Genshin Impact is a unique MMORPG which allows players to farm crystals. These materials are used for the game’s currency, and there will be more of them as time goes on. This guide discusses where you can find the best places to farm these gems in Genshin Impact.

The “crystal flies genshin impact locations” is a location in the game. It is where you can farm crystals for your character.

Best Places for Farming Crystal in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is a large open-world game with a lot of resources to collect and adversaries to combat. If you’ve been playing for a long, you’ll understand the agony of having to farm for resources and opponent drops. That’s why we’re going over the finest areas in Genshin Impact to harvest crystal pieces today!

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Farming Crystals in Genshin Impact: General Information

In Genshin Impact, crystals are a prevalent substance found throughout Teyvat. From weapon forging to gadget development, they have a broad range of applications. While certain NPCs may supply crystal chunks as a reward for daily commissions or side tasks, most players will have to go out into the Teyvat wilderness and harvest them themselves.

Fortunately, we’ve put up a guide to show you the finest places to harvest crystals throughout the game. 

While crystals are plentiful throughout Genshin Impact, it never hurts to have a couple farming areas in mind. While exploring, pay particular attention to hilly and rocky locations, as they are more likely to have crystal deposits and ore veins. 

Unlike iron ores, which respawn in 24 to 48 hours, crystals take 48 to 72 hours to respawn.

Because Inazuma’s minerals are mostly amethyst rather than crystals, we’ll concentrate on Monstadt and Liyue. The two products have similar functions, but amethyst is a regional specialty with fewer applications.

Crystal Chunks Have a Wide Range of Applications

As previously stated, crystal chunks may be used for a number of purposes. Those uses are almost primarily connected to forging and alchemy, although an NPC commission quest may request them as well. 

Ore of Enhancement

Forge-1024x475 Forge- Genshin Impact Image courtesy of HGG / Devin Dornbrock / miHoYo

Arguably the most useful item you can make with crystal chunks is Mystic Ore of Enhancement. Mystic Ore of Enhancement is a 3 star material which can be used to level up weapons. Each ore provides 10,000 EXP when consumed. Lower grades of Ore of Enhancement can be created with iron or white iron as well but the EXP given will be lower. 

While Ore of Enhancement is a common reward for daily commissions, side quests, treasure chests, and even events it’s easy to run out if you’re working on building more than one character. 

When you do run out (it really is a matter of when rather than if), you can head to any blacksmith and forge more. Each Mystic Ore of Enhancement costs 4 crystal chunks and 50 mora. Each forging slot can make up to 5 Mystic Ore of Enhancements at a time meaning that a fully unlocked forge can create up to 20 at once. 

Keep in mind though, that you are limited to crafting only a certain number each day. Players are limited to crafting up to 300,000 weapon EXP per day. That limit is eaten up quickly by 10,000 EXP Mystic Ore of Enhancement.


In Genshin Impact, crystal pieces are utilized in a number of crafting processes. Forging weapons is one among the most prevalent applications. To make any forgeable weapon, you’ll need 50 crystal pieces (though some will call for regional substitutes like amethyst).

Crystal pieces are also employed in a variety of alchemical equipment and recipes. Crystal pieces are also required by treasure compasses and resonance stones, so they’re useful to have on hand. When creating, you’ll want to have a lot of crystal chunks in your inventory since most recipes ask for 50.

Magic Crystals versus. Crystals

Crystal, not to be confused with magical crystal, has a wide range of applications, as we’ve seen. While harvesting crystals, you may come upon a crystal deposit known as Magic Crystal. It has a deeper blue tone and is often bigger than crystal. While novice players may believe it is a significant substance owing to its scarcity, this does not seem to be the case at this point in the game.

As of version 2.7, there is only one use for Magic Crystal Chunks and that is crafting Mystic Ore of Enhancement. This particular forging recipe calls for 3 Magic Crystal Chunks, 100 mora, and 10 original resin but does create 6 Mystic Ore of Enhancements.

While this is useful for players who don’t sure what to do with their last piece of resin, Magic Crystal’s restricted applications make it a less desirable material. 

Genshin Impact’s Top 10 Crystal Farming Locations, Ranked

Now that we’ve covered the fundamentals, let’s look at the finest places to farm crystal. We’ll start with some rather ordinary locations and work our way up to the best!



Expedition Expedition Image courtesy of HGG / Devin Dornbrock / miHoYo

Character excursions are a proven approach to automate crystal farming in Genshin Impact. There are currently three crystal retrieval positions available. Monstadt has two while Liyue has one. After more territories are unlocked, more slots may become accessible, however this is unverified as of version 2.7. 

After 8 hours, 2-3 hours, and 7-8 hours, all excursions will give 1-2 crystal pieces, 2-3 hours, and 7-8 hours, respectively. For both 8 and 12 hour trips, players will get 6-7 white iron chunks, and 3-4 for 20 hour expeditions.


