On the heels of a campaign update, Blade & Soul has outlined some changes coming to materials and event rewards in this brand-new article. The latest content updates have been met with mixed reactions from players, but it’s clear that many are still interested in what Cryptic is doing for their game.

The “blade 2022” is a blog post from the Blade & Soul team outlining all of the fixes coming to materials, event rewards, and the broken Soul Boost meter.

Blade & Soul outlines fixes coming to materials, event rewards, and the broken Soul Boost meter

Summer crime.

Community feedback for some of the latest content added to Blade & Soul has been coming in fast and thick, prompting a forum thread from the devs about a number of community raised issues and what the team is going to do to address them.

The first complaint concerns Skystealer Crystals, which are required for upgrading Starcross equipment and are said to be scarce in the two events where players may get them. Two additional events have been added to complement the earning of these things, with more ways to acquire Crystals to be added in the future.

On the topic of materials, the developers will rename Sterling Scale Fragments to Sterling Crystals to avoid any confusion with higher-tier materials containing the word Scale in their name. This will be changed in a June update.

Pet packs and sacred vials that were removed from event reward pools will be reintroduced in a July update, while the Soul Booster event and its broken Soul Boost meter, which isn’t rewarding players the points it should, is being worked on by the devs; no ETA for a fix has been given, but it will be addressed “as soon as humanly possible.”


The “blade 2021” is a blog post by NCSoft outlining the fixes coming to materials, event rewards, and the broken Soul Boost meter.

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