“Deep Rock Galactic” is an online multiplayer space game developed by Swedish company Ghost Ship Games. Players can choose to fight for either the Federation or the Empire, exploring and mining in a vast procedurally-generated universe filled with dangerous creatures and treasures as they build their own bases on planets. Season 2 introduced new weapons that change how players go about dispatching enemies, so here’s what you need to know before diving back into your next raid!

The “deep rock galactic season 2 weapons” are new weapons that were introduced in the second season of Deep Rock Galactic. These weapons have been added to give players a new way of playing and making their way through the game.

Deep Rock Galactic: New Weapons in Season 2 Explained

Deep Rock Galactic has published yet another new season. With the start of the new season, four long-awaited new weapons will be available! They each feel distinct and special in their own way, and come with a range of various attachments, in keeping with prior weapon improvements.

Many users are surely thinking whether these new firearms are worth checking out with this fresh content. How do they make you feel? What impact do they have on gameplay? How can you even get access to them? In this post for Deep Rock Galactic: all new weaponry in season 2 described, we’ll go over all of that and more.

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Season 2’s New Weapons are Detailed

Now, without further ado, let’s dive straight into the meat of the piece!

How Do You Get The New Weapons To Work?

20220506220141_1-1024x683 How Do You Get The New Weapons To Work? Koby Gibson Ross / Ghost Ship Games, Coffee Stain Publishing through HGG

Let’s start with the most crucial part of the new weapons: how to get them. Head to the mission choice console after you’ve entered the space rig. A console labeled “Assignments” is located behind it. You may choose from a number of various tasks, each of which requires you to perform multiple specified objectives in order to obtain a certain prize.

Each weapon in the game may be unlocked by completing the appropriate task. Keep in mind that certain projects need you to be at a specific level before you can begin them. Once you’ve found a weapon you want to unlock, just choose the assignment and you’re ready to go!

Each weapon assignment is quite brief and simple to accomplish, needing just three specified objectives to fulfill. The duration and game format of these missions vary widely, but they may all be completed at any difficulty level. When you’re ready, go to the mission choose console and pick your task.

The weapon will be available for purchase from the Equipment panel after all three objectives have been completed. Approach it and choose the class that utilizes the weapon in question. Now choose your backup weapon. Then all you have to do is select your new weapon, which you may buy for different crafting materials and 8,200 credits apiece.

X-80 Nishanka Boltshark

20220510200607_1-1024x683 Nishanka Boltshark X-80 Koby Gibson Ross / Ghost Ship Games, Coffee Stain Publishing through HGG

First up on our walkthrough for Deep Rock Galactic: Season 2’s New Weapons are Detailed, we have the Nishanka Boltshark X-80! This is the new secondary gun available for the Scout class. It is a modified modern crossbow that allows you to shoot regular bolts alongside a wide variety of special ammo types! Some of these bolts can even be retrieved after being fired (provided they missed their target).

If properly adapted, a standard bolt should be able to kill most regular glyphid foes in a single strike. Because every time you fire a bolt, you must manually reload it before firing again, this weapon is essentially only suitable for taking out single targets. Because the crossbow isn’t an excellent crowd control weapon, I wouldn’t advocate using this rifle with the M1000 Classic.

Different Ammunition Types

Let’s move on from the standard bolts and discuss the several sorts of exotic ammunition available for this weapon! There are three different kinds of special ammunition in total:

  • Taser: Arcs with adjacent Taser bolts and does electric damage to enemy bugs.
  • Chemical Explosion: When enemies are struck by this bolt, they explode.
  • Pheromone Dart: Infects an adversary with pheromones that cause them to attack other adversaries for a limited duration.

The Pheromone Dart was the one I chose to stay with out of the three. While the scout class already has a pheromone canaster, you should use it carefully owing to the restricted amount of canisters you can toss. You may use them considerably more often with the crossbow.

Even though you can only infect one adversary at a time, they function for the same amount of time on most enemy kinds. When you encounter a Glyphid Praetorian, I advocate using them since it’s a nice way to get some heat off your back in the midst of a swarm.

Colette Wave Cooker No. 2

20220511105555_1-1024x683 . Colette Wave Cooker Koby Gibson Ross / Ghost Ship Games, Coffee Stain Publishing through HGG

The Colette Wave Cooker is our second weapon in this tour! The Driller class includes this superb pistol. It’s a terrible microwave that can roast bugs from the inside out! It has incredible range and precision, plus it never has to be reloaded! If fired over an extended period of time, this pistol may overheat.

