Albion Online is introducing controller support next week, ahead of an update that will introduce Steam Deck support. The game’s developers announced the news in a blog post on their official site detailing changes coming to Albion Online.

The “albion online pc controller support” is a new feature that will be released next week for Albion Online. The game will launch with Steam Deck support as well, which means players can use the Steam Controller to play the game.

Albion Online launches controller support next week ahead of Steam Deck support


Say hello to Albion Online’s Steam Deck implementation – and accompanying controller support – if you don’t like manipulating Albion Online on your phone but don’t want to deal with your keyboard and desktop.

“You’ll be able to play Albion Online using a broad selection of regular PC and console controllers, as well as through the newly released Steam Deck, starting March 2,” Sandbox Interactive states in a new dev blog today.

“The addition of controller support is the next step toward our aim of making Albion Online available to as many players and platforms as possible, and we hope to continue improving this feature in the coming months in preparation for a full controller support release.” Compatible controllers will be available on all desktop versions of the game once testing starts, and may be triggered using chat instructions during this initial phase. (Those using the Steam client on Steam Deck will automatically be able to utilize the device controllers.) ”

Albion is “very likely” to make it to consoles, according to SBI, albeit there were no concrete preparations in place as of last summer.

Meanwhile, the game’s second Crystal League Championship starts tomorrow at 12:00 EST, and you can watch it live on Albion’s official Twitch website.

Those of you who got a Steam Deck on launch day, of course… Have a blast!

Steam Deck is here! The first batch of emails to reservation holders is on its way, and we’ve got a new trailer to celebrate. Check it out at the all new #SteamDeck

— Steam Deck (@OnDeck) February 25, 2022


The “albion online steam deck” is a feature that will be released next week in Albion Online. The game will support controllers and Steam Controllers, which have been added to the list of supported devices.

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