumina exotic hand cannon requires completing the “A Weapon of Hope” quest chain. The location of this quest is the same as the Thorn Questline. Guardians must prepare for the six major goals before beginning the questline. Completing the tasks is tough, but players that succeed will be rewarded with superb hand cannons. 

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Steps: A Quest For A Weapon Of Hope in Destiny 2
The first step is to locate the teleporter.
Step 2: An Unfortunate Present
Step 3: Evil’s Past Bearer
Step 4: The Rose Has Been Revealed
Fireteam Leader (Step 5)
Step 6: There’s Power in Numbers

The first step is to locate the teleporter.

The guardians should first visit the EDZ and tour the Salt Mines. Just north of Trostland is the Salt Mines. The guardians should next go to the last warehouse, where a teleport may be utilized. The teleport may be found by walking right inside the last warehouse. A teleporter is a metal machine with an orange stripe and orange piping that connects to a teleporter pad. 

Finding The Teleporter destiny 2 Destiny 2: Finding The Teleporter

Step 2: An Unfortunate Present

The guardian must find Thorn’s initial location as part of the “A Fateful Gift” quest phase. Thorn’s position is revealed via a system positing gadget that will also drop in the chest. Every hour or so, the gadget switches places, some of which are easier to locate than others. Gamers may locate the chest and finish the step by following the positioning device hints. Not all places will be in EDZ, and some may be difficult. However, after a few minutes of searching the region, players will be able to locate the treasure. The following stage, “Bearer of Evil’s Past,” will be obtained after guards unlock the chest.

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Step 3: Evil’s Past Bearer

Guardians must produce 250 orb light to complete the questline’s “Bearer of Evil’s Past” phase. Because of the large amount of orbs needed, they should have as many people as possible completing the task. If Guardians utilize their super, they will create additional orbs. This stage of the quest may be completed in an area with a lot of advertisements. It shouldn’t be that tough to generate orb with the assistance of 4-6 individuals. The mission may get tedious if you are the only player, but it is straightforward. 

Rose Revealed destiny 2 Rose’s Destiny Revealed 2

Step 4: The Rose Has Been Revealed

Guardians will get the Rose legendary hand cannon after the goal is completed. Then they must fulfill the next two quest steps:

  • Complete a Nightfall of Strike with a score of 50,000 or higher.
  • Defend the Light: by reloading the weapon, you may destroy several enemy fighters in a row.
  • Complete engagements at The Blind Well, Black Armory forges, or Escalation Protocol to face the hordes.

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Fireteam Leader (Step 5)

After completing the nighttime encounters, players will have to use Rose to perform tasks all across the solar system. If the Guardians have another fire team member with Rose in their inventory, they will be able to finish the mission quicker. As long as every player utilizes Rose, fireteam guardians should execute not-so-time-consuming attacks, resulting in a 12% advancement of the objective step. 

A Weapon Of Hope Quest A Weapon Of Hope Quest

Step 6: There’s Power in Numbers

The ‘Strength In Numbers’ mission must be completed by Guardians:

  • Using a hand cannon, eliminate guards.
  • With a hand cannon armed with 500 spheres of light,
  • In Gambit, defeat the intruders with a hand cannon before they murder any of your friends. 

The Bloom Quest will appear once you’ve completed the three goals. The Guardians must next complete the Will of the Thousand strikes by destroying crystals with the Rose. They must vanquish XoL, Will of the Thousands, after shattering eleven crystals. Defeating the monster is straightforward and straightforward, particularly with the help of the allies.

A Weapon Of Hope Quest A Weapon Of Hope Quest

The guardian may finally use the Lumina, which is obtained in the boss’s chest, after defeating the XoL. The difficulties, on the other hand, should not discourage solo gamers. The Lumina may take a bit longer to get, but it will be well worth the wait. 

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Most Commonly Asked Questions

First and foremost, what does a weapon of hope provide? The weapon of hope is a mission that players do in order to get the exotic Lumina hand cannon. The Lumina Hand cannon may be used to heal teammates and provide usefulness to the squad. 

Is thorn required to get Lumina? Lumina may be obtained without the use of a thorn. Thorn is a good hand cannon to have in your collection, but Lumina isn’t essential. 

What is the greatest method to farm a weapon of hope? FAQ 3: What is the best way to farm a weapon of hope? The 6 actions outlined above are the most effective method to cultivate a weapon of hope.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I complete the weapon of Hope quest?

You must first complete the quest The Weapon of Hope. Once you have completed this, you will be able to access the final dungeon.

How do you get the weapon of hope in Destiny 2?


What Quest is a weapon of hope?


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