There are many different types of shotguns in Apex Legends, each with their own unique features. This guide will cover the best and worst shotguns to use in ranked matches.

Apex Legends: Shotguns, Ranked Worst to Best

The “apex legends weapon tier list season 12” is a ranking of the top 10 weapons in Apex Legends.

Mad Maggie made her debut with the release of Apex Legends: Defiance. She’s a brawny legend who enjoys getting up up and personal with her foes. Her ability to move quicker with shotguns is one of her distinguishing characteristics, making these already lethal weapons even more useful in the arena.

There’s never been a better moment to analyze and rate each and every shotgun in Apex Legends than now, thanks to Maggie. Whether you’re a Mad Maggie fanatic or just like firearms, this ranking list will provide you with some important information.

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In Apex Legends, every shotgun is ranked.

Let’s get into this Apex Legends firearms post without further ado.



Apex-Legends-3_24_2022-2_12_03-PM-1024x576 Mozambique Image: Respawn Entertainment & EA via Koby Gibson Ross / HGG

The Mozambique shotgun comes in first on our list. In Apex Legends, this weapon has a long history. It started off so weakly that it rapidly became a communal meme.

Then it was given a unique boost (Hammerpoint Rounds) that increased its power dramatically, only to be taken away long after. This hop-up has made a comeback in Season 12, but is it enough to make it worthwhile to watch?

What are its advantages?

The Mozambique has a reload capacity of six rounds, which puts it on par with the other shotguns on this list. Its hammerpoint bullets provide 35 percent more damage to enemies with shattered shields. Because it is a pistol, there is no movement penalty while aiming down sights with it. Due to how inexpensive it is to acquire and improve, it is an excellent weapon to use in arenas mode.

What are the flaws in it?

Without hammerpoint rounds, the Mozambique’s total damage per second is quite low, at 39 damage to the chest, making it a poor choice for your main weapon.

The gun’s bullets travel at a fairly sluggish speed, therefore it’s not particularly effective at medium ranges. When used with hammerpoints, it may be a useful sidearm, although it’s better kept on the ground otherwise.

Is there any nice cosmetics in it?

It’s easy to understand why Lion’s Roar is such a popular legendary skin for this weapon. With a lion ornamentation constructed around the back-end of the cannon, the model is east-Asian influenced. It comes in a black, red, and gold color scheme, and everyone who knows me knows how much I like gold-plated firearms!



Apex-Legends-3_24_2022-2_11_53-PM-1024x576 Mastiff Image: Respawn Entertainment & EA via Koby Gibson Ross / HGG

The Mastiff is next on our list, and it’s my personal favorite shotgun in the game. Originally a care package weapon in Apex Legends’ early days, it has subsequently found a home on the ground as a powerful–though inconsistent–semi-automatic shotgun. What exactly do I mean when I say “inconsistent”? In a moment, I’ll explain.

What are its advantages?

What are its advantages? This shotgun has one of the highest damage-per-shot out of any gun in the game, at 72 per chest shot. When you aim down the sights with the Mastiff, the spread of pellets will tighten, making hitting targets easier.

This weapon is also easier to reload than other shotguns since you may load one round at a time in between firings. You may load two shells at once with the Duel Shell hop-up, which reduces reloading time in half.

What are the flaws in it?

The amount of damage you can do varies depending on how far away you are from your target. Because not all of your pellets will reach the adversary, the damage output may vary dramatically. It has a fair rate of fire, but it isn’t as fast as some of the other choices in the game.

Is there any nice cosmetics in it?

This weapon’s default skin is Tombstick. It’s a gold and brown-colored skin that first appeared during the Lost Treasures collecting event in Season 5. It doesn’t alter much about the model itself, but it does give it a more polished and smooth appearance that looks fantastic with the new color scheme.



Apex-Legends-3_24_2022-2_12_08-PM-1024x576 Peacekeeper Image: Respawn Entertainment & EA via Koby Gibson Ross / HGG

We now have the Peacekeeper, one of the most popular rifles in the game! This weapon was very powerful in Season 0, but owing to its exciting gunplay and huge damage output, it rapidly became a fan favorite. It is now lot more balanced, and it may be used in a variety of ways. Despite this, it isn’t the greatest shotgun available in the game. But more on that in a moment.

What are its advantages?

This is without a doubt the game’s hardest-hitting shotgun, capable of doing up to 88 damage each shot to the chest. If that wasn’t amazing enough, your gun’s spread will gradually narrow over a few seconds as you aim down the sights with it. This increases its versatility by allowing you to attack targets at greater ranges without sacrificing too much damage.

What are the flaws in it?

Because you must cock the weapon back with each stroke of the trigger, the firing rate keeps the damage in control. It also has a longer reload time than some of the other weapons on our list, which might be dangerous in a gunfight if you need to reload. The recoil on the Peacekeeper is also rather severe, so bear that in mind the next time you take it up.

Is there any nice cosmetics in it?

The Superstar legendary skin is an extremely popular skin–and one of my personal favorites for any weapon! Superstar has a gorgeous color scheme of pink, purple, and blue that looks fantastic. The skin seems to be painted with a night sky on the stock and a shimmering neon style on the rest of the rifle.



Apex-Legends-3_24_2022-2_11_49-PM-1024x576 EVA-8 , Apex Legends Shotguns Ranked Image: Respawn Entertainment & EA via Koby Gibson Ross / HGG

Let’s give it up for the EVA-8, who took home the gold medal for our list of the greatest shotguns listed in Apex Legends! This is a fully automatic shotgun that rips opponents to shreds.

It began its voyage as one of the game’s worst weapons. However, it has grown into a superb weapon for providing consistent damage at close ranges throughout the seasons. It’s a pity that more people aren’t utilizing this weapon since it outperforms the others on this list in various ways.

What are its advantages?

With a strong DPS, it’s fully automated. This pistol seems to be significantly more dependable while firing than the peacekeeper and mastiff. For each strike, you’ll deal about the same amount of damage. It has excellent hip-fire precision, which is very crucial for shotguns.

What are the flaws in it?

Despite its efficiency at close ranges, it begins to deteriorate as you travel farther away from targets. Despite being completely automatic and lacking any shotgun bolts, the rate of fire is slower than you’d like.

One intriguing disadvantage of this weapon is that looking down sights with it has no effect on reducing pellet dispersion, making it solely suitable for hip-firing.

Is there any nice cosmetics in it?

Noble Truth is my favorite legendary skin for this rifle, and I’ve been playing with it for hundreds of hours! The skin has a distinct Polynesian feel about it. The weapon’s stock seems to be made of bone with Polynesian motifs engraved onto it. The color scheme is a tan-ish white with a bright and dark blue blend that looks fantastic together.

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The “best guns in apex 2022” is a list of the best weapons to use in Apex Legends. These are ranked from worst to best, so be sure to check them out!

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best shotgun in Apex?

A: The best shotgun in Apex is the AK47.

What is the best shotgun in Apex season 11?

A: The best shotgun in Apex Season 11 is the M870.

What is the weakest gun in Apex Legends?

A: The SMG is the weakest and most common gun in Apex Legends.

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