After 2 years since the last release, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is finally here. And it was a long wait! In this video, we will show you the mission “Santlache Mine”.

Having conquered Santlache Mine, that was the easiest part of the game.  I was able to stealth my way through the various areas. I climbed the tower to the top and took control of the sniper atop the roof, and then took out the two guards at the door. I took out the miners and the guard at the mine. After that, I found my way back to the main room, and picked up the sniper rifle.

Welcome to the Santlache Mine. I have been sent here to find the scientist who discovered a way to extract element V from the mine. I’ll start my search with the entrance at the north end of the mine, down the ramp and out the door. Ahead I’ll find a door. Inside is a table with an oil lamp. I may want to fill up my lamp with oil. I’ll head to the south end of the mine and up the stairs. At the top, I’ll find a table with a bottle of oil. I should pour this oil into my lamp. I’ll then head to the most southern part of the mine. The barracks can be found here, up the stairs and around the corner. I can find

The Santlache mine is one of the secrets of Britain’s treasure in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

Your task is to explore the mine and find the treasure.

Here’s a tour of the Santlash mine in AC Valhalla.

To begin the challenge, go to the location below, indicated by a marker on the map.

You see three entrances to the pit. Use the one on the right. The rest will be a dead end.

How do you get to the treasure room?

Once inside, your goal is to reach the treasure.

Look out for the crumbling brick wall. There are pots of oil in front of him. Pull the oil can to open a path.

Walk on until you see a small path on your left. You can get under it.

Continue until you reach the mobile shelf.

Slide the plank under the ladder and use the ladder to get to the top.

Follow the path until you come to a staircase. Pull the link to lower the ladder and climb up.

In the next area down, there is a chest.

You can go first and then come back up.

Continue until you reach this area (image below). At the top you’ll see a ziplane.

Use a ziplane.

After the plane has landed, you’ll see another tree trunk. Take the box and continue on the path.

Then you encounter another destructible stone wall. Use the oil can next to it to break the wall.

Eventually you’ll come to the clue The Cauldron of Dyrnwch the Giant. Read it to get an idea.

Basically, you reach an area with a lot of water. Go to the end of the area and jump into the water.

When you’re underwater, you’ll see a trail.

This part is quite long. Keep swimming until the end.

In the middle you’ll find a wooden plank blocking the passage. Keep attacking it and it will be destroyed.

Keep swimming until you can reach the surface.

Get the treasure

After you emerge, enter the treasure room. Take the treasure in the middle.

This is where the Santlash mine (British Treasury) ends.

To leave the place quickly grab the oil can nearby and blow up the stone wall.

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Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: The Sutsex Report WalkthroughAs a Assassin’s Creed fanatic, I’ve been eagerly anticipating the release of Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla. The latest chapter in the series is set in the year 1031, in the Viking era and features a new protagonist who can wield the power of the gods. Let’s take a look at Santlache Mine, the game’s very first location–and the first section we’re going to play through today.. Read more about santlache mine mystery ac valhalla and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get through the Santlache mine?

You can get through the Santlache mine by going through the Santlache mine shaft.

Where is Santlache mine in Valhalla?

Santlache mine is in Valhalla, Colorado.

How do I get Excalibur in Valhalla?

You can get Excalibur in Valhalla by completing the quest “The Sword in the Stone.”

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