This is a guide to the deepest drillers and their unique behaviours in Deep Rock Galactic, which will be updated as new activities are introduced into the game.

The “deep rock galactic flamethrower build 2021” is a guide that will help players get through the game. The guide has information on how to use the weapons and what upgrades to buy.

Deep Rock Galactic: The Deepest Driller Guide (2022)

You’ll have to dig deep if you want to conquer Hoxxes IV and discover all of its unfathomable treasures for yourself. Deep, deep, deep.

Thankfully, the Driller is well equipped to mine the whole of the planet if necessary. No rock or hazard can keep the Driller out for long with his array of tools.

Being a competent Driller, on the other hand, necessitates knowing where you’re most required in any given circumstance.

You’re always required somewhere, whether it’s to connect your divided team or to concentrate on keeping opposing swarms under control with your main cannon.

We’ve put up a thorough guide on everything Driller-related to assure your success and help you get the most out of your Driller. We’ll go over what’s required of you in your job, the best Driller builds, how to use your equipment, and other helpful hints and ideas to help you beat Hoxxes IV.

Let’s get this party started.


You’re essentially leading the charge on where your team may go as the Driller.

Teams want you to drill through the Compacted Dirt barriers that divide portions of the map, clear away any obstructive topography, and construct access to difficult-to-reach regions.

Drill-Staircase-1024x576 Drill-Staircase-1024x576 The improvised steps aren’t very attractive, but they get the job done.

In the meandering caves of Hoxxes IV, it’s fairly rare for your companions to get separated or lost, so dig straight to them if the distance is too vast. Alternatively, if locating a natural route is too difficult, build tunnels to essential targets. The same goes for the exit pod.

When dealing with Morkite refinery piplines and hacking pods, digging handy tunnels is very important. In certain circumstances, you may lay down the pipes and connector pods in convenient straight tunnels. It’s no longer necessary to struggle to link locations A and B in caverns with steep inclines and obstructions.

Tunnel-1024x576 Tunnel-1024x576 Between the refinery and the Morkite geyser is a lovely tunnel with an easy-to-connect pipeline.

Heavy things, such as Aquarqs or Drilldozer batteries, must sometimes be carried to certain areas. Drilling tunnels through which you can walk/jump while carrying stuff is much superior than attempting to parkour your way through the world.

When it comes to combat, your main weapon excels at giving AoE coverage to cope with swarms of foes. If your squad is about to be overrun, entice the enemy to a location where you can funnel them into a death stream.

You may either bathe their surrounds in fire/ice/acid to create an opportunity if a teammate is fallen in an uncomfortable spot. Alternatively, you may safely resurrect them by drilling a tunnel under them.


Whatever gear you bring on a mission, there’s one perk on the Driller that you must have — Friendly.

Your major weapons all have a significant AoE presence, and your explosives all have enormous blast radiuses. On the Driller, reducing friendly fire damage is a necessary, otherwise your crew will despise you.

Aside from that, we suggest using Dash as one of your activated perks to help you get out of trouble swiftly. You’ll be spraying opponents with your primary a lot, so having an escape route is always a good idea.

You may fill the remainder of your slots with anything you like, as long as it matches your playstyle.


What weapon and equipment builds should you use for the Driller? Let’s talk about it.

Primary Weapons & Builds

Regardless of whether you use fire, freeze, or acid, the Driller is the most effective weapon for controlling the swarm. Make your surroundings a hellscape for your opponents, but keep a watch on your ammunition.

1. Flamethrower CRSPR

Flamethrower-1024x442 Flamethrower-1024x442

The Driller’s default main weapon, and perhaps the greatest beginning weapon of all the dwarves, due to its superior performance over the later unlocked firearms.

You excel at setting your adversaries on fire and letting the flames eat away at their health, as one would expect from a flamethrower. Enemies will have a heat meter (represented by a flame symbol next to their health bar) that, when full, will cause them to ignite and receive damage on a regular basis.