Plain of Bishui

Bishui-Plain Plain of Bishui Image courtesy of HGG / Devin Dornbrock / miHoYo

South of Qingce village in Plain of Bishui there is a small deposit of crystal ores. It’s a quick stop for anyone farming crystals who doesn’t have time to run around chasing errant singular crystal deposits. 

Travelers may discover a steady supply of crystals behind the grove, not far from a teleport waypoint. This isn’t the best spot for gamers in need of a huge number of crystal pieces. It is separated from other crystals, and getting to more involves a lot of running around. 


Mountains of the Stormbearer

Stormbearer-Mountains Mountains of the Stormbearer Image courtesy of HGG / Devin Dornbrock / miHoYo

It should come as no surprise that our top 7 site for farming crystals is Monstadt’s highest peak, given that crystals are known to emerge in rocky and hilly places. (Dragonspine isn’t really part of Monstadt.) It doesn’t even contain any anemoculous, and the anemo treasure compass doesn’t operate inside it.)

A couple of crystal veins may be found towards the northernmost portion of Monstadt and near the foot of the mountain. But don’t spend too much time here since there are plenty of other places to see first. 


Coast of Wolvendom

Wolvendom Wolvendom Image courtesy of HGG / Devin Dornbrock / miHoYo

The seashore west of Monstadt’s main city features a number of crystal formations worth viewing, however they are not as tightly packed as other locations of Monstadt. It’s vital to note that the crystals in this location aren’t far from the water, so don’t go too far inland when investigating. 

You’ll be able to wipe away the crystals in no time if you stick to cliffs and rough places. 


Slope of Cuijue

Cuijue-Slope Slope of Cuijue Image courtesy of HGG / Devin Dornbrock / miHoYo

On the western side of Luhua Pool heading into Slope of Cuijue is an outcrop of crystals. Magic crystals can also be found here as well. The crystals in this area begin one of the most crystal dense areas in the game. While there aren’t too many more crystals in the immediate surrounding area, this is another nice pocket for anyone farming crystal quickly.

More crystals may be found dispersed over the countryside and mountains as players travel west through Jueyun Karst and into Huaguang Stone Forest. 


Stormterror’s Lair (Stormterror’s Lair)

Stormterror-Map Stormterror's Lair (Stormterror's Lair) Image courtesy of HGG / Devin Dornbrock / miHoYo

We’re nearly halfway through our list with number 5! In Genshin Impact, here is when we really get into the excellent crystal veins. Even if you’re a slacker farmer, you’ll want to visit these locations. They’ll let you build up your crystal chunk stock with little effort.

In Stormterror’s Lair (Stormterror’s Lair), travelers will find plenty of iron and more importantly crystal deposits scattered throughout. Mostly home to crystals and a few magic crystals, Old Monstadt is the most crystal rich area in Monstadt. Given the dispersed nature of the crystal deposits in this area of the game, it may take awhile to run around and collect them all though. 

You won’t have to worry about adversaries in this location, thankfully. It’s simple to avoid hilichurl encampments, and Ruin Guards are easy to find. You won’t be crept up on unless there are some wayward anemo slimes about. That means you may change up your party to include characters that are simpler to mine with.


Guyun Stone Forest is located in Guyun, China.

Guyun-Stone-Forest Guyun Stone Forest is located in Guyun, China. Image courtesy of HGG / Devin Dornbrock / miHoYo

Overall the Guyun Stone Forest is located in Guyun, China. in Liyue doesn’t have as many crystal deposits as other areas but it is still a nice area to farm in. It has two large veins of crystals, one of which is very close to the western teleport waypoint. There is another deposit of crystals further South with some Cor Lapis and Noctilucous Jade scattered around as well. 

The geovishap, which roams around here, should be avoided by travelers travelling to the southern vein. You should be wary of the group of ruin guards as well. If the unprepared player isn’t cautious, the half-dozen ruin guards gathered around the crystal in this location may take them out. 


Qingyun Peak is a mountain in China.

Minlin Qingyun Peak is a mountain in China. Image courtesy of HGG / Devin Dornbrock / miHoYo

Minlin is one of the most hilly regions in Genshin Impact, hence it’s no surprise that it boasts the most crystal veins. The Huaguang Stone Forest in Minlin in Liyue has a lot of crystal deposits (which is ideal for crystal farming!). They may be found not just at the foot of mountains, but also along smaller cliffs and walking pathways.

Players should make their way down from the top to avoid having to climb back up as much as possible. Also, remember to show respect to the knowledgeable! After all, this is their holy habitat, and it’s a terrific spot to look for crystals.


Mt. Tianheng is located west of Liyue Harbor.

Tianheng-1024x479 Mt. Tianheng is located west of Liyue Harbor. Image courtesy of HGG / Devin Dornbrock / miHoYo

Mt. Tianheng, located west of Liyue Harbor, features two beautiful crystal veins that replenish with magic crystals on a regular basis. Although it isn’t the most highly populated location in the game, it is still a good place to seek for crystals. 

