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Several members of the Star Citizen community experimented with the game and discovered the truth. The tale starts with a request to CIG to include a profanity filter in the game’s general chat to combat hate speech and vulgarity. The article states, “A basic filter to capture the worst and frequently unlawful obscene language should go without saying.” “I believe we should have language filters that can be turned on and off.”

This prompted a number of comments, many of which likened installing chat filters to police speech or to broader restrictions. This leads to the Mandalorian Armed Forces (MAF), a Star Citizen group whose members have been caught using blatantly racist language in-game and on Discord (links are NSFW due to aforementioned racist bile).

As of yesterday, it seems that MAF members received their due deserts, as CIG entirely removed the backer accounts of many MAF members, including those whose identities were captured in pictures. Players and fans have mostly applauded the move, with the OP of the banned names thread stating, “With the bullets fired, those individuals should now go back into hiding and keep their views to themselves.”

With that said, the issue is not completely resolved, as one player has asked CIG if this isolated event would be an opportunity for the business to improve or just disregard the situation, which has evoked some unfavorable responses, but it has also prompted one of the devs:

“First and foremost, in the Star Citizen community, racism has no place. We have a strict no-tolerance policy and treat all complaints of this kind extremely seriously. To be even more honest, acting in this manner is a certain way to get kicked out of the community.”

It should be emphasized that no plans have been revealed for the profanity filter that was requested from the start.


Star Citizen is a huge upcoming space sim coming from the makers of Wing Commander and Privateer. The game is set in the year 3104, and it’s going to be massive. Star Citizen is a space sim that is going to let you do many things in space, including trading, combat, and exploration. In order for this game to become a reality, crowd funding is being used. This means that if funding reaches the set amount, then the game is going to become a reality. In order to fund this massive game, Cloud Imperium Games (CIG) has put up a video asking for donations. In the video they talk about how they want to do things right, and that they want to make a game that is as much of. Read more about cloud imperium games location and let us know what you think.

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