Dealing direct damage with a flamethrower, on the other hand, may be rather expensive in terms of ammunition. Instead, it’s more practical to set fire to the region attackers pass through, forcing them to walk through the flames. Make a line of flames facing you or across from you and kite foes through it.

Flamethrower-FIring-Line-1024x430 Flamethrower-FIring-Line-1024x430 By the time they get to you, they’ll be nice and crispy.

It’s worth noting that on higher levels, the enemy’s AI will frequently attempt to patrol around your flame lines, so you’ll need to set more places ablaze to keep them under control. When a big swarm approaches, though, the flamethrower remains one of the greatest weapons for crowd management.

Build A) Direct Damage: This build focuses only on burning down your adversaries. You’ll want to have as much maximum ammunition as possible, so resupplies will provide more. Continue shooting until they’re all dead.

  • Ejector with High Pressure (2)
  • Fuel Without Filtration (1)
  • If you don’t care about ammunition, use Additional Fuel (3) / Oversized Valves (1).
  • Additional Fuel (3)
  • Targets Detonate (2)
  • Overclock: Face Melter – The increased damage is well worth the shorter range and more frequent reloads.

Construction B) Sticky Flames: The goal of this build is to keep those lines of flames blazing as long as possible. This is our suggested build for keeping the swarm at bay. While this saves a lot of ammunition, you’ll still need to predict your foes’ movements to get the most out of it. To set the landscape ablaze, try to use little puffs of flame.

  • Ejector with High Pressure (2)
  • Sticky Flame’s Time Limit (3)
  • Slowdown of the Sticky Flame (2)
  • Sticky Flame’s Time Limit (3)
  • Heat Radiance (1) – Makes it simpler to ignite adjacent adversaries when kiting.
  • Overclock – Sticky Additive / Sticky Fuel – If you’re a master at ammunition management.

Cryo Cannon is number two on the list.

Cryo-Cannon-1024x439 Cryo-Cannon-1024x439

The Driller’s most powerful weapon for allowing his squad to do huge damage. You’ll be working with ice and a cold meter this time. If you blast foes with cryo for long enough, they will freeze solid and take triple damage from any direct damage (AoE damage like a rocket’s splash impact does not count).

You don’t have to worry about freezing adversaries in vulnerable spots since their whole body suffers additional harm. As a result, the Cryo Cannon is an excellent setup weapon for an Impact Axe or a hail of gunfire from your teammates. To finish off high-health frozen targets, we suggest switching to your sidearm.

Frozen-1024x522 Frozen-1024x522 Moments before receiving an Impact Axe to the face, a Praetorian is frozen.

Flying foes will also immediately perish if they freeze and collide with the ground. On death effects such as a Praetorian’s death fog will not be triggered by frozen opponents.

The cannon, unlike the flamethrower, is superior at doing direct damage rather than changing the landscape. Freezing the region will only serve to delay the enemy.

It also operates on a pressure method rather than reloading. The more pressure applied, the longer the gun can fire before needing to reload. The pressure gauge is located on the weapon’s far right side.

Build A) Freeze and Shatter: For the Cryo Cannon, there’s just one genuine build we can recommend: concentrate on freezing adversaries as rapidly as possible with direct damage. Fortunately, the cannon can do a remarkable amount of damage and will quickly kill most foes with little health.

  • More Powerful Cooling System (3)
  • Greater Reserve Tank Capacity (1)
  • Flow Volume Increase (2)
  • Mixture for Supercooling (2)
  • Fragile (1) — Freezing foes has a chance to do significant damage. Low health targets have a better chance.
  • Improved Thermal Efficiency / Tuned Cooler / Flow Rate Expansion – Overclocking

3. Pump for Corrosive Sludge

Corrosive-Sludge-Pump-1024x439 Corrosive-Sludge-Pump-1024x439

The Driller’s last main weapon may be unlocked. The Sludge Pump is a bit of a departure from the Driller’s other weapons in that it instantly causes struck adversaries to suffer from a severe corrosion DoT (damage over time) that eats away at their health.