A neighboring cavern with a significant deposit of Noctilucous Jade and a swarm of Geo crystalflies is another advantage of this site. Even if you don’t have Sayu’s passive ability “Yoohoo Art: Silencer’s Secret” to assist you sneak up on the crystalflies, the confined environment makes it more difficult for them to flee.


The Chasm

Chasm-Underground The Chasm - Best Location for Farming Crystal in Genshin Impact Image courtesy of HGG / Devin Dornbrock / miHoYo

The Chasm in Liyue is the finest spot to farm crystal in Genshin Impact. There are three sections to the Chasm. There’s the entrance, which is open to all players who have arrived in Liyue, and then the Chasm itself, which is divided into two sections: above ground and subterranean. The Chasm’s above-ground portion features subareas and is comparable to Dragonspine in that it is a linked but different component of a bigger territory.

Despite its location in Liyue, the Chasm is only accessible when players have fulfilled certain prerequisites. Only Adventure Rank 28 players who have completed Archon Quest Chapter I: Act III- A New Star Approaches and the Surreptitious Seven-Star Seal Sundering World Quest will be permitted past the Milileth guardians. Players will be allowed to enter the Chasm’s above-ground section after these prerequisites have been satisfied.

Players must also destroy the Bedrock Keys in order to access the Chasm’s last section, the Underground. Entering the Chasm will automatically assign this assignment to you. Similar to Enkanomiya, after you reach the Underground, you’ll have access to its own map, which is distinct from the global map. 

When you get in the Chasm, you’ll see that it’s brimming with ore and crystal deposits. Travelers may often locate iron and other materials by looking through containers strewn throughout the mining region. There are significantly more crystal deposits in the Chasm’s underground section, thus gamers hunting for crystals should start there.

There are still some plentiful crystal deposits at the entrance for players who haven’t accessed the Chasm or Underground yet. Just keep an eye out for hilichurls lurking around the entrance who could try to snare you while you’re mining. 

Characters who are best at farming Crystal Chunks

Certain characteristics make it much simpler to harvest ores and crystals than others. You’ll need to strike minerals at least once (maybe many times for the more difficult ones), so choose characters that make each hit count. 

Hydro, anemo, and electro characters should be avoided while mining since their elements are especially worthless against iron and crystal. Bow users are likewise ineffective against rocks, causing little to no damage. 

We’ll briefly go through our suggested mining characters again in case you missed this portion in our White Iron guide. 

Nigguang is number one.

Nigguang Nigguang Submit!|Image courtesy of HGG / Devin Dornbrock / miHoYo

Nigguang is the ideal character to have in your party if you’re farming crystal (or any mineral). She’s a four-star Geo catalyst user who worked her way up from the bottom.

The Tianquan of Liyue has a passive talent called “Trove of Marvelous Treasures” which displays the location of nearby ore veins on the minimap. This is insanely useful. It means you can find the next ore vein in areas like Stormterror’s Lair (Stormterror’s Lair) easily. Her passive talent definitely saves on time and means a lot less running around. 

Being a Geo catalyst user has the advantage of Nigguang’s regular attacks being good in removing minerals. Her strikes are roughly as efficient in harvesting crystals and iron as a heavy weapon. Pyro catalysts have a limited influence on ores owing to Pyro’s explosive nature, but we don’t encourage using them.

Zhongli is number two.

Zhongli-1 Zhongli I will have order!|Image courtesy of HGG / Devin Dornbrock / miHoYo

The 5 star Geo archon Zhongli is the second greatest character to have when mining after Nigguang. While using a polearm, his Elemental Skill “Dominus Lapidis” may shoot forth an AoE wave that immediately destroys even the hardest minerals when held. He comes in handy when it comes to removing whole ore and crystal veins with a single stroke. 

Users of the Claymore

Don’t worry if you don’t have Nigguang or Zhongli. Any Claymore user should be able to clean minerals and ores with ease. Their powerful weapons can slay iron in a single swipe, while crystals and other hard materials like Noctilucous Jade will require 3-4 swings. 

When it comes to claymore users, element doesn’t matter since you’ll simply be employing their standard attacks. 

Another Crystal Tip: Blacksmiths

Check up with the blacksmiths if you’re still short on crystal chunks after clearing out all of our suggested agricultural spots. In Monstadt, Master Zhang in Liyue Harbor, and Hajime in Inazuma, they would be Wagner, Master Zhang, and Hajime, respectively. They can all assist in identifying crystal (or amethyst in Hajime’s case) and magical crystal deposits in their respective areas. 

While magic crystals are given greater importance by the blacksmiths than conventional crystals, you will still be able to locate crystals. However, the blacksmiths will only mark a few sites, so don’t put too much faith in them. 

Most players will get better results if they mark areas on their own maps for future reference rather than monitoring the blacksmiths all the time.

Be a part of the High Ground

In Genshin Impact, they are the greatest spots to farm crystal. Share it with the Traveler in your life who is continually running out of crystal bits! Please let us know if there are any excellent agricultural areas that we overlooked. Stay tuned for additional tutorials and all things Genshin Impact in the future.

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