The new PvP enhancement in Black Desert Mobile is a bit of a tricky one, with it letting you turn into a smoke cloud and flee from enemies. This could lead to some worrying moments if your opponent turns the tables on you when they’ve got this new ability at their disposal. However, there’s already plenty of ways for players to defend themselves against sneaky stowaways like yourself.,

The “bdo forced pvp has been deactivated” is a new feature in Black Desert Mobile. This was created to make it easier for players who want to avoid PvP fights.

Black Desert Mobile now lets you turn into a smoke cloud and flee from PvP fights


In Black Desert Mobile, there are moments when you wish to be left alone or depart from a PvP combat, but you choose a class that lacks excellent disengage techniques. “I wish I could change into a high-speed cloud and flee away!” you scream to the sky as your last HP is chopped away by xXPhat Dart 420Xx. In the game’s most recent update, that request was heard and implemented. No, really.

The talent in question is known as the Black Spirit Emergency Escape, and it’s accessible to all characters. It allows players to transform into a fast-moving cloud of black smoke in order to flee an undesirable or unwinnable PvP fight while also making deflated balloon noises. This talent can’t be misused, however, since it has a 400-second cooldown and leaves the player stunned, but it also renders them indestructible for the period. Let’s hope that the gamers organize black cloud races.

Regarding PvP, prizes for engaging in Black Sun have been altered to properly represent players’ individual efforts; particularly, players will not get awards if they do not cause damage on Laytenn for 30 seconds.

Additional class tweaking, with a focus on the Gladiator and Sage, modifications to some bounty mission requirements, and a slew of new events are all included in this release. Everything is explained in depth in the patch notes or in video form below.


The “black desert review” is a game where you can turn into a smoke cloud and flee from PvP fights. The game also has some interesting features like the ability to attack your enemies with fireballs.

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