It’s also a projectile-based weapon, with each blast having a little arc to it. Normal bullets do direct damage and have a modest splash radius, allowing you to hit numerous foes at once. You may also charge up a shot with a greater ammunition cost to produce a cluster of goo puddles that slow and eat away at foes in them.

When used correctly, the charged shot may create death zones in which you can kite foes back and forth to kill them fast and safely. The opposing AI, unlike the flamethrower, does not strive as hard to avoid these pools. However, you won’t be able to use them successfully on walls or vertical surfaces.

Also, the puddles have the ability to ignite, causing extra fire damage to opponents! You can execute some terrible combinations with the Experimental Plasma Charger and the heat mod, or if you have another Driller on your squad with the flamethrower. Don’t worry, burning the puddles won’t make them last much longer.

Goo-Puddle-1024x500 Goo-Puddle-1024x500 The EPC is igniting many goo pools.

The puddles, on the other hand, do not renew the corrosion DoT to foes. To accomplish so, you must strike them straight once more.

Because the weapon has less ammunition than its contemporaries, it is more vital to think about when to use it. However, owing to how efficient corrosion is and how few foes resist it, it may be the Driller’s most damaging weapon. Just be sure to reapply the effect on foes as it goes off!

Charged Shot (Build A): Your main goal is to transform places into death zones by kiting adversaries back and forth through your corrosive pools. Holding chokepoints and buying time for your squad has never been easier.

  • Compound That Is Sensitive to the Air (3)
  • Nozzle for Atomizer (2)
  • If you’re concerned about ammunition, use Supersaturation (1) or More Goo Canisters (2).
  • Extension of Spillback (1)
  • Mix of Protein Disruption (1)
  • Overclock – Disperser Compound – Kiting foes through goo puddles becomes more important.

Build B) Direct Damage: Fire as many single bullets as you can at your adversaries, gradually reducing their health. Any significant danger will succumb to your caustic assault.

  • Improved Air Pressure (2)
  • Mixture of Potent Goo (3)
  • Cannisters of Goo (2)
  • Extension of Spillback (1)
  • Fluoroantimonic Acid (FAA) is a kind of fluoride that is (2)
  • Hydrogen Ion Additive – Overclock

Side Arms

For his side arm, the Driller has two choices. Both are effective handguns, but they are at polar opposites of the learning curve. Both weapons, however, are respectable in their own right and significantly aid in the Driller’s primary weapon’s ammunition conservation.

1. 120 Subata

Subata-I20-1024x439 Subata-I20-1024x439

The Driller’s basic sidearm is a normal handgun with good accuracy and damage output.

This gun isn’t elegant, but it fires as quickly as you can fire it. The Subata is primarily used to deal with dangers that your main weapon cannot reach, as well as to save ammunition against isolated threats.

If you have solid aim and build accordingly, it’s also surprisingly efficient at exploiting adversaries’ weakpoints. You may either destroy flaming foes or any of the flying Mactera bugs, depending on the modification you choose for the last row.

Build A) Deep Pockets: Our suggested Subata build is mostly focused on ensuring you have lots of ammunition to assist balance the ammo consumption of your main weapon. There are slight modifications to the Subata’s build depending on whatever primary you’re utilizing to make it synergize better.

  • Ejector that fires quickly (3)
  • Ammo Bags with Expanded Capacity (1)
  • Ammo Bags with Expanded Capacity (3)
  • If you’re using the Cryo Cannon, you’ll need two high-velocity rounds. If you’re using anything else, you’ll need one hollow-point bullet.
  • If using the Flamethrower, use Volatile Bullets (1); if using others, use Mactera Toxin-Coating (2).
  • Chain Hit: Overclock

2. Plasma Charger Experiment

Experimental-Plasma-Charger-1024x438 Experimental-Plasma-Charger-1024x438

This is a unique weapon that is possibly the most difficult to master in Deep Rock Galactic.

