Since it launched on Steam a little over a month ago, Bless Unleashed is now a million downloads away from the holy grail of PC gaming: 1 million players. The game is a spiritual successor to the beloved PC adventure game The Longest Journey, which managed to amass a cult following despite (or perhaps because of) its lack of entrance into the mainstream.

Sometimes even a smaller game can make it to the big time. Wicked Games is a game development studio based in the UK that focuses on creating incredibly realistic and challenging games for PC players. Their latest PC game, Bless Unleashed, was released on Steam in November 2016. The game was released on all platforms (PC, Xbox One, and PS4), and within its first week of launch it had already reached a million users on Steam, and was in the top 10 most played Steam games for December 2016.

Say what you will about the Steam platform. You can choose to boycott it, but you cannot stop people from using it to play games. And, in the case of Bless Unleashed, it appears that using it to play games has been quite rewarding. In the last two years, Bless Unleashed has been downloaded over a million times, and its growth has been nothing short of astounding.

Put a leash on it.

So, how has Bless Unleashed fared since its PC release last month? It seems so, since it currently claims 1 million downloads on PC alone.

“Neowiz and Round8 Studio are ecstatic to share the news that Bless Unleashed has surpassed one million downloads on PC. The MMORPG has had over 75,000 concurrent players on a daily basis since its August 6th debut on Valve’s Steam platform, making it one of Steam’s most-played games.”

Is that the number of people that are playing it? Eh, probably not, or they’d say so, but according to Steam Charts, 71,661 people were playing at the same time just a few minutes ago, close to the 76,000 high – very excellent.

Yesterday, another little patch was released to the PC version of Bless Unleashed, which was allegedly used to fix a few bug-shaped holes in the game. The patch specifically fixes a problem where players might get Lumena items twice while earning loyalty prizes at a particular level, as well as a handful other Priest flaws with certain abilities not functioning properly.

Because this patch was released outside of scheduled maintenance, the developers at Round 8 Studio decided that players should be compensated in some way: elixers, scrolls, and 50,000 gold, to be exact. These rewards will only be given out once per account, so make sure you select which character you’d want to receive them.


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