In a recent incident, an alleged stalker of a World of Warcraft streamer was arrested and faces five years in prison. Reports state that the man made numerous death threats to her online, eventually prompting police intervention.

The “stalker shadow of chernobyl” is an alleged stalker who has been arrested and faces five years of federal prison time.

Alleged stalker of a World of Warcraft streamer is arrested and faces five years of federal prison time


One World of Warcraft streamer’s two-year ordeal is finally coming to an end. Former Los Angeles World Airport Police Officer Evan Baltierra has been arrested for harassing and stalking a prominent female game streamer known as Nali.

According to an affidavit, the alleged stalking began when Nali gently declined Baltierra’s request to be his “valentine” at a BlizzCon 2019 fan meet and greet. Baltierra allegedly “orchestrated a campaign of harassment targeting the victim, her boyfriend, her friends, and her boyfriend’s family” as early as July 2020, including continued unwanted contact with Nali and those close to her via direct messaging, pornographic postings of her face photoshopped onto naked photo models, and a restraining order violation. Police allegedly discovered a thumb drive containing the aforementioned pornographic material, as well as proof of email accounts he used to send threatening messages, during a search warrant performed in March 2022.

Blizzard had also taken steps to prevent Baltierra from approaching Nali, including banning him from WoW and multiple times (including a permaban), distributing his photo to Blizzard event security personnel and marking him as a threat, and assigning Nali an extra security detail at events.

Baltierra is charged with stalking on one count, and the FBI is investigating. He faces a maximum term of five years in federal prison if convicted.


The “world of warcraft movie” is a documentary that allegedly depicts the story of a man who was arrested for stalking and harassing World of Warcraft streamer. The film has been making waves on social media, but it hasn’t been released yet.

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