A brand new crossover event is coming to Dead by Daylight, the online horror game where players play as a killer hunting down other killers. The crossover will pit survivors of Resident Evil against those who have been caught in the crossfire of an experiment gone wrong.

The “resident evil crossover fanfiction” is a game that was released on Steam in January of 2019. The game is called Project, and it has the Resident Evil franchise as its main source of inspiration.

Dead By Daylight Resident Evil Crossover called Project

Dead By Daylight Resident Evil Crossover called Project W coming this year

Last year, Resident Evil worked with Dead By Daylight, and it seems they aren’t done yet. The DLC seems to have been highly received at the time, including some of Resident Evil 3’s most well-known characters and villains. They’ve just revealed a fresh new project that will be released later this year.

A fresh new Resident Evil Crossover is coming to Dead By Daylight, we now know. It will be released later this year, but nothing more is known about it at this time. It promises more franchise characters, but not much more. The teaser is little over 20 seconds long and depicts a survivor fleeing from a distant villain while cameras follow their every step.

Resident Evil Project W: Dead By Daylight

Dead By Daylight Resident Evil Crossover called Project W coming this year

Given the presence of a major police cruiser, it seems that this partnership is returning to Racoon City. It might be any of the games set there or perhaps a new game based in the world, but it seems probable that Resident Evil 2 will make an appearance. Perhaps Dead By Daylight might recruit Mr X’s brutal force, displaying terrifying strength at the sacrifice of speed. His particular skill might be related to his capacity to teleport about the map or perhaps to his ability to break past barriers.

Having said that, we have no idea what to anticipate next. The teaser may even be a false herring, using the surveillance viewpoint to show you a completely other perspective later on. Regardless, the survivor looks to be caught by a tentacle of some kind, implying that something more is going on.

Whatever it is, we will undoubtedly get a release date shortly. When it does, expect updates right here.

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“Dead By Daylight” is a popular game that has been receiving some interesting news from the developers. The “leaks by daylight” have revealed that there will be a Resident Evil Crossover called “Project”.

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