A new game from EA and Respawn Entertainment, Apex Legends is one of the most popular games in 2019. Ranked by Gamerscore as their best Legend skin Gibraltar takes the top spot with its ability to change your character’s appearance into a ninja-style warrior. However, it doesn’t stop there: Tokyo has an artful design that changes her outfit color depending on whether she’s using her energy shield or not.

The “gibraltar skin tier list” is a list of the best and worst skins in Apex Legends. The list is ranked from worst to best.

Apex Legends: Gibraltar Legendary Skins, Ranked Worst to Best

Hey there, bruddah, today we’re discussing all things Gibraltar with our Apex Legends Gibraltar legendary skins rating. Gibraltar has been a cornerstone of elite teams for seasons since his buffs two years ago, as anybody who has followed the Apex Legends competitive scene knows. Thankfully, the character’s good spirit and low pub play rate help to offset this lack of consistency at the top. There are several skins to pick from for those who are committed enough to play as the Giant Gentleman.

From worst to greatest, these are 15 Gibraltar Legendary Skins.

As is customary, we’ll begin slowly and work our way up to our top selection for Gibraltar’s greatest skin.

Let’s get started!


Bunker Buster is a character in the game Bunker Buster

bunker-buster-1024x576 bunker-buster Image: Respawn Entertainment & EA via HGG / Jake Bosee

One of Gibraltar’s base skins, Bunker Buster is a character in the game Bunker Buster gives the defensive legend a fitting militaristic vibe. Making him look more tanky is definitely a plus, since he’s the premier tank in Apex. There’s nothing inherently wrong with this skin, it’s just a bit boring. As with some other tier lists, often times older skins have a difficult time keeping up with the newer, more detailed ones.


Dark Side

dark-side-1024x576 dark side Image: Respawn Entertainment & EA via HGG / Jake Bosee

The other of Gibraltar’s base skins, Dark Side, highlights the heritage of the character, coloring him with white face paint that stands out against the inky shades of his armor. This skin gets a leg up on the Bunker Buster is a character in the game Bunker Buster line for being more fitting for the character, and tops the pallet swap with the cool contrasts. All that being said, this is the best of the Gibraltar skins if you’re just starting out in Apex.


Invitation to Arms

Iron_crown_patch-1024x683 Invitation to Arms gibraltar legendary skins Image: Respawn Entertainment & EA via HGG

Leaning even more into tattoos and war paint is the Invitation to Arms skin from the Iron Crown collection event. This skin changes up Gibby’s hairstyle and garb, really leaning into the native themes. Perhaps the most striking quality of this skin are the eagle wings on the back. While solid, especially as Iron Crown skins go, Invitation to Arms doesn’t measure up to the new standard of Gibraltar legendary skins.



Gibraltron-1024x627 Gibraltron Image: Respawn Entertainment & EA via HGG

The Gibraltron skin gives the legend a cybernetic makeover during the System Override event in Season 4. Gibby’s head, the sole surviving human feature, sticks out against his combat armor. The atmosphere here is reminiscent of a Warhammer 40k space marine, which earns it bonus points. This skin performs a much better job than Golden God’s recolor.


a long-lost dynasty

lost-dynasty-1024x576 lost-dynasty gibraltar skins Image: Respawn Entertainment & EA via HGG / Jake Bosee

Part of Season 8’s Chaos Theory collection event, a long-lost dynasty translates Gibraltar into a kind of samurai warrior. This skin does really cool things with texture work, and looks great in game. The highlights are definitely the helmet and the rope belt. If it did more interesting things with color it would undoubtedly rank higher on this list.


Mashed Monsters

EjpqbqVXYAIpyZL-1024x576 Mashed Monsters- Gibraltars Legendary Skins Image: Respawn Entertainment & EA via shrugtal /HGG

Gibraltar’s addition to the Fright Night collection event, Mashed Monsters, infuses him with all things Frankenstein. The choice of costume is perfect, and the execution is quite good. The highlight is the arm shield, which has been replaced with a biohazard sign. The one spot that didn’t quite make the grade is the head. The iconic Frankenstein shape is absent, and there was an opportunity to do something more interesting.


