The best starting classes in Elden Ring are typically the ones that have a mixture of offensive, defensive and supportive abilities. The warrior is one such class with high attack capabilities but low defense. With their mix of offense and defense, they add some much-needed versatility to your party as it can withstand most attacks from enemies while being able to deliver heavy damage on them at the same time. A tanked up warrior will also help you take down tough monsters faster than any other class because they’re strong enough by themselves without having to rely on supports skills like healing or support magic

The “elden ring class tier list” is a guide to the best starting classes in Elden Ring. The guide includes information on what each class does, and their strengths and weaknesses.

Best Starting Classes in Elden Ring

Starting the game, especially if you’re new to Elden Ring or FromSoft games in general, may be a difficult job in and of itself. A new player’s beginning class is one of the first decisions they must choose. Each class has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, and determining which class is ideal for you as an Elden Ring novice may be difficult. We’ll go over the five best beginning classes for novices, as well as how to play them, to give you the greatest chance of surviving as you embark on your trip through the Lands Between!

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Elden Ring’s 5 Best Beginning Classes

As a new player, you may be concerned about committing to one style of play with your initial class. The good news is that most beginning classes have a fairly flexible play style, and the game enables you to switch things around as you level your character if you don’t like how a certain weapon or spell combination performs.

The five finest beginning classes in this article are all excellent for novice players since they allow for a variety of playstyles. Plus, as you have your bearings in the game, you may quickly alter them to fit your preferences.

Vagabond is the best Elden Ring Class overall.

20220405214644_1-1024x576 Vagabond Class Image: FromSoftware Inc & BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment via Koby Gibson Ross / HGG

The Vagabond is the most well-rounded of these characters and the greatest overall class for beginning players.

Vagabond’s Starting Stats

This character begins at level 9, the second highest level of any beginning class, with 14 Strength and 13 Dexterity, the two key attributes used to scale damage in most weapons. Players will be able to use a broad array of early-game weapons, including the longsword and halberd that the class begins with, if these two attributes are balanced. This allows users to experiment with the sort of weapon they like while still maximizing their favored weapon’s major stat later on.

The Vagabond class also has the greatest beginning Vigor of all of the classes. This also implies that the player will begin with the greatest HP of any other class option. In the early stages of the game, more HP equals a better chance of surviving. You’ll start off equipped to absorb attacks as well as do damage, thanks to the thermal shield the class starts with.

“Quality Construction”

This class is great for creating what veteran “souls” players call a “Quality Construction”— a character that is well rounded in attack and defense that primarily uses a shield and a one handed weapon.

The high-quality build is ideal for beginner players since it allows you to practice the game’s most basic combat mechanics: hitting with your weapon in one hand while blocking with your shield in the other. The Vagabond is a wonderful place to start if you want a high-quality construction.

I suggest concentrating on increasing your Vigor, Strength, and/or Dexterity, as well as Endurance, to ensure you have the appropriate equip load to carry some of the heavier weapons and shields.

Vagabond’s Best Weapons

Blodhound-Fang-location-1024x576 Blodhound Fang location for Vagabond The Bloodhound’s Fang and Location | Image: FromSoftware Inc & BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment via Drew Swanson / HGG

The Bloodhound’s Fang is your greatest early-game weapon, a greatsword that demands 18 Strength and 17 Dexterity to wield but scales well with both of those attributes, making it one of the strongest early-game weapons for the Vagabond class. This sword may be obtained by fighting the boss within the Forlorn Hound Evergaol in Limgrave’s south.

By fighting Godrick Soldiers at the Gatefront Site of Grace in Limgrave, you may get the Brass Shield, an outstanding early game shield. This shield has a physical guard of 100, which means it will stop all physical attacks as long as you have stamina left.

Hero is the best strength class.

20220405214658_1-1024x576 Hero: Strength-Based Melee Image: FromSoftware Inc & BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment via Koby Gibson Ross / HGG

A strength build is for you if you want to deliver a lot of damage at the tradeoff of a slower attack speed. The Hero class is the greatest place to begin a strength development.

