Welcome to the land of Black Desert Online, a sandbox where your choices matter no matter what. The game is set in a fantasy world of swords, sorcery and riding dragons (pretty much like WoW, but you don’t ride horses, you ride dragons). Over the years, the game has gotten better and better, and the latest update offers some exciting additions in terms of content and gameplay, as well as fresh changes for the summer season.

Black Desert Online has been steadily growing since its launch in 2015, and that growth continues into this new summer season. A new buff-granting otter pirate joins the list of creatures, alongside new NPCs for the new quests, and an extensive summer season update for the game’s servers.

Have you ever received a sea song, sung by a pirate otter, that gives you bonus XP? You don’t? With the latest patch for Black Desert on PC, you can say you’ve experienced it for yourself. Imagine how generations will look at you with admiration. Or confusion. Or a dizzying confusion.

Lest you think this is all a weird joke, this pirate octopus that gives buffs really exists: Players can find Lenio or Slippery Scalliwags in the monster areas, talk to him, and get a sea hut that gives a combat XP and skill XP bonus if they are a Raider, or a skill XP bonus if they are another game class. The buff lasts 180 minutes, and Lenio himself disappears from the area he is in after 30 minutes.

Of course, it’s not just otters singing in Black Desert , as this week’s patch notes include details on class adjustments, rare hunting monsters, and server changes for the summer season. Since this is the summer season server, there is a FAQ that players can read online.

In addition, the new class and server for the summer season would have drawn many new and old faces to Black Desert. Guild leaders will be encouraged to welcome these newcomers through the guild recruitment campaign. Guilds that post a guild announcement and take a screenshot of their announcement in the appropriate forum will be able to pin their guild announcement to the top of the guild recruitment screen. The link above has all the specific details.

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