Glorious Warrior

glorious-combatant-1024x576 Glorious Warrior Image: Respawn Entertainment & EA via HGG / Jake Bosee

A recent addition to Gibby’s wardrobe, the Glorious Warrior skin arrived in the Season 11 Battlepass and was the reward for reaching level 50. This skin ranks so highly because of its interesting theme. The combination of sci-fi and dinosaurs is very reminiscent of Horizon: Zero Dawn and Glorious Warrior nails it. The color pallet is a win as well, since combining light blue and orange makes any cosmetic pop.


Bear Bruddah

bruddah-bear-1024x576 Bear Bruddah Image: Respawn Entertainment & EA via HGG / Jake Bosee

The Holo-day Bash event introduced Apex Legends to the Winter Express game mode and a line of wintery skins. Gibraltar received Bear Bruddah, a full bear costume for the legend, complete with a red sled arm shield. This was the best skin from this event, and was Gibby’s best skin for quite some time. Thankfully this skin returns to the store annually each winter.


The Sea’s King

EtQoKVgXIAE_eBs-1024x576 EtQoKVgXIAE_eBs-1024x576 Image: Respawn Entertainment & EA via shrugtal /HGG

Although the Gibraltar edition skin is similar to others he’s gotten in the past, I believe this one is the most accurate representation of his persona. The tattoos are some of the greatest in the game, and the details on this skin are razor-sharp. All in all, it’s a fantastic deal if you’re seeking to dominate Gibraltar right away.


Defender of the Empire

imperial-defender-1024x576 imperial-defender-1024x576 Image: Respawn Entertainment & EA via HGG / Jake Bosee

This skin is part of Apex’s Lost Treasures Collection event, which was one of Apex’s greatest. Gibraltar is decked up in antique armor in this cosmetic, which has an attractive blue and gold color scheme. Multiple “Lost Treasures,” such as money and other relics, may be found on the skin itself. The only reason this skin isn’t ranked higher is because there are other skins that are comparable, making it a personal choice.


Giant Gentleman

gentlegiant-1024x576 gentlegiant-1024x576 Image: Respawn Entertainment & EA via Reddit / HGG

The Giant Gentleman skin dropped in the Genesis Collection event in Season 9. Excitingly, it brings Gibraltar to his roots as a SARAS (Search and Rescue of Solace) member, outfitting him in the planet’s rescue gear. This outfit is core to his character as the premier rescue legend in Apex, but unfortunately it hasn’t reappeared yet in the store.


It’s scorching hot!

blazin-hot-1024x576 blazin-hot-1024x576 Image: Respawn Entertainment & EA via HGG

One of the sub-themes of Gibraltar’s character is his past as a motorcycle rider. Gibraltar Legendary Skins like Ride or Die took on the idea, but It’s scorching hot! was the first to perfect it. Arriving as a part of the Aftermarket Collection event in Season 6, It’s scorching hot! immediately became a streamer favorite. All the more fitting since Gibraltar was just beginning to take over the meta. The mohawk combined with the demolition derby flames sell the look. Hopefully it returns soon.


The Ringmaster

ring-leader-1024x490 ring-leader-1024x490 Image: Respawn Entertainment & EA via Reddit & KralRindo / HGG

Back in Season 9, the Thrillseekers Arenas event added a collection of skins to the game to promote the arenas game mode. Gibraltar was greeted with cheers when he acquired this skin, which depicts him as the meta bully he is. Speaking of bulls, the animal is the major subject, with the jacket taking on a subdued toreador tone. Overall, this is an A+ skin.


Guardian of the Golden Age

golden-guardian-788x1024 golden-guardian-788x1024 Image: Respawn Entertainment & EA via HGG

If you want a tough skin that matches Gibraltar’s character, look no further. Arriving in the Anniversary Collection Event in 2022, Guardian of the Golden Age immediately rose to the top of the list. This skin hits all the color successes of The Ringmaster but less busy and more effective. The textures are impeccable, the mask/collar combination is perfection and the arm shield pops. Truly the most complete Gibby skin, but not quite number 1.


The System Is Performing Well

booming-system-1024x576 booming-system-1024x576 Image: Respawn Entertainment & EA via HGG / Jake Bosee

Oh yeah, no looking back now. Released alongside the Apex Legends X Market Store collaboration, The System Is Performing Well does what no other Gibraltar skin manages to do. It’s both cool and hilarious at the same time. Easily the flashiest skin on this list, and maybe in the game, The System Is Performing Well breaks the mold of Apex Legends while still managing to fit in.

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