Hero’s Initial Stats

At level 7, the hero has 16 strength and 12 endurance. You’ll want to stay with weapons that scale with strength for this class, like the Battle Axe you start with. You also receive the Large Leather Shield to begin with; but, to maximum damage output, I suggest utilizing your weapon in a two-handed posture. You may always re-equip your shield if you find it too difficult to avoid taking damage while wielding a two-handed weapon.

The Hero class begins with 14 Vigor, which is somewhat less than the Vagabond class. You’ll want to make sure to level up this stat so you can compensate for your slower attack speed by being able to absorb more hits. Endurance is another characteristic that you should work on improving since it allows you to equip heavier armor and weaponry.

Keep a close eye on your cargo.

Keep an eye on your equipment load. You should constantly keep your load at a medium or lower so that you can dodgeroll successfully. If you’re carrying a heavy burden, switch out your armor or weapons until you’re down to a medium weight, then attempt to raise your Endurance before donning the heavy weapon or armor.

Hero’s Best Weapons

Great-Axe-location-1-1024x576 Great Axe location for hero The Great Axe and Location | Image: FromSoftware Inc & BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment via Drew Swanson / HGG

You should prioritize Strength as your main damage stat since you’ll be employing strength-based weaponry. The Great Axe is one of the strongest early game strength weapons you’ll come across.

You must fight one of the two giants carrying a caravan east of Agheel Lake in Limgrave to get this weapon. Open the chest in the rear to collect your Great Axe if you’ve fought one and halted the caravan. It costs 30 Strength to use, but it delivers a strong blow that is ideal for a tanky character.

Samurai is the best dexterity class.

20220405214722_1-1024x576 Samurai Image: FromSoftware Inc & BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment via Koby Gibson Ross / HGG

Unlike the Hero class, the Samurai prioritizes quick strikes at the expense of lower damage. But don’t let it deter you from trying out this game! In Elden Ring, dexterity-based builds may be quite effective.

Samurai stats at the start

At level 9, the Samurai has 15 dexterity, 12 strength, and 13 endurance. While the Warrior has the greatest beginning Dexterity of any class, the Samurai is a better choice for novices since it comes with a greater range of equipment, like the Longbow, that may be quite handy early on.

Attacking Strategies

You’ll have access to ranged attacks right away if you start with the Longbow, as well as Arrows and Fire Arrows. This is especially helpful for rookie players who are afraid of fighting since it enables you to pick out foes from afar before they come too near. Ranged weapons are scarce early on in Elden Ring, thus having one from the outset gives the Samurai an edge over the other classes.

The Samurai likewise begins with the Uchigatana sword and the Red Thorn Roundshield as their main weapons. The Uchigatana is a weapon that scales with both Strength and Dexterity, making it a versatile weapon for a versatile class. The Red Thorn Roundshield allows you to switch between melee and ranged combat as needed while maintaining the ability to handle both.

Samurai Weapons of Choice

flail-location-1024x576 flail location for samurai The Flail and Location | Image: FromSoftware Inc & BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment via Drew Swanson / HGG

The Flail is an excellent weapon to pick up if you want to remain with a Dexterity-based setup. It’s at the rear of a wagon near the Gatefront Ruins, adjacent to the Gatefront Site of Grace, in a chest. This weapon requires 18 Dexterity to use, but the added bleed damage is well worth it.

The Great Epee, which may be discovered in a chest amid a group of opponents southeast of Lake Agheel in Limgrave, is another viable alternative. This weapon is a little heavier than the others, but it enables you to strike while keeping your shield up. It’s a great option if you’re not sure if you want to focus solely on Dexterity but also want to improve your Strength.

Prisoner is the best intelligence class.