Instead of reloading, the EPC may be used as a regular pistol with a heat sink system. Simply pause fire for a few moments to allow the weapon to cool down. It may also charge up a more powerful blast that travels somewhat slower but explodes on hit for AoE damage.

The final row of changes on this weapon is what makes it so intriguing and tough to master. The Thin Containment Field mod allows you to explode a charged shot with a standard shot as a follow-up. This shot, which is manually detonated, delivers a lot of damage. You may also use the explosion to mine minerals (though this was nerfed pretty heavily recently). The main issue is getting the timing perfect for the explosion to happen at the appropriate time.

Manual-Detonation-1024x618 Manual-Detonation-1024x618 Detonation of a charged shot by hand.

If you choose to follow this way, we highly advise you to practice on a solo mission where you have enough Nitra to call in many resupplies. While it may seem simple on paper, determining the distance and duration is a complex task.

Alternatively, you may modify the weapon to heat up and set foes on fire. It’s a fantastic technique to add to the Flamethrower’s playstyle or to get the Sludge Pump’s puddles going (do note it takes a couple shots to ignite).

Build A) Simple Shots: For straightforward direct damage and a backup technique to light things up.

  • Greater Battery Capacity (2)
  • Plasma Accelerator Has Been Overcharged (2)
  • Radiator Modifications (3)
  • Battery with a High Density (2)
  • Plasma Burn (3) — Lighting a Sludge Pump puddle on fire takes roughly 3 shots.
  • Overclocking: Rerouting Energy

Charged Detonation (Build B): If you’re into the high-risk, high-reward charge lifestyle.

  • Plasma Energy with a Higher Charge (3)
  • Plasma Accelerator Has Been Overcharged (2) – makes detonating the charged shot a lot easier.
  • Improved Charge Efficiency (1) – this is just a matter of taste.
  • Shockwave Reaction (3)
  • Thin Containment Field (2) – this is what enables you to manually explode the charged shot.
  • Overclocking features include an overcharger, energy rerouting, and a magnetic cooling unit.

Drills with Reinforced Power

Reinforced-Power-Drills-1024x438 Reinforced-Power-Drills-1024x438

Finally, we’ve arrived at the Driller’s birthplace. As long as you have the necessary fuel, these high-powered twin drills will allow you to easily dig through practically anything in the game.

Carve tunnels to get to objectives quicker, reunite colleagues who have been separated, build an ascending spiral ramp or staircase to climb higher up, get your squad out of sticky circumstances with an emergency escape tunnel, and so on.

Minerals like gold and Nitra are the only things these drills can’t delve through. Only for the sake of gameplay balance. If you dig out all of the terrain that those minerals are related to, however, the cluster of minerals will be extracted right away.

It should be noted that if the drills are used for an extended period of time, they will overheat. When you reach 95 percent overheat, just remove them for a few seconds to cool off. If they hit 100% and overheat, you’ll have to wait a long time for them to cool down.

While the workouts may be used offensively, it’s not worth it. The damage output is sluggish, takes valuable fuel that might be used for digging, and constantly puts you in danger of being struck. Only if you’re using the Cryo Cannon to freeze everything first and have the Vampire perk to replenish life on melee kills will this be useful (which the drills count as).

Build A) Dig Forever: On that topic, our Drills build is intended to allow you to dig as swiftly and efficiently as possible. Because avoiding overheating is quite simple, such changes are usually overlooked.

  • Drill Tips That Have Been Hardened (2)
  • Refrigeration using magnets (1)
  • Supercharged Engine (1)
  • Boosted Tank Pressure (1)

Charge for Satchel

Satchel-Charge-1024x436 Satchel-Charge-1024x436

The second unique piece of equipment that the Driller possesses are the highly explosive Charge for Satchels. There are two main uses for these, blow up massive holes in the terrain or murder a pack of enemies with explosives. As a bonus, the blast can mine mineral deposits as well.

