Crowfall, an MMORPG that has a lot of hype, and managed to secure a lot of money from its Kickstarter campaign, launched its early access on Steam this week, but it was marred by DDOS attacks and login problems.

Crowfall, a massively multiplayer online game (also known as MMOG) that’s currently in development by the guys at ArtCraft Entertainment, has seen a major setback. The game is already in alpha, which means it’s playable and has been tested, and it’s also had its launch date pushed back. However, the game’s servers have been under constant attack from DDOS attacks, and the login problems it was experiencing are still ongoing. Hopefully, they’ll be fixed soon.

start Crowfall yesterday not full went as planned. While the servers seemed to handle the load well at the beginning of the day, that was no longer the case in the evening, because – if I may quote Connor from the MMO Fallout here – the servers cracked.

We continue to work on the server issues, ArtCraft spokesman Jay Todd Coleman told players last night. We had a good 7 hour run this morning. Once we isolate and fix the problem, hopefully we can get back to that level of predictability. We thank you for your patience. At one point, the game apparently received DDOS and attacks:

Several MOP authors had trouble logging into the game last night; I received an email from Crowfall support at 7:37 p.m. inviting me to participate in the closed beta test (yes, there really is such a thing); one author submitted a support ticket and received a response from none other than executive producer Gordon Walton, which shows how picky support must be. Still, the fourth author ironically called it a good launch in the grand scheme of disastrous MMORPG launches.

To ArtCraft’s credit, the support team has been keeping players updated on the situation in a thread on the forum, the last post of which appeared a few hours ago. At the time of writing, the servers are still being maintained.

Yesterday we talked about our impressions of the game, without the initial problems. MOP’s Andrew Ross found the game to be a very attractive economic sandbox, but was concerned about maintaining a population for PvM and PvP players – a sentiment echoed by Reddit, which pointed to the game’s low popularity but the large number of people watching it on Twitch.

ArtCraft also held a brief launch and question-and-answer session yesterday.



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