The team at Funcom released a new patch for the upcoming release of their fantasy MMORPG, Crowfall. This patch introduces significant configuration changes to our next campaign event: The Wolfe Campaign.

Crowfall’s latest patch adds significant dev config for next week’s Wolfe campaign, with the addition of a new map and more. Read more in detail here: how is crowfall doing.

Crowfall’s latest patch adds significant dev config for next week’s Wolfe campaign


Crowfall, a crowdfunded MMORPG, has gone through a lot in its brief existence. After a low population and layoffs after its introduction last summer, the RvR game was bought out and taken over by a superfan, allowing the creators to work on a new game under the ArtCraft moniker. The new team, still directed by Lead Designer Thomas “Blixtev” Blair, announced the 7.700 milestone update a few weeks ago, which was supposed to bring in unique campaigns and campaign setup.

That’s exactly what this week’s patch does. “We’re going to start twisting the Campaign Configuration knobs in the 7.700 milestone and see how it goes!” We’ll evaluate where we need to change future Campaign plans based on the outcomes,” Blixtev said in March, adding that these “knobs” encompassed anything from level limitations and length to accelerated crafting/gathering and specific regulations concerning bringing in outside things. The Wolfe campaign kicks out next week, with a bevy of “knobs” revealed on Reddit by the community manager.

The patch improves Dreg’s Fort advancement, modifies several classes, introduces the Dragoon discipline, fixes a slew of issues, and alters loot settings and preferences.

Just a few weeks ago, MOP’s own Fight or Kite reporter Sam Kash checked in on the game, finding it to be still exciting and full of promise but lacking in real players.

For Publish 7.700.0, our Live servers are unavailable. The notes from the publication may be found here:

— Crowfall (@CrowfallGame) April 4, 2022


The “crowfall sold” is a game that has been in development for a while. The latest patch adds significant dev config for next week’s Wolfe campaign.

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