Crusader Kings 3 is probably best known for its campaign with enormous complexity and depth, but it also has a robust marriage system. Players can wed another character in the game to form an alliance or start their own dynasty by having children together. This new update brings same-sex marriages into the mix. It’s unclear how much impact this will have on gameplay as of yet since there are no same-sex NPC characters available in the game, so players may only see them through marriage ceremonies conducted by other players.,

The “crusader kings iii” is a strategy game that allows players to take control of the lives of medieval people. The latest patch, 1.5, adds same-sex marriage options for players.

Crusader Kings 3's Patch 1.5 Adds Same-Sex Marriage

Crusader Kings 3's Patch 1.5 Adds Same-Sex Marriage

When version 1.5 is released early next month, Crusader Kings 3 will include same-sex marriage, according to Paradox.

In Crusader Kings 3’s most recent dev diary, the developer provided further information regarding the feature, indicating that it would be accessible in both modified and non-modded games.

Crusader Kings 3's Patch 1.5 Adds Same-Sex Marriage

Crusader Kings 3's Patch 1.5 Adds Same-Sex Marriage

“Support for same-sex marriage is included in version 1.5, not only in modifications, but also as a new game rule alongside the Same-Sex relations game rule, allowing you to utilize it in non-modified games. To accommodate for this while playing, we’ve altered a variety of AI logic, interactions, and content “This is what the development diary says.

“Of course, mods may include this into their various worlds without it having to be a game law; it can be based on other civilizations or anything else in the game world.”

While same-sex partnerships were already included in the main game, users had to rely on modifications to include same-sex concubines in their games.

These modifications were previously broken by patch 1.3, however they were patched in patch 1.4. The inclusion of same-sex weddings in the upcoming update to the grand strategy game will expand the amount of possibilities available to players and modders even more.

On February 8, Crusader Kings 3’s patch 1.5 will be released with the game’s first significant expansion, Royal Court.

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