Chivalry 2 is a medieval sword fighting game where you battle knights on horseback using various weapons. It was released in early 2018, and it quickly became a popular multiplayer video game with over 300,000 players online at the same time.

The “best officer weapon chivalry 2” is a list of the best weapons in Chivalry 2. The weapons are sorted by damage type, and it includes a description of each weapon.

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A discussion of the many types of weapon damage in Chivalry 2 and how each class is affected by it. In Chivalry 2, there are three types of weapon damage, and each one is unique based on the weapon you’re using.

Depending on the kind of damage your weapon does, you could inflict greater damage to certain classes. This concise explanation of damage types’ operation and significance. Let’s get going.


Types of Weapon Damage in Chivalry 2

Damage Types and Weapon Bonuses

While in the game lobby, you may see your class/loadout selection screen to see your available weapons. You may examine a weapon’s damage type and the damage boost that is provided to each class under the weapon damage section by picking a weapon (in the event that there are any). In Chivalry 2, there are three different sorts of damage: cut, chop, and blunt.

Every weapon in the game employs one of these damage types. including throwables and projectiles. Knowing the damage types of all weapons is essential to completely comprehend how to utilize each weapon to its fullest potential since these damage types give increased damage depending on the class you are attacking.

According to the in-game UI, more damage will be dealt to the cited class as a percentage increase.

When used against a Knight, the blunt damage type, for instance, boosts a blunt weapon’s damage by 50%.

This implies that if a blunt weapon does 50 basic damage to a Knight, it will also inflict 75 damage (50 x 1.5 = 75).

There are now four classes in Chivalry 2, and the Footman and the Knight also benefit from damage enhancements. The Archer and Vanguard are resistant to all damage increases despite having lower HP pools.

It’s vital to remember that stamina damage modifications have been made to the Chop and Blunt weapons as of Patch 2.4.2. But what does this really mean? When a weapon causes stamina damage, damage modifiers are applied to take it into consideration.

Depending on the damage type, a weapon increases the stamina damage dealt to all classes. Chop weapons increase stamina damage by 10%, whilst blunt weapons increase it by 25%.

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Cut, Chop & Blunt


This kind of harm is given by bladed and spear weapons such the Longsword, Messer, Sword, Glaive, Greatsword, Spear, One-Handed Spear, and others. There is nothing particularly unique about the Cut damage type, and there are no passive advantages to using it.

Cut-damaging weapons, on the other hand, are a wonderful option since they often have a high base damage value, a larger range, and a higher attack speed.

It’s important to note that the Knife, Dagger, and Rapier all have hitstop on their overheads and swings despite being cut-based weapons (we will get into hitstop later).


This kind of damage is dealt by all axe weapons, including the axe, battle axe, halberd, executioner’s axe, hatchet, and others. Both Footmen and Knights are more vulnerable to damage from the Chop damage type, which does 17.5 percent more damage to the former and 25 percent more damage to the latter.

Weapons that cause cuts as opposed to chops often have lower basic damage, with the damage bonus making up the difference. They often have a shorter attack range and slower windups. Axes always slice through people; there are no exceptions. Chopping damage-producing weapons raise stamina damage by 10%.


This kind of harm is caused by all blunt weapons, including the mace, heavy mace, morningstar, cudgel, maul, polehammer, and others. Both Footmen and Knights are more vulnerable to damage from the blunt damage type, which deals 35 percent more to the former and 50 percent more to the latter.

The damage increase makes up for the fact that blunt weapons often inflict less basic damage than their cut counterparts (or not, for that matter).

With their usual slash or overhead strikes, blunt weapons feature a hitstop passive that makes them all stop on contact rather than swing past opponents. Surprisingly, the stabs are unaffected by this. You may also utilize heavy attacks to get around the hitstop since they make all strikes go past enemies.

Not being able to swing past enemies may be a disadvantage in battle against several foes, but hitstop can also be a benefit since it allows an assault to be stopped early after hitting a target.

You’ll be able to fire your subsequent attack considerably more rapidly as a result. Weapons that do blunt damage have their stamina damage increased by 25%.


Characters other than archers take 40 percent greater damage from arrows shot from a bow. It is important to note for the sake of this lesson even if it has no relevance to any other components of the fight mechanics.

Final Words

In conclusion, you should have a loadout of weaponry that is suitable for the circumstance. As you will be armed for every class, this normally entails taking two weapons with varied damage kinds, but if the opponent team is mostly comprised of Knights, then additional Blunt weapons would be sufficient.

Accept that you will always be weaker than your opponent since, in the end, no damage kind can make up for a lack of skill. Wishing you success and the support of the knightly troops!

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