As a Chinese player, I think I should share my thoughts about the Chinese players participation in the community. Honestly, it is a great thing for the Chinese players to get a chance to play with the western players and develop Chinese Glory. Its not a big deal to me, I just want to say: Big Thanks to all the western players!

Until recently, the Chinese servers for Bless Unleashed were called “Ai-Xing-Xiao”, which means “Ai-Xing-Xiao Server”. This is a reference to a famous Chinese saying about paradise: “To go to paradise, you must go through hell.” The original reason for this was that the server’s name was reminiscent of an anti-smuggling campaign slogan, “No paradise on the path to hell.” However, the servers are now called “Red Blossom,” probably due to the fact that they are located in the scenic Red Blossom lake area of Hangzhou, a city that is famed for its stunning landscape.

Perlin is in full swing and the stakes are at their highest as Round8 is fully operational with the Chinese servers having been joined by the top 15% of the Chinese Perlin population. This pushes the total number of Chinese players to over 2,600,000 round 8 players, including those behind the Great Firewall of China.


If you’ve been following Bless Unleashed’s concurrency statistics on SteamDB, you may be wondering how a game that most MMO enthusiasts in this area dismiss is racking up such massive numbers — over 70K in the latest 24-hour high as of this story’s publication. An explanation may be found in a video by YouTuber KiraTV: It’s because the game is very popular in China.

Kira found this by checking in to the game around the peak hours for each country — about 9:00 a.m. EDT for Chinese players, 4:00 p.m. EDT for NA/EU players — to get a sense of how busy each region’s servers are. This may be done via the launcher of Bless Unleashed, which includes a drop-down option for selecting which area to connect to.

Servers in other regions were either at average or crowded, according to Kira’s findings (EU, Japan, and Korea’s single servers were at average, NA was at low but checked off-peak), while the Asia regions section, which has four Chinese servers and one Southeast Asia server, was either at average or crowded. Kira then went back during EU peak hours and saw that the same servers were still on the low end.

As I write this on a Saturday morning in the United States, I attempted to duplicate Kira’s findings, and sure enough, my scan of the Asia area revealed the Chinese servers to be highly busy during their peak hours:

bless-unleashed-asia-servers To see a larger version of this picture, please click on it.

Kira’s video goes into more detail on why these figures seem to be declining, noting the Bless franchise’s proclivity for closing down in other areas of the globe while Chinese gamers had yet to encounter the IP until Unleashed. He goes on to say that the game still has a near 50/50 split of Steam user opinion, which seems to be the case when you change the language settings of Steam reviews. All in all, it seems like Bless Unleashed has found its audience, provided the Chinese player base is maintained long-term, after attempting and failing with other games in other parts of the world.

Round 8 Studio said on Monday that the servers would be renamed on August 25th to “create a more immersive gaming experience.” North America will be renamed Physera, Europe will be renamed Teleos, and Southeast Asia will be renamed Kuat Ran. There was no mention of the Chinese servers.


The Bless Unleashed server, supported by eChinese and other players in the Chinese community, has changed its name to the Holy God Blessed server. The server will now be renamed every three months, and its servers will also be updated every three months. This change was made in order to avoid any controversy with the former eChinese server, which was later renamed to the eChinese server.. Read more about bless unleashed classes and let us know what you think.

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