20220405214730_1-1024x576 Prisoner Image: FromSoftware Inc & BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment via Koby Gibson Ross / HGG

We’ve been focusing on Strength and Dexterity as our primary offensive stats up until now. If you wish to use magic, though, you should concentrate on improving your Intelligence and/or Faith scores. Elden Ring’s magic may be divided into two categories: sorceries and incantations. To utilize Sorceries, you must have a certain degree of Intelligence, while Incantations depend on your Faith stat.

If you want to learn how to use sorceries, the Prisoner is the ideal place to start.

Prisoner’s Starting Stats

The Prisoner class, like the Samurai, begins with just 14 Intelligence, which is not the greatest beginning Intelligence score when compared to the Astrologer. The Prisoner, on the other hand, begins with 14 Dexterity and 11 Strength, making it more melee-oriented than the Astrologer. This enables you to dabble with sorcery while yet being able to revert to melee combat if necessary.

Beginning Points

Your main weapon for casting Sorceries will be the Glintsone Staff that the Prisoner begins with. You’ll begin by casting the Magic Glintblade Sorcery, which conjures a ghostly sword that attacks your opponent. As a result, the Prisoner is an excellent choice for ranged combat.

However, keep a watch on your blue FP meter. Casting a Sorcery costs FP. Drinking from your Flask of Cerulean Tears will restore your FP. This class also comes equipped with an Estoc and Rift Shield, which you may use to defend yourself in melee combat.

The Best Prisoner Weapons

Sellen-location-1024x576 Sellen location for prisoner The Sorceress Sellen and Location | Image: FromSoftware Inc & BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment via Drew Swanson / HGG

Sorceress Sellen may be found in the Waypoint Ruins Cellar east of Lake Agheel in Limgrave if you’ve mastered casting Sorceries. She will offer you additional Sorceries in exchange for runes, allowing you to expand your arsenal of Sorceries. Glintsone Pebble is a must-have for any Sorcerer’s build because of its quick casting speed and cheap FP cost. While resting at a location of grace, be sure to equip new Sorceries using the “Memorize Spell” option.

Confessor – Best Faith Class

20220405214735_1-1024x576 Confessor: Magic Assassin Image: FromSoftware Inc & BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment via Koby Gibson Ross / HGG

Like the Prisoner, the Confessor is a more well-rounded Faith-based class.

Confessor’s Starting Stats

It has the greatest beginning level of any class at 10, but only 14 Faith compared to the Prophet’s more optimal 16 Faith. The Confessor, on the other hand, is a superior pick for a beginning since it begins with 12 Strength and 12 Dexterity, enabling you to rely on melee attacks.

Starting Materials

Your Starting Materials includes a Broadsword and Blue Crest Heater Shield as your primary armaments, as well as a Finger Seal which is used to cast Incantations. The Confessor starts with two Incantations, Urgent Heal and Assassin’s Approach.

Incantations are often supportive magic rather than aggressive magic like Sorceries. Urgent Heal heals the player according to their Faith stat, while Assassin’s Approach enables them to proceed silently. Both of these Incantations are beneficial to beginning players since they may assist with mobility and exploration of the game, enabling you to sneak behind foes you don’t want to confront yet and providing more healing when you need it.

Confessor’s Best Weapons

Great-Epee-location-1-1024x576 Great Epee location - for Confessor The Great Epee and Location | Image: FromSoftware Inc & BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment via Drew Swanson / HGG

You won’t have many choices for offensive Incantations as a Faith-based character early on, so you’ll need a solid melee weapon and shield. The Great Epee makes use of the Confessor’s balanced Strength/Dexterity attributes, and the Brass Shield that Godrick Soldiers drop is a better shield than the one you start with.

Participate in the High Ground

Remember that regardless of the class you begin with, you are not bound into that play style and may modify your build as you go. Hopefully, this guide has given you a solid starting point. Please leave any questions or suggestions regarding the finest beginning lessons in Elden Ring in the comments section below.

Tarnished, best of luck out there!

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