Elden Ring is a popular action-packed, multiplayer online game hosted on the Discord platform. It’s also among the most challenging games you can play in 2018 and, as such, it has attracted an avid following that’s willing to put thousands of hours into becoming more powerful than their opponents.Тhis guide will show you how to earn high scores for Elden Ring by focusing on specific attributes that are proven effective at scoring highly in-game!

The “elden ring how to run” is a feature in the Elden Ring game. This article will tell you which attributes are most important to focus on when playing the game.

Best Elden Ring Attributes to Focus On


This guide to the Best Elden Ring Attributes will educate novice players which Elden Ring Attributes to prioritize and why.

If you’re playing Elden Ring, you already know that improving your characteristics is the most important component in making your character stronger over time. If you’re a new player, you may not know what each Elden Ring characteristic does, and it’s not always evident.

It’s crucial to understand what the Elden Ring qualities accomplish in practice in the game, as well as why you should spend points in each of them.

So, with that in mind, here’s a Best Elden Ring Attributes guide for beginners so you can start the game with some confidence that you know what you’re doing, at least until you die 40 times to the same boss and start questioning everything you’ve ever done.

The Elden Ring’s Attributes are Expounded

When it comes to choosing the ideal Elden Ring characteristics for your character, you must first understand what each attribute performs.

best elden ring attributes

When it comes to selecting the greatest Elden Ring qualities, you have a total of eight options. These are the following:

  • Vigor
  • Mind
  • Endurance
  • Strength
  • Dexterity
  • Intelligence
  • Faith
  • Arcane

Vigor improves your HP, Fire Resistance, and Immunity, which is essentially poison resistance.

Mind increases FP (mana) and Focus, which is essentially resistant to sleep, disorientation, and other similar state effects.

Stamina is improved via endurance. It also improves weight capacity, which enables you to wear heavier armor, as well as Robustness, which boosts resistance to bleeding and frostbite.

Strength-based weapons, such as axes, clubs, greatswords, and other similar weapons, improve your damage. Increases your physical defense as well.

Dexterity-based weapons, such as daggers, bows, katanas, and other similar weapons, improve your damage. Increases spell casting speed, lowers fall damage, and makes falling from your horse more difficult.

Intelligence enhances the damage and resistance of sorcery spells, which are usually attack magic.

Incantations, which are a blend of heals and elemental magic, are more powerful when performed with faith.

Arcane boosts your item drop rate, provides Death Resistance and Holy Resistance, and is a prerequisite for a number of exotic items and spells.

Furthermore, regardless of whatever Elden Ring traits you concentrate on, rising your level in general tends to modestly increase all of your parameters.

Why Should You Pay Attention to Each Elden Ring Attribute?

So, while determining which Elden Ring qualities are appropriate for your build, you have a total of eight options. I’ve discussed what each property does theoretically, but let’s talk about why some characteristics are useful in reality, since it’s difficult to tell which attributes you’ll need simply by looking at the descriptions.

Outside of putting points into this number, there aren’t many things that can increase your maximum health. And when I say “not a lot,” I mean “almost nothing.” If you’re making a build that will be fighting adversaries up up and personal, you’ll want to add some points here.

Mind: This is the primary method for gaining mana. If you aren’t an astrologer, you can probably ignore this statistic. Even for an Astrologer, increasing mana beyond what your potions fill doesn’t make much sense. Boost this stat to the point where your mana potions don’t fill your mana bar beyond its capacity.

Endurance: The biggest benefit of this is that it allows you to wear heavy armor. You won’t be able to cruise across the land of Elden Ring with best-in-slot gear in every slot until you increase this stat. You’ll have to pick and select which pieces of equipment you may wear. To wear full chainmail-level armor with a shield, for example, you’ll require roughly 14 Endurance.

Strength: In addition to improving your damage with most weapon types, most weapons need a certain amount of Strength to even equip them, so even if you’re a Dexterity-focused build, you’ll need to invest in Strength at some point during the game if you’re a physical build.

Dexterity: The primary reason you’d select Dexterity over Strength is since Dexterity is responsible for the majority of ranged damage. A Strength build will often have more survivability (increased defense, health, armor, and shields), whereas a Dexterity build will have much superior ranged damage.

Intelligence: If you want to be a wizard, you’ll need a lot of it. It’s as simple as that. Higher-ranking employees demand 50-60 Intelligence. Above-level spells may need a level of 70 or higher. Otherwise, practically everyone else can pretty much ignore this statistic.

Faith: You’ll need Faith if you’re a Faith-based mage, since it influences both healing and damage output. Most Faith-based spells demand a lot of Faith (and usually a fair amount of Arcane).

Arcane: Arcane is mostly used to provide item drops for characters that conduct a lot of crafting, as well as to provide access to more exotic equip options. Early on, there’s an excellent dagger that demands 13 Arcane. Arcane is required for dragon magic incantations. There are a few additional things like that.

Which Elden Ring Attributes Should You Focus On?

Every level, you must make a difficult choice about which Elden Ring qualities are the best for your build when determining where to invest your hard-earned runes.

You can’t truly save runes and see which abilities could come in useful later. You’re constantly in danger of losing all your runes, so you want to use them fast rather than keep them and lose them.

The finest Elden Ring qualities to concentrate on are mostly determined by your build.

Every weapon in the game is based on certain traits and needs them to be equipped.

best elden ring attributes

If you don’t have 18 Intelligence, you won’t be able to equip this example of a staff. Its damage increases when you invest points in Strength or Intelligence, but since it only has a D in Strength, you’ll earn less damage per point of Strength than per point of Intelligence, albeit this staff would be stronger with 50 Intelligence and 50 Strength than with 50 Intelligence alone.

You may play around with one of three typical archetype builds.

  • Strength/Vigor/Endurance
  • Dexterity/Vigor/Strength
  • Intelligence/Vigor/Mind Intelligence (or Faith)/Vigor/Mind Intelligence (or Faith)/Vig

In order to equip any odd pieces of gear you may discover, you’ll almost always need to branch out from those three major qualities. For example, as a wizard, you could find yourself putting a few points into Endurance or Strength to expand your equipment possibilities.

Each of these structures has its own set of advantages and disadvantages:

Strength Build: High health, hefty armor, high defense, excellent blocking, and high melee damage. Options are limited. Can use bows, darts, and throwing daggers, but only to draw monsters from afar. With this build, you’ll be mostly melee.

Dexterity Build: Medium health, medium armor, medium defense, excellent ranged and melee damage You can find yourself wasting a lot of time looking for arrow building supplies or spending your runes on arrows.

Magic Build: Poor health, light armor, low defense, incredible ranged damage, and horrible melee damage. To get close to the Dexterity build’s survivability, you could wish to raise Endurance and Vigor.

So, in terms of the greatest Elden Ring characteristics, you’ll have your major damage stat (Strength/Dexterity/Intelligence/Faith) and then Vigor, while putting points where they need to go in order to equip what you want to equip, in general.

For the Best Elden Ring Attributes guide, that’s about it. More RPG instructions may be found on the main page, and more Elden Ring tutorials can be found in the Elden Ring area.

The “what to level up in elden ring reddit” is a question that has been on many minds. The best attributes to focus on are the ones that will help you progress your character faster, such as Strength and Dexterity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Whats the best build in Elden Ring?

A: The best build in Elden Ring is the one that you can get from defeating the final boss.

What should you level up first in Elden Ring?

A: The first thing one should level up is the blade, as this will speed up your gameplay.

What do Attributes do Elden Ring?

A: Attributes in Elden Ring are the various items that players can equip to improve their characters statistics. These include Strength, Vitality, Focus and Dexterity.

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