Both solutions are really valuable, but in most circumstances, we must decide for hollowing down the landscape. Because the satchels do not attach to walls or surfaces, it might be difficult to place them for ideal murder. Furthermore, the explosion radius is so vast that you’ll often get caught in it by your own squad.

Additionally, by adjusting the charges for terrain removal, you may create quick safe havens via bunker blasting. Simply dig a short horizontal tunnel, put a charge into it, and voila! To hide in and protect a single entrance, dig a little hobbit hole.

You can apply this to defending/holding objectives as well. Dig under the objective (say the uplink module) a bit, toss a Charge for Satchel down, and now you have a bunker with the entrance at the top of it. Have your team’s Engineer surround the entrance hole with bug repelling platforms and simply funnel kill the approaching enemies.

Make sure you have a half finished escape tunnel, however. When there are too many adversaries or exploders, you will have to retreat. If you dig too far out, the exit tunnel may begin to spawn foes. You won’t have enough time to bring your crew to safety if you dig too little.

Bunker-Hole-1024x576 Bunker-Hole-1024x576 To the left is the entrance hole. To the right, a partially built emergency escape tunnel.

This method is mostly used for more difficult missions, since it is overkill for Hazard Level 3 and lower. However, when used correctly, it may save your life. Just be sure to let your team know what you’re up to first. Also, in the Lava Core area, explosions transform the landscape into flaming magma, thus this won’t work.

Build) Landscape Destruction: This build focuses on blowing up the terrain with massive blast radiuses.

  • Extra Charge for Satchel (2)
  • Turn Off the Lights (1)
  • Extra Charge for Satchel (1)
  • Mover of Rock (3)


The Driller’s grenades all have one goal in mind: to kill!

1. Axe of Impact

Impact-Axe-1024x438 Impact-Axe-1024x438

Start with the first “grenade.” We refer to it as a grenade, but it’s really a throwing axe.

It is, nevertheless, one of the most powerful attacks in the game, capable of wiping off large sections of an enemy’s health if you strike their weak places. Better still, you receive eight of them (the most of any dwarf’s grenades). Throwing axes in the face of a Praetorian is also a pleasurable experience.

The axes also inflict some AoE damage when they hit. You may even pick up an axe and use it again if you totally miss striking an adversary with it!

Using them against high-priority threats might make life a lot simpler for your team. We propose combining it with the Cryo Cannon to wreak havoc on frozen foes thanks to the damage multiplier.

2. Heavy Explosive Grenade

HE-Grenade-1024x439 HE-Grenade-1024x439

The High-Explosive Grenade does precisely as its name suggests. It explodes after a few seconds after tossing, chunking all adjacent foes and terrain.

It’s fantastic at shattering armor, dispersing crowds, and instilling dread in close adversaries. You may transport up to four of them at once. While it’s not horrible, it’s definitely the Driller’s worst option.

3. Grenade of Neurotoxin

Neurotoxin-Grenade-1024x441 Neurotoxin-Grenade-1024x441

The Neurotoxin Grenade is a unique variation on traditional gas grenades in that it is absolutely safe to your teammates and only affects foes.

Furthermore, it has the biggest impact radius of any grenade in the game. It poisons enemies who pass through it, causing them to take damage over time and slowing them down. Furthermore, the grenade’s gas may be detonated to deliver huge explosive damage.

Allow the gas to spread out as far as possible before igniting it with any form of fire damage to get the most out of this bomb. It’s worth noting that the ignite flame must be direct damage, therefore Sticky Flames won’t work. This is often regarded as the Driller’s finest grenade.

Be a part of the High Ground

That concludes our tutorial to the Driller. Subscribe and leave a comment below if you have any more tips or tactics that you believe we should include in our guide.

Deep Rock Galactic is a game that was released on Steam in November of 2018. The game has been getting a lot of buzz since it’s release, and the “deep rock galactic driller build reddit” is one of the best resources for players to find out how to play this game.

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