With Dark Nights: Metal breaking records for pre-orders, Dark Nights: Metal Tie-in Edition, and the Dark Nights: Metal Deluxe Edition, things are looking up for the Dark Nights line. However, while Dark Nights: Metal has dominated the sales charts, Dark Nights: Metal Tie-in Edition has yet to be seen on any sales charts at all. For those wondering where this item is, well, it’s not for sale anymore.

Last night, on the side of the road, I was provided a sudden glimpse into the morbid side of my everyday life with the release of Dark Nights: METAL, a 4 issue graphic novel adaptation of Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo’s entire Joker series. The story, which began in Batman (2016) #25, was at first meant to be a one-off flashback. However, the immense popularity of the character inspired Snyder to expand on the story, and he and Capullo ended up creating a full-fledged sequel to the Joker’s origin.

I don’t know about you, but I am always a little apprehensive when I sit down to play a game that has been in development for a long time. On one hand, the game has obviously been fully tested by the developer, so they must know what works and what doesn’t. However, I don’t want to be let down by a game that may have been released too early or has experienced too many delays. Not knowing what to expect, I decided to play through both Dark Nights with Poe and Munro and Code of Princess on the same night.

Dark Nights with Poe and Munro is the third game by D’Avekki Studios, who are known for their FMV games. It follows two local radio presenters in the fictitious town of August.

Let me give you a brief overview of what to anticipate if you’re new to FMV games. FMV stands for full-motion video, and these games include live actors, with the user deciding their destiny by directing them at key moments during the game.


What is Dark Nights with Poe & Munro about?

The narrative in Dark Nights with Poe and Munro is a bit all over the place, which is the book’s greatest fault. The game is divided into six episodes, the first two of which are utterly awful. To be honest, they don’t make any sense.

The major problem with the first few episodes is that none of the decisions you make as a player seem to have any effect on the plot.

When you play an FMV game, you will spend a significant amount of time observing performers. So, if you’re going to have an effect on the narrative, you need to be able to see it, which isn’t the case in Dark Nights with Poe and Munro.

Dark Nights with Poe and Munro choices

Many of the game’s options are spread out, which caused me to miss a lot of them, particularly the ones that involved pressing X at crucial points in the plot, similar to how you would in Man of Medan or Until Dawn.

As I already said, the narrative improves in episode three, but after that, it goes from poor to bizarre and, simply, uninteresting.

I’m aware that the performers’ cheesiness has been done on purpose, as though they’re striving for the B-Movie Hall of Fame. However, it suffers from poor acting, making it less memorable than comparable games.

Gameplay of Dark Nights with Poe and Munro

Normally, it’s simple for me to pick apart both the good and negative parts of a game when I evaluate it, but Dark Nights with Poe and Munro contains so little real gameplay that it’s difficult to have much of an opinion on it at all.

Despite the fact that I didn’t like for the game or the performers, I had to confess that I kept playing Dark Nights with Poe and Munro simply to see where the narrative went, if at all.

I could have forgiven the acting and even the bizarre tales if the consequences of the characters’ choices were more apparent. However, they seemed to be totally meaningless, with no discernible effects.


Dark Nights with Poe and Munro is a game that I really wanted to like, but no matter how hard I tried to wait for the narrative to become better, things didn’t improve.

I’ve already highlighted Poe’s awful acting, which is much worse than Munro’s, but the only aspect of this game that ever seemed genuine to me was the connection between the two main characters.

Despite the fact that both sides’ acting was awful, they managed to create a convincing relationship with one other, however this may simply be a consequence of equally bad acting making them appear like they were made for each other.

Dark Nights with Poe and Munro Chemestry

The only way to know whether your decisions had any meaningful effect on the game is to replay it from the beginning, but this time choosing totally new choices to see how things play out differently.

To find out whether you had had any effect on the game, you would have to put up with the awful acting, the totally useless first couple of episodes, and a lousy narrative.

Dark Nights with Poe and Munro Actor

Dark Nights with Poe and Munro has 90 percent favorable Steam ratings, so maybe there’s something else everyone else sees in this game that I don’t, but after playing other games by this creator, I’m disappointed with this one.

Many of the favorable reviews claimed that they “liked the British sense of humor,” but being a Brit, I can honestly tell that there was no comedy in the game throughout my playthrough, in fact, there was no humor at all.

Dark Nights with Poe and Munro Review

Review of Dark Nights with Poe and Munro

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The story revolves on two local radio presenters, Poe and Munro, who have numerous strange experiences. The game requires players to watch six live-action episodes and make choices that influence the story’s conclusion.

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The Good
  • Previous titles are mentioned.
The Bad (& Ugly)
  • Lead performers’ acting is dreadful.
  • Worse-case scenarios
  • Choices seem to have no ramifications.

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