In a confidential meeting, Amazon Games executives revealed that they are investing in Disruptive’s upcoming AAA online multiplayer action-adventure game. The company has plans to publish the title as soon as it is finished and will finance development for the next few years.

The “epic store” is a new game from Disruptive. Amazon Games will publish this upcoming AAA online multiplayer action-adventure game.

Amazon Games will publish Disruptive’s upcoming AAA online multiplayer action-adventure game


Amazon Games has recently announced that it is extending its horizons once further, this time by partnering with independent company Disruptive Games on a publishing contract. Disruptive is best known to our audience for its online implementation for Blizzard’s Diablo II: Resurrected, and its founder has a history with Insomniac Games, but the company is now working on a “online multiplayer action-adventure game based on a new IP” – an unannounced “multiplatform title, built for both cooperative and competitive play.” The game is AAA, fully financed, Unreal-based, and very explicitly multiplayer online in a live-service environment, according to Disruptive’s job Advertisements.

“The studio is focused on multiplayer-first gaming experiences that immerse players in living worlds,” Amazon adds, and we’re hoping it’s an MMO based on Amazon’s various unreleased and published products. They’re obviously making every effort to avoid uttering the phrase.

The two photographs provided in today’s infodrop have a LOST-like survival sense to them.



“Amazon Games also has other undisclosed projects in production,” according to today’s news announcement, “both within its own studios and with various external developers, including Glowmade, an independent company headquartered in Guildford, England.”


Open world games on Epic Games is a new game from Amazon Games. The upcoming AAA online multiplayer action-adventure game will be available for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Reference: open world games on epic games.

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