In a new move to make Amazon’s Lumberyard game engine an open-source engine that can be used for commercial products, the company has made it available on GitHub for free. The engine is used by a number of high-profile developers in the game industry including Activision, Blizzard, and Epic Games. This move was prompted by a desire to make the engine more accessible to developers on a broad scale, and the push for open-source game engines has gained more traction in recent years as game developers look to gain new levels of independence.

Amazon today announced that it’s open-sourcing its Lumberyard Game Engine, a powerful suite of tools that allows developers to build beautiful, high-performance games and apps for PC, PlayStation 4, VR, and mobile. “Lumberyard is the only game engine that lets you build games with full control over the entire rendering process, from content creation to optimization, for platforms including PC, PlayStation 4, VR, mobile, and more. With Lumberyard, game teams can rapidly prototype ideas, iterate on designs, and ship to any device their players want to play.”

Is it possible that Unity and Unreal Engine have a new rival? The potential is there, as Amazon has decided to make its 3D game engine Lumberyard open source. The engine is now known as the Open 3D Engine and is already backed by 20 companies, including Niantic, Huawei, Amazon Web Services and Apocalypse Studios, which is owned by game development veteran Denis Diak. The open source engine project is overseen by the Linux Foundation.

The new open-source version of Lumberyard is said to offer a number of benefits, including a new, easier-to-use front-end interface, a new rendering engine called Atom Renderer, and the ability to create cross-platform games that run on PCs, mobile devices, and consoles, all without licensing fees. Developers already working on Lumberyard will continue to get support from Amazon, but Eric Morales, director of gaming technology at AWS, said the new features will be implemented on the Open 3D Engine. The website describes the engine’s ability to create AAA games, cinematic 3D worlds and highly accurate simulations.

For those who want to play with this new engine, there is a special page with several articles, and the engine itself is available on GitHub.


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