It’s a powerful weapon that can be utilized against almost any opponent in any scenario. Because it does not need reloading, you may switch to your main weapon once it overheats and switch back at any moment, and it will be ready to fire.

High-End Modifications

Three (expensive) tweaks stuck out to me when it came to altering the weapon:

  • Contagion Transmitter: Corrosion-prone targets are more vulnerable to damage. A “poisonous mist” may now spread across targets as well.
  • Boiler Ray: Targets now have a chance to explode into a million pieces when they die!
  • Exothermic Reactor: When inflicting damage to burning or freezing enemies, portions of their high temperatures will spread to nearby targets.

You can only select one of these three options, so choose carefully! Personally, I opted for the Boiler Ray alteration. When you strike bugs with your Wave Cooker, they burst from the inside out, which is really rewarding. It’s a very effective–if unethical–method of eliminating adversaries.

3. Diffractor of Shards

20220510144511_1-1024x683 Shard Diffractor Koby Gibson Ross / Ghost Ship Games, Coffee Stain Publishing through HGG

The Shard Diffractor is the third newest weapon in Deep Rock Galactic! This is a heavy weapon that the Engineer class can only use. The Shard Diffractor is a unique weapon that fires a laser beam at foes, causing them to disintegrate into nothing! It is fueled by a little piece of an Ommoran Heartstone at the gun’s core.

Out of all the new weapons we’ve gotten in Season 2, this is definitely my favorite. It’s a blast to wield, and when completely improved, it rips through opponents like butter! There is no projectile drop off since it is a laser beam, and the range and accuracy are near-perfect. The Shard Diffractor causes a lot of damage to both small and large foes, making it useful for crowd control and attacking large targets.

High-End Modifications

The following are the three special improvements found at the bottom of the modification screen:

  • Hydrogen Rupturing: Increases the amount of damage dealt to foes who are presently under the influence of electricity.
  • Bio-Mass Converter: With each subsequent victim destroyed, the laser beam lasts longer.
  • Dazzle Module: When enemies are struck by the weapon, they will slow down.

If you want to utilize the “Stubby” Voltaic SMG as your main weapon, the first one–Hydrogen Rupturing–is ideal. The SMG causes electric damage to enemies, and the ability to switch to your secondary to do even more damage after they’ve been electrified is quite beneficial. If you don’t use that weapon often, you should consider the other two possibilities.

The Dazzle Module is helpful for getting big swarms of attackers off your back since it slows them down so they don’t overwhelm you all at once. Another option is the Bio-Mass Converter, which I personally chose. It returns three pieces of ammunition for each kill, which may not seem like much, but it’s still essential for longer missions like Deep Dives.

Armskore Coil Gun No. 4

20220511203554_1-1024x683 Armskore Coil Gun Koby Gibson Ross / Ghost Ship Games, Coffee Stain Publishing through HGG

The Armskore Coil Gun is the last firearm on our list of all new weapons in Season 2 of Deep Rock Galactic. The Coil Gun is the Gunner’s newest secondary weapon, and it can only be used with him. This heavy-duty pistol resembles a small railgun in appearance. It has the ability to discharge projectiles at very fast speeds, allowing it to pierce through adversaries and certain objects.

To efficiently fire this weapon, you must first charge it by holding down the fire button. Just don’t keep your finger on the trigger for too long, or your weapon may overheat. The bullet will leave a dazzling trail behind it after being launched from the coil cannon, which will harm any bugs dumb enough to wander into it!

High-End Modifications

This weapon, like the others on this list, has a number of modifications that significantly alter how it functions. The following is a list of them:

  • Necro-Thermal Catalyst: Shooting and killing an adversary on fire causes it to explode, injuring all adjacent hostiles.
  • Dilated Injector System: The trail that the gun leaves behind it when it shoots has been widened, making it more likely to collide with hostile bugs.
  • The trail now distributes electric energy to any opponents it comes into contact with.

You can’t go wrong with any of the modifications discussed here since they all make an already lethal weapon much more lethal. My particular fave is the Necro-Thermal Catalyst! It’s nice to be able to blow up blazing adversaries, but it’s only worthwhile if you have a main weapon that can effectively put them on fire.

Both the Dilated Injector System and the Electric Trail are viable options. It’s useful for thinning out large groups of foes and dealing with swarms to improve the trail that this gun’s shot leaves behind. These two modifications may be used effectively as long as you know when and when to fire.

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