What happens when you mix collaboration, trustlessness and a bunch of lawyers? The Otherside is the answer.

The “bored ape yacht club metaverse” is a supposed MMO that generated an NFT trainwreck. The game was released on Steam and the developers were not able to deliver what they promised.

Bored Ape Yacht Club’s supposed MMO Otherside generated an NFT trainwreck


Yuga Labs, the company behind the infamous NFT cesspool Bored Ape Yacht Club, is hoping to attract new players to its play-to-earn game Otherside, a self-described “metaRPG” that “blends mechanics from MMORPGs and web3-enabled virtual worlds,” allegedly allowing over 10,000 players and “millions of complex, interactive entities in a single world supported with physics and AI” to interact in one place for ” The game was supposed to be released in April, according to reports. (It didn’t happen.)

We highlighted this newest P2E fraud since BYAC reportedly ran into some severe issues once Otherside decided to offer in-game land NFTs known as Otherdeeds. Otherdeeds, like other NFTs, are artificially restricted in production; on April 30th, there were only 100K left, with another 100,000 “exclusively granted to Voyagers who possess Otherdeeds and contribute to the growth of Otherside.” Again, it’s unclear what these land NFTs truly imply in terms of gameplay, but it only goes to show that the alleged MMORPG isn’t really the company’s goal here.

Regardless, customers rushed to the inaugural offer, which was exclusively open to Etherium-based ApeCoin holders. This led “gas expenses” to surge into the five-figure level, while others were apparently charged a gas fee despite their Otherdeed transaction not entirely completing.

Yuga Labs noted it was aware of the problem, then announced on Twitter this past Wednesday that gas fees were being refunded to those whose transactions failed “due to network conditions caused by the mint.” Many replies to the tweet report that not everyone has gotten a refund, and an Otherside phishing website has also reportedly conned NFT holders out of about $6.2 million.

Despite this, people are still purchasing, with Yuga Labs collecting over 270K ETH in purchases, or over $810M USD, in only the first week of May as of this writing. This is why we can’t have pleasant things, in case anybody was asking.


The “bored ape otherside” is a supposed MMO that has generated an NFT trainwreck. The game was created by bored apes, but it’s